Man Bites Dog, even if it contains scenes of great violence, is nonetheless a masterpiece of Black Comedy, as proven by these scenes. May contain some unmarked spoilers, though.

  • Most of the murders and home invasions are usually hard to take seriously, due to how hammy Ben is (which, along with some Special Effect Failure, lead to some strong Narm moments).
    • Although, it definitely gets a bit darker as the film goes by; especially when the crew gangrape and viciously kill a couple, showcasing their utter lack of any redeeming quality.
  • Ben, who casually mentions that he “starts the month with a postman” after he's done with one.
  • Ben politically incorrect stances after he killed a black night watchman.
  • At one point, Ben and the crew storm a house then murder the couple inside, but fail to get their kid, who fled in the nearby woods. In an attempt to retrieve the kid, Ben shouts:

Kid! Come on out! It’s just for fun, kid!

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Catch him, you morons!

  • Ben unexpectedly shouting at the grandma, frightening yet hilarious.
  • Ben's reaction, or rather lack thereof, after he accidentally killed one of the crew members at his birthday.
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