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  • Episode 2: Matrix dodging dog.
    • Same episode: Usually, the guy would be the Accidental Pervert if he's the one peeping at the girls. This anime inverts it when the girls go catch the dog, only to find Yamato nearby. Poor guy still gets beaten up.
    • In a similar line, when Yamato does manage to catch the dog during their chase in two instances, he somehow ends up pissing off a certain Darkskinned Blonde, who then beats him up, causing the dog to escape.
  • Episode 4: Yamato's loooong explanation about honor and baths.
  • Episode 5: Yamato shows his stuff at Kokoro while she's in a swimsuit just to get her off him. Nonchalantly.
  • The manga has a lot of hilarious moments namely:
    • Momoyo declaring (she's the commentator of the School Festival at this point) that it is a swimsuit competition. Then suddenly reads the rest of the lines saying that it's a Wholesome Crossdresser swimsuit competition. The look on her face and the other guys are priceless.
  • Each and every attempt by Miyako to seduce Yamato at the beginning of each episode (starting episode 2), and how Yamato deals with each one:
    • Episode 2: She sneaks into his futon at night, hoping to catch him sleeping. Instead, she finds a Sleeping Dummy.
    • Episode 3: She makes him play a Visual Novel (which is in fact the Visual Novel of this very series, but modified so that only Miyako is winnable), hoping what happens in it translates into him actually doing them to her for real. Instead, he just walks out.
    • Episode 4: She catches him in the baths and steals his underwear (wearing them herself), then tries to intercept him when he gets out. He chases her out instead (albiet without his clothes).
    • Episode 5: She defaces his ecchi magazine collection, replacing the faces of all the girls there with her own. He responds by sticking her hand to cookie with superglue she used on the magazines (after she says she'd love it if he'd use it on her), so she's stuck all day with cookie througout the episode.
    • Episode 6: As Yamato tries to watch a porn VHS tape, it turns out Miyako rigged his home theatre system: she simply had his VHS player disconnected from the TV, the latter now connected to a video camera in her room via a long video cable so that Yamato would end up watching her "live". He responds by tying her up (and her accomplice cookie) with the said video cable.
  • The beginning of Episode 11 has Yamato's harem, dropping him like a rug because of them participating in a love tug of war.
  • Gyobu blowing up the cabin he and his group are hiding out in episode 9.
  • The Visual Novel has so many of these this troper is having a hard time resisting putting all his favorites on this page.
  • Episode 6. Just...episode 6. Freud Was Right has never been more hilarious.
  • How to prove yourself a man.
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