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  • When the ship goes down and Tika the Elephant is in danger of drowning, she is fighting to keep her mouth above the water, with her trunk held aloft. Elephants breathe through their trunks, not their mouths. An elephant naturally swims with its mouth underwater and its trunk held above.
  • How does Ro speak english? She grew up on an island with no other people.
    • She was eight or so when she washed up on shore. She probably retained the language but no memories of her past.
  • In Arianna's Villain Song, she sings, "...just because we tried to kill him and his wife. A little treason, not a lot! He took away our land, which wasn't what we planned. He put us on a pig farm and forgot!" Indeed, the king doesn't seem to remember or recognize Arianna at all. Well, how the hell do you forget that?!
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