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The trumpets blare announcing her entry. She holds up her hand and the crowd goes silent. The masses before her make way as the princess parades down the aisle.

Oh, wait -- this is High School.

A scene where the Alpha Bitch approaches her target in a school hallway full of students. The students, immediately acknowledging her presence, will move out of the way for her, creating a clean path right through the middle of the crowd. When the Alpha Bitch is finished chewing out her victim, she will exit, and the path behind her will close up as quickly as it appeared. It's almost like she's parting the Red Sea herself.

Often combined with a Power Walk, to really get the point across.

Occurs in a lot of shows with middle/high school as the main setting, where social hierarchy is king, and the Alpha Bitch is next in line. The Cool Loser is usually the one at the end of path.

Compare Bitch Alert for the usual non-High School version.

Examples of Make Way for the Princess include:



  • In Dork Diaries, Nikki nearly gets herself killed as she makes her way through the hallway to her locker. Just as she finally gets there, a path immediately clears for MacKenzie, as people shout out compliments to her. When MacKenzie walks up to the locker right next to Nikki's, Nikki immediately knows that she's going to have a bad school year.

Live Action TV

  • Occurred in an episode of Hannah Montana. Once the Alpha Bitch made her grand exit out of the cafeteria, everyone else in the cafeteria thunders out after her.
  • Alisha from Misfits gets one of these moments, only it's in a nightclub not high school. Plus the scene was interspersed with shots of her having sex with several of the guys who step aside to let her pass.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    • Sabrina entered Alpha Bitch Libby's dream to see her dreaming of students moving aside for her, including two boys lying down over a spill on the floor and letting Libby walk over their back. Sabrina then remarks that it happened that day at school, realising "every day at school is a dream come true for Libby".
    • In another episode where Sabrina gets Libby's personality, she imagines herself in an actual princess dress walking through the school with students handing her plaques and awards.
  • Happens in the Bones episode The Girl with the Curl. The other girls in Briana Swanson's dance class act this way towards her (and hate her) because "Briana was the Queen."


  • Wicked: In a college setting, Galinda's entrance to Dear Old Shiz, complete with her own pause in the musical number. The book version wished she had one.

Web Original

  • Played with in The Guild, season 2. Codex, Tinkerballa, and Clara attempt to do this at a party (also in Slow Motion), but have a few uncaring people walk across their path. The reactions on the girls' faces are more than amusing.

Western Animation

  • As Told by Ginger: Courtney Gripling along with Miranda. In another episode, Ginger and her friends helped a girl named Hope become even more popular than Courtney for a bit, so she often indulged in this as well.
  • Paulina from Danny Phantom. More specifically, she gets all the males distracted.
  • The Fairly Oddparents... IN A SCHOOL BUS!
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