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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Konoka acts like a Genius Ditz at first glance, but her excellent academic record, too-flirty-to-be-totally-innocent remarks to Setsuna and masterful handling of berserk Tsundere Anya point to Obfuscating Stupidity. The fact that we've only directly seen her thoughts twice (both for minor things) in the entire series helps.
  • Americans Love Negima
  • Angst? What Angst?: this page shows what looks like Chao in a war-torn future, and yet she smiles all the time during her appearance in the manga.
  • Ass Pull:
    • Any new pactio formed has a good chance of being exactly what the gang needs at that very instant.
      • This is averted and lampshaded in an episode of Negima!?. Haruna, who had just gotten her pactio, says "Hey, maybe my power will help!" Negi spends about a minute activating the pactio... and Haruna's power is that what she draws comes to life, which is not at all useful in the situation.
      • Later, Negi demonstrates a spell specifically designed to find the right partner for a given task.
      • It's especially bad with Asakura, since she was one of the first ones to learn about magic, but didn't make a contract until right when her artifact was needed (over a hundred chapters later).
    • Jack Rakan's return.
  • Awesome Ego:
    • The fandom does not appear to mind Jack Rakan's self-aggrandizing statements about his power and abilities (To quote him, "I have no weaknesses!") - probably because he more or less lives up to his claims, and then some.
    • The Anime Final movie also seems to be causing this, for similar yet different reasons.
  • Broken Base: The ending of the series. Most fans found it left too many plot holes hanging, was too rushed, and wasn't satisfying.
  • Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch: The series has a lot of people who believe that the series is nothing more than a Shotacon Love Hina with magic. Although it takes a bit of time to do so, the series does get quite Shoneny for later chapters, though the Harem feel is prevalent throughout the work.
  • Complete Monster: Most of Cosmo Entelecheia appear to be like this for a good while, until it's revealed that they believe that they're helping the inhabitants of the magic world by moving them into some sort of afterlife-like paradise. Now, the only characters who could be considered monsters are Secundum and Quartum, who are much more merciless and Ax Crazy Jerkasses who don't care very much about their actual goal but would rather go around killing people. Though, at least Secundum tends to get laughed off and punched in the face for his attitude.
  • Crazy Awesome: Jack Rakan.
  • Ear Worm: "Happy Material".
    • That's not how you spell "1000% SPARKING!". Or "A-LY-YA", for that matter.
    • You know what's also an Ear Worm? Ne masta~. Oshiete yo~.
    • "Love Drive"!
    • "Magical Happiness", "Re-Born", "Maze of the Dark".
    • "Get a Chance!", "Good Vibration", "Magical Twinkle Sky" Basically every song they've made in this troper's opinion.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Yue beats Setsuna in the top one ranking now. Must be because of her time in the Magic World.
    • Makie topped the first two character polls despite not having done much of anything.
    • Eva is quite possibly designed for this: She doesn't appear very much, but when she does she tends to dominate the scene.
    • According to Word of God, Madoka's involvement in Ako's first Day in The Limelight arc boosted her popularity, and we should expect to see more of her in the future.
  • Fan Dumb: "How dare Zazie oppose Negi and show him what CE is about! Whore, bitch, slut, skank! Let's brand her as a Complete Monster before she even has a chance to explain herself! ... Oh wait. Sorry, Zazie".
    • The upcoming series finale seems to be causing this as well, with some outraged fans wishing (hopefully not seriously) death upon the author. While there may be reason to be disappointed, its gotten a bit extreme.
  • Foe Yay: Anything involving Asuna and Ayaka. They seem to be more of friends and rivals.
  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: As part of Negi's and Kotaro's training in a diorama for their match against their mentor Jack Rakan, they do press-ups with huge rocks engraved "Defeat Rakan-san" on their backs. Later, they return to the diorama after Fate defeated and erased Rakan from existence to discuss strategy; the rock is still there.
    • During Tsukuyomi's first appearance, she mentioned wanting to make Setsuna and Konoka hers. That comes off a lot differently now given... what we know now.
  • Game Breaker: A few examples:
    • Negi's Pactio artifact, which allows him to use all of his Ministra's artifacts. There is a good reason it was cancelled.
    • Jack Rakan's whole existence. Even lampshaded by other characters.

  Chisame: He's so broken it's not even funny!


 ...using these keys in battle always feels like playing any Elder Scrolls game, opening the console, selecting an opponent and typing "kill".


 Ayaka: Thank you for coming back safe and sound, Asuna-san. There would be no thrills in my daily life without you.

  • Magnificent Bastard: Dynamis. Haruna has shades of this as well.
  • Memetic Badass: Jack Rakan.
  • Memetic Outfit: Setsuna.
  • Memetic Sex God: Negi can kiss you so hard, it breaks the laws of magic! Just wait 'till he hits puberty.
    • Negi makes out with a Robot Girl so hard he gives her a soul.
    • A running gag throughout the series is Negi's tendency to try and encourage people through speeches that are all too easily interpreted as romantic propositions, which Chisame lampshades as his "Natural Gigolo Talk."
  • Moe Moe: The series in general, especially in regards to the female characters.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Fate pretty much flies over it when he tries to KILL Negi with a stone spear through the back. And Tsukuyomi does the same thing when she tries to rape Setsuna.
  • Narm Charm: The official English translation of the Manga, specifically Ku Fei's semi-Hulk Speak dialect. It's a spotty means of translating her tendency to stick '-aru' where it shouldn't be, but it grows on you after a while.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • We're never gonna let Nodoka forget her "desired solution", are we?
    • No one is ever, ever going to forget Chachamaru's winding incident. Probably 'cause they just keep happening.
    • There's also Chachamaru getting chopped in half. It's become a sort of mini Meme in certain parts of the net to photoshop various reasons for her to be cut in half, like a Rider Kick for instance. It was even animated in Final. Cue videos to the same effect popping up.
  • Robo Ship: Negi/Chachamaru
  • The Scrappy: Chisame was consistently at the bottom of character polls early on, due to her abrasive personality. Rescued From the Scrappy Heap thanks to Characterization Marches On.
  • Shipping: Far too many to list; more of a Love Buckyball than a Love Dodecahedron.
  • Squick: To some people, the fact that alot of 15 year old girls fall in love with or even are merely attracted to a 10 year old is Squicky.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Averted! Do you remember, that Chao said she was from Mars? Guess where the magical world is hidden!
  • This Is Your Premise on Drugs: Negima!? is Negima on... well, whatever Studio Shaft is usually on.
  • Too Cool to Live: In chapter 278, Rakan finally succumbs to the might of the Code of the Lifemaker and disappears in front of Negi. Then he comes back from the grave (briefly) to Bright Slap Negi out of his Unstoppable Rage. It just takes spirit.
  • Villain Decay: Notably subverted and twisted with Evangeline: although after her first defeat, she is no longer really an enemy, she later reveals (several times) that she is far, far, far more powerful than she let on at first, making her absolutely terrifying. Among other things, she uses her ice magic to shatter a demon several hundred meters tall, she KOs an extremely skilled martial artist in one hit without her magic while she was distracted by thoughts of Negi's father, and draws a character into an alternate dimension (well, an illusion of it anyways) and proceeds to nuke said character multiple times. Motive Decay? Maybe. Villain Decay? Not even a little bit.
    • Is it even Motive Decay? Did she really HAVE a motive, excluding getting out of the Academy, prior to her fight with Negi?
      • It's too soon to decide she's a good guy now. She may simply be watching the show and consider it "unrefined" to interfere at this stage, as with the World Tree arc. She's said several times that the characters shouldn't get too close to her, and in a bit of possible foreshadowing, that she should be thought of as the "last boss" in a video game.
      • Akamatsu has a habit of bringing villains back; remember when Fate was just a powerful side kick?
  • The Woobie:
  • X Meets Y: Described somewhat deprecatingly as "Harry Potter meets Love Hina" when it first appeared. But mid-early way through, it shifted more to "Hunter X Hunter meets Love Hina with magic". Since the start of the Magic World arc, it gradually became a bit more like "Harry Potter meets Final Fantasy Tactics with Bonus Fan Service" -- only later to have some Dragon Ball thrown into the mix.