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Valiant Knight Skarmory is an animated series created in 2012 staring the titular Valiant the Skarmory as he fights to keep Goldenrod City safe from his arch-nemesis "The Truck."

The series begins with an hour long special in which Valiant's - then an ordinary Skarmory - trainer and his team-mates are kidnapped by a sentient eighteen-wheeler truck. Vowing to save them, Valiant travels to the nearby Ecruteak City to seek training from none other than the Legendary Phoenix Pokémon - Ho-oh himself!

After a week of intense training, the now highly leveled Valiant returns to Goldenrod City and eventually fights his way to the Truck's hideout, climaxing in an epic battle between Skarmory and machine. After a grueling battle, Valiant emerges triumphant, and succeeds in rescuing his trainer and his teammates, although the Truck manages to escape, vowing revenge on Valiant, no matter the cost.

With his loved ones safe, Valiant vows to never allow another human or Pokémon in Goldenrod to suffer at the wheels of the truck, and dons the title of Valiant Knight Skarmory, beginning to live a double life as a trainer's Skarmory by day, and defender of the innocent by night!

From then on, the series takes on a more episodic format in which Valiant fights a different villain - who is almost always secretly working for the Truck - in each episode, while trying to keep his secret identity from his trainer and team as secret. Along with this, he constantly tries to win the heart of Swellow, who was introduced early on in the series.

Valiant Knight Skarmory - although a rather standard superhero series - Is incredibly popular, drawing in several thousand viewers per week. This is in no doubt due to the fact that is incredibly well made, with smooth yet gorgeous animation, an all star voice cast, and a rocking soundtrack. Not only that, but the show has such an intense sense of fun that almost never fails to raise a smile from any viewer, be they human or Pokémon.

Season one of the show began airing in early February 2012 at 3PM every Thursday on Pokémon Channel (7AM on Friday Morning in Unova). Due to the huge success of the first season, season two is currently in production and will begin airing in September 2012.

Tropes used in Main/Valiant/Knight Skarmory/Just for Fun include:
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