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These entries are (roughly) in (approximate) chronological order (maybe). The further down the page you go, the more likely you are to run into spoilers.

  • Not even five minutes into the first episode of Negima! we see Asuna in a fish costume doing a ridiculous dance and chant for Professor Takahata's love, and then - out of nowhere, compared to the manga - we get this gem from Greg Ayres, in a british accent.

  Negi: "Hello there. Not everyone can be lucky in love."

  • Negi revealing himself to be the new homeroom teacher. The manga is funny to be sure, but in Negima?!, there is dead silence for around ten full seconds. And then Negi gets swarmed by every girl in the room except Asuna and Chisame.
  • At the beginning of the seventh volume of Mahou Sensei Negima, Asuna starts acting as though she has suddenly fallen in love with Negi, which was done dramatically (more or less) until it was revealed that she had partaken of a Love Potion by mistake. She starts to act relieved...and then this happens.
    • The fact that the victim of The Glomp has a major Bodyguard Crush on the girl who's latched onto her makes it even funnier.
      • Neh, where I come from, "glomps" don't start with your arms around someone's waist and your face snuggled up against their hips... ;-)
        • It all depends on the reaction time. Setsuna's was better, but not by enough. ^_^
        • I don't think that's Setsuna's waist she has her arms around...
  • Evangeline bursting into the room of the exhausted "Guardian Angels" towards the end of the Kyoto arc with a rousing "Transform and Roll Out!".
  • Nodoka's perfect CMoF: "Still, there are no good ways to resolve a love triangle, after all.. What should I do...? My desired... solution... Saishoudoukin?!?" Little pervert... She'd be a freak if it wasn't for her social / self-esteem issues.

  Chamo: "Saishoudoukin." Well... you sure know some hard words, young lady. I guess they don't call you a book lover for nothing."

    • Heck yes. There is a reason she's outclassed Evangeline on the Sensuality (read: Ero Factor) on the Love Negi list...
      • The absolute best part of that page? The facial expressions. Starting with the little doodle of Nodoka, Negi, and Yue sharing a bed looking completely sweet and innocent. Nodoka and Negi are all smiles, and Yue is all "doo-de-doo-de-doo..." Not to mention Nodoka's BSOD, and the ZOMGWTFBBQ look on Negi's face, in the panels under it.
      • Notice that in the little panel that's censored: A) all three are nude, and B) Yue is atop Negi. Wow, Nodoka, just wow.
    • When Nodoka's preparing for her date with Negi in volume ten, she ends up desperately trying not to think about French-kissing Negi, which makes a picture of it appear in her artifact, captioned on top by my personal favorite line in the entire manga: "TODAY'S GOAL".
  • Don't leave shikigami clones alone for too long...
  • In the Mahora Fest Tournament Takane is hit by a strip beam while most of the cast is surprised/horrified Chizuru laughs at her
  • When Chao reveals her ultimate weapon, these reaction faces happen.
    • What's the best weapon to use against your young, charismatic nemesis with a large, fiercely competitive Unwanted Harem? A family tree from the future with the name of his wife and children.

 "Negi Party Obliterated - Record time: 57 seconds!"

    • What's even funnier, Makie and Ayaka appear out of nowhere just in time to question its existence and demand to see its contents. priceless...
  • Albireo Imma's interactions with Eva (he and Nagi are said to be her natural enemies). For example:
    • Eva's reactions to the upped stakes in the bet on the Setsuna/Asuna bout.
    • Their discussion over what might happen if Negi accepts Kurt Godel's offer.
    • On the subject of Albireo, this:

 Albireo: Don't worry, I'm not planning anything devious.

Kaede: Can I trust you on that?

Colonel Sanders: I swear to god on my name (smiles)

Kaede: That's a pretty difficult-to-trust smile.

Colonel Sanders: I get that a lot.


  • Chapter 251 has Negi attempting to fight off the Ariadne guards without hurting them. His solution? Pull out the Black Magic... and combine it with the series' primary disarming spell. Nodoka's Oh Crap look in the preceding panel makes it even better, as she's obviously aware of what's about to happen.
  • Jack Rakan's Pensieve Flashback has some moments, too. Such as how Rakan defeated Eishun, or some insights on the princesses' personality: Arika once smacked Nagi for refusing to go shopping with her.
    • Not to mention Zect's quips.
  • Fate attacking Asuna with Water Spirits... that tickle her into submission. While Naked. When Setsuna and Negi arrive immediately after the fact, they naturally assume the worst. (NSFW)
    • When they start groping Asuna, Fate takes out a spell book.

 Fate: (With spellbook in hand) Huh... so it was that kind of spell... (Although I didn't mean to take off her clothes).

  Akira: That never happened... That never happened...

  • The revelation, way back when Chachamaru was discovering love, that she was, er, discovering love. Everything from Hakase's long winded rant in one speech bubble, to the fact that her "memories" of Negi are quite literally image files that she's been saving, and Hakase looks through her memories using Windows. That's right, the robot capable of love is apparently either backwards-compatible, or running on Windows.
    • Obviously,she's using VNC and SSH to remotely browse Chachamaru. :-P
    • Expansion of acronyms for the non-tech-savvy?
    • Virtual Network Computing (controlling one computer by interacting with another) and Secure Shell (protocol that lets data be shared between said computers safely). Funny because these are indeed technologies we use today.
      • Please, she's a Mad Scientist; she probably just created her own OS that superficially resembles windows. Using existing technology would just be boring...
  • Chapter 256: Rakan's demonstration of the Zanmaken: Ni No Tachi and his new name for it. As well as Setsuna's reaction.

 Rakan: I call this technique the "In Celebration Of My First Kiss With Ojou-sama Strike"! How about it?

Setsuna: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!! You were watching?!

 Asuna: Don't worry! Leave it to me, Honya! I will protect your lips! If you want to kiss Honya-chan, you've gotta kiss me first!




Negi: I understand. Then I'll kiss Asuna-san first.

Asuna: Eh? Ahhh... Oh! Ah, that's not right. I meant to say "You have to beat me first." I said it wrong, it doesn't count.

 "...are all of those Nagi's girls...? Truly, the world is unfair..."

"Yeah, I'm starting to think somebody does need to kick his ass one of these days..."

  • Chapter 260: Jack Rakan can see the flashbacks too. That is, other people's flashbacks.

  Rakan: Nothing is impossible for me.

 Rakan: Creating a tempest whirling at speeds of a hundred kilometers per hour around the target, whilst the target herself feels nothing but the soft touch of a gentle breeze! Truly the ultimate wind technique for granting the dreams of men!!

  • Negi and Ku's awesome armwrestling match. So intense it leaves a crater in the floor. And did I mention they sat down to do this in the middle of a formal high society ball?
    • And that crater is purely from Ku Fei's Ki, she didn't pin Negi's hand or that would have ended the match right there. But I really LOL'd at Ku Fei's mind game after the pactio.
  • "Make a bad face and punch" when Negi first starts learning from Jack Rakan.

 Rakan: That's it! NICE DARKNESS!

Chisame: NO, that's wrong in every sense of the word! Who is that?!

 Asakura: Do you like the way Negi screws, or the fact that it's Negi screwing?

  • In Ch. 269, the method Nagi uses to stop Arika's Self-Deprecation. Her reaction is priceless, too. Shocked-looking Chibi!Arika = funny (and also looks pretty much exactly the same as Negi does when he's in the same state). And don't forget Nagi's facial expression while he was doing it.

  Arika: I do not dislike you.

      • This was after Nagi told her she's speaking too quietly; and he thinks she still is, though he's almost certainly bluffing and just wants her to get over her Shrinking Violet moment on her own. She does, which leads to the following exchange:

 Arika: Well?! Is there something wrong with that?!

Nagi (smirks): No... Nothing at all. (cue one prolonged deep kiss)

    • And after Nagi kisses Arika he cuddles her and says "Awww, you poor little thing! You've really gone and lost weight in there, huh? Though it looks like that hasn't stopped your chest from growing..." to which Arika responds by punching him clear into the sky.
      • That sentence wouldn't be complete with this caption "All for me!". Seriously, I almost went to the hospital because of oxygen deprivation( from laughing nonstop!).
  • Chapter 270. After the Backstory is over and the girls are all "aaaaaaw, it all had a happy ending", look at Kurt Godel's face in the first panel. Prepare to start laughing.
  • Negi loses his magic-enabling ring. Evangeline teases him about it. Akira comes to her own conclusion.

  Akira: H <3 ("doinks" Negi on the head)

 Rakan: Watch out, girly! Here comes the human atomic bomb!

Natsumi: Noooo! I'm going to be violated!

 Sayo: Ah...Uhmm, please stay away okay!? It's dangerous!

 Theo: (Sweat Dropping) Wh..What exactly is this ridiculous object..?

    • And if the handheld component of the artifact (the Target Designator unit) isn't hilarious looking enough...
  • Makie tries helping Negi early on in chapter 56. Just look at Konoka in the background.
  • In the very first volume, Negi's eventual exasperated, resigned reaction to all the female attention? Just three succinct words. "DAMN MY CHARISMA!"
    • Please specify what chapter and page please. I want to look it up.
      • It may just be in the Del Rey translation that he says that. IIRC, this is the page.
      • One of Del Rey's better line changes. Another funny one is Asuna's "Are you on CRACK!?" in response to Negi wanting to be trained by Evangeline (which Eva repeats word-for-word when he asks her), or Evangeline's "Time to transform and roll out!" at the end of the Kyoto arc.
  • Chapter 210 gives us one of the cheerleader's opinions of what happened to Negi and co. It's even funnier when you realize the alien is the same image that was used to describe Evangeline as a vampire.
  • Chapter 285. The gang opens up the Magia Erebia scroll to try to figure out how to deal with Negi's newfound Super-Powered Evil Side and accidentally find out how Evangeline spends her free time (warning: exposed skin).
  • Missed this the first time I read it but the bottom right panel on this page. Perhaps not the crowning moment for the series, but for Asakura at least. She's monologuing on the toilet.
    • If you note the position of her skirt, it's not likely that she's actually using it. she's probably just in there fore the privacy.
  • Chisame's reaction to discovering that Yuuna's parents were mages.

 Chisame: Normal people are a rare and precious commodity in a class like ours!

    • Hers and Chamo's faces and reactions to Negi's suggestion to Akira that they form a Pactio. The differences are amazing.

 Chamo: Here he comes! (That's my bro!)

Chisame: His natural gigolo talk!

  • Chapter 289. Yuuna gets vaguely romantic and uncharacteristically serious to persuade Negi to kiss her for a pactio... and then, once she gets the card, she starts doing a happy dance over said card.

 Yuuna: Oh... WOOHOO! With this...

Negi: She wanted the card.

  • No mention Negi's first hot spring experience in Kyoto.

  Negi: EH...? E... H... EEEHH??!!! IS IS IS IS THAT SO??!!! AH HMM EH OH.

 Negi Springfield:

Understanding of the Female Heart: 2

Sis-con: 8

Aisaka Sayo:

Existence: 3

Kakizaki Misa:

Shota-con: 8

Seductive Assault: 8

Negi Prowling: 8

Sakurazaki Setsuna:

Kono-chan♡: 10

Ojou-sama!: 10

Karakuri Chachamaru:

Protecting and Taking Care of Eva: 8

Messing with Eva: 9

Naba Chizuru:

Likeness to Middle Schooler: 2

Hakase Satomi:

Mad Scientist: 10

Zazie Rainyday:

Number of Lines: 1

Enigma: 10

 Chisame: No, no, no... this is just not happening! (aside)It's just stupid! You can't just throw stuff like this into the story out of nowhere...! Where's the foreshadowing?! / I - I mean, okay, so Zazie has been the most suspicious member of our class since God-knows-when, but still...!

  • Chapter 297: Where everybody's version of Cosmo Entelechia, a world where basically all your dreams have come true is revealed and all we get to see from Setsuna's is a naked Konoka, wearing only an apron!.
    • Question: Are we sure this was Setsuna's fantasy and not Konoka's.
      • We're sure. Because the next page reveals Konoka's dream which was to play with Setsuna as kids. Then again, there is that possibility...
      • In Konoka's perfect world, Setsuna would call her "Kono-chan", instead of "Ojou-sama." That's definitely Setsuna's dream.
    • Made even more hilarious by Zazie going all Comically Serious at THAT sight. "My apologies."
    • And no points for guessing what Nodoka's version of Cosmo Entelechia is.
    • What about Shiori/Luna's version? Hello, Negi/Shiori/Fate threesome!
    • They're not the only ones who wishes for such. Chachamaru's dream involves herself, Negi and Eva!

 Arika: I-I must apologize for my terrible husband...

  • In chapter 298, fake!Zazie states that both her artifact and Cosmo Entelecheia are ineffective against what the Internet would call "rea-juus". Makie, being Makie, has no clue what that means.
    • Chisame's reaction to that she is immune to Cosmo Entelechia...when she learns that she is completely satisfied with her life, her brain breaks when she realizes that she has wholeheartedly accepted the all the magical shit in her life.
  • In chapter 299, while everyone was awakening from their versions of Cosmo Entelecheia, Haruna muttered, "World dominatio...huh?" You truly are Chaotic Neutral, huh?
    • Also, Setsuna and Kuu's reactions when Mana and Kaede speak about Cosmo Entelecheia are priceless
    • Even better: Chisame AGAIN talking like a Gamer Chick upon seeing "Poyo" aka Zazie's sister go One-Winged Angel. And to amp the hilarity even more, Poyo replies in game terms.


Poyo: (completely deadpan) I have a rather high status among demonfolk. Yes, high enough to be "final boss material".

 Nita-sensei: Oh no, the crying begins...

  • A very small one in Chapter 300, but very funny to me. On the first page no less! When listing off all the characters and their Boss Subtitles, Chachamaru's was "Ulimate Megaweapon of Love". That's hilarious.
    • From the same chapter, Anya tries her very best to be Tsundere about Negi, and fails miserably because all the ShonenUpgrades he's had have left him waay too badass for her to handle, so her utter awe kinda breaks the "I don't really care about him" claims.
  • You thought Dynamis was a serious guy? Read 301. His image of being the most serious guy pretty much falls down like the walls of Jericho.
    • Oh God. Ever since we saw his face, the guy has become a walking Crowning Moment of Funny. Cross-Popping Veins, growling whenever he remembers Takamichi and Godel, Large Ham declarations, his interactions with Koyomi, etc. And it's actually awesome, since Akamatsu could've botched it up real bad storyline-wise but it actually works.
    • The part where Takane asks everyone to don her darkness armor, with everyone refusing because of its tendency to disappear.
    • Another one, still from him: WE PLAYED DEAD!
    • And then in chapter 304 he strips! Right before the eyes of Negi´s all-female team...
      • Their reactions are what really make it hilarious:

 Dynamis: "I am Dynamis! HAHH!"

Everyone else: 0_0

  Yue: Uh, are we not in a very serious situation? This is no time to be acting like we're in a romantic comedy!

 Yuna: "...In the butt?"

Ako: "In the butt!"

Yuna: "With that?"

Ako: "Uh-huh!"

    • Note the needle is 1.8 cm thick so it justifies the fact they ran away from her immediately after this exchange.
      • "Why are you running?!" Gee, I wonder.
  • 305 has Kotaro telling the infiltration group (Yue and her friends, Natsumi, Sayo, Chamo and Asakura) to be careful and not let their guard down. Guess what happens seconds later...
  • Dynamis continues to be an epic ham even after being cut in half.
    • To which Ku Fei responds by delivering a Shut UP, Hannibal at Dynamis by poking him with her stick.
  • In his bid to gain the highest Cmof/chapter ratio, we have Dynamis's reaction to one of Fate's girls, in fiery one, trying to shield him from Negi's final attack, and keep in mind that he is currently half a body.and the girl in front of him is in her birthday suit

 Dynamis: "So hot..."

Dynamis: "Seriously hot..."

 Rakan: Oh, and I'll be damned... if it isn't our little Chisame-jouchan on this one! Eh-heh!

Chisame: Why, you-! I-!

 Zazie: Do you like-

Evangeline: *cutting across Zazie* I DO NOT!! God, you're annoying!


Rakan: I guess I overdid it a little, huh?

Theo: What are you going to do if you killed him?

Attendant: Princess, stop! The whole country can hear you!

  • Chapter 328's Stupid Dad Punch. Probably overlaps with an Awesome Moment as well.
  • When Fate counters Negi's lightning form with the method that Rakan described in his match with Negi and explains that he was watching the fight, the look on Negi's face is priceless.
  • Rakan returns from Cosmo Entelecheia out of nowhere, for the second time with nothing but pure fighting spirit and not giving a damn.
  • In chapter 332, Dynamis summons the ancient Guardian Dragon, Vrixo Nagasha. Cue this exchange:

 Albireo: It's your old friend, right? Do something about it!

Rakan: Don't wanna. It's huge.

    • Also, when Zazie arrives to meet up with the other 3-A girls:

 Zazie: "I have brought them!"

(a portal opens and drops Ayaka, Sakurako and the twins on the floor)

  • Chapter 333: Rakan calls Evangeline "loli-grandma". Eva then includes him in her uber-spell's targeting. He dodges anyway.
  • Anytime Secundum gets beaten up by one of the heroes. Or Fate. Secundum abuse never gets old.
  • Chapter 334: Asuna and Negi having the same argument, even with the Life Maker RIGHT BEHIND THEM. Fate's face as he's listening says it all.
    • And Eva snaps them out of it: "Hey, Asuna? It's alright to flirt, but... there's something really bad behind you." Asuna and Negi turn around to see Lifemaker preparing a ridiculously enormous spell aimed right at them.
  • Chapter 335: Tohsaka, after being resurrected, wakes up only to find himself bowled over into a glomp by a teary-eyed Ako. Two of his coworkers witness this and get a good laugh at him, after which he promptly beats them up for it, causing Ako to Sweat Drop.
  • Chapter 336: To quote Fate when he was telling his Harem that Negi was too busy to hang with them: He (Negi) already belongs to me, give it up. The looks on their faces? Priceless.
    • Makie and Natsumi agree to help Yue confess to Negi. Cue in Nodoka, who jumps out of the bushes to help.
      • It becomes even more hilarious when you take notice of the fact that the bushes were a fair distance away in the previous shots.
    • Also Fate is introduced as "The child teacher in charge of the class", you know as if child teacher was a special separate post from regular teacher.
    • Heck, the whole concept of Fate being 3-A's substitute teacher is incredibly hilarious on its own.
    • Everyone's reactions to Fate coming into the room was hilarious. Every one of Negi's partners instantly summoned their artifacts, ready to fight before being told that he was the new teacher.
      • It's even funnier when you realise Chachamaru's artifact is a Kill Sat. And she's aiming the designator. Indoors. At something that's about 5 metres away.
  • Chapter 337: Chachamaru and winding revisited. Now with even more innuendo! And what's more, she's doing it by herself this time. And then Eva walks in...
    • And more comes later on when she starts fantasizing about Negi winding her up again, and talking about it out loud, just when Negi is right behind her.
    • Collet and company talking to Yue on her cellphone using magic, which looks funny because she's simply using her bare hand shaped like a handset (i.e. all fingers clenched except the thumb and pinky which are spread out), and when you think about it regarding people doing it in Real Life to pretend using a phone...
  • Chapter 338: Chisame and Yunna getting hit on the head with chalk thrown by Fate. And Negi going Raiten Taisou by sneezing.
    • For that matter, there's Chisame's reaction to learning Negi's Master Plan.

  Chisame: Oh yeah, you're gonna get stabbed and killed one day! No, I'm going to stab you and then I'll die too.

  • "Are you on CRACK?" -- Evangeline's reaction when Negi asks her if he can be her disciple.
  • Chapter 339: Where to begin? Aged-up Fate, Negi and Kotaro are invited to a karaoke bar by Sakurako, Kakizaki and Kugimiya. Feitas (Fate's on-the-spot name) scoring 100 (by singing Enka), Kojirou (Kotaro) scoring 25 and Nagi (Negi) scoring a measly 10. The look on Fate's face is priceless. Also, Fate was just waiting for it to be 6:00 to administer remedial classes to the girls.
    • Not to mention the cheerleaders simultaneously asking Nagi, Kojiro, and Feitas out... right before their age pills wear off. Then there's the different reactions of the 3 girls to the whole situation, while being oblivious to Chamo asking them if their wondering about the involvement of magic.
  • Chapter 340 centers around a flashback to Negi forming a Pactio with Ayaka. Given this is Ayaka we're talking about, Hilarity Ensues.

 Ayaka: Oh? Negi-sensei? Just now... you were fidgeting in a sailor uniform...

Negi: T-that was a dream. Please forget about it!

    • Forget about Negi in a sailor uniform, what's truly hilarious is the fact that Ayaka's grabs Negi and begins to kiss him even harder, almost reversing the pactio and giving Negi a card instead of her in the process.
    • Chizuru also gets one (Kotaro looks jealous). Go on, guess what she's carrying on her card. And then when she stats quizzing Kotaro about his pactio with Natsume as well as offering to form one with him... well Natsume's facial expression after overhearing everything just sums it up.
  • Chapter 341 starts off with Asuna coming home to the dorms and finding Setsuna treating her like a "Princess". Asuna snaps and scolds her for it. Setsuna goes around asking some of their classmates about their futures, ending with Setsuna thinking of her future with Konoka(Read: Delusion. Also read: sex. "I see it! This is it--this is the best future for me!"). Cue Eva's WTF face.
  • Chapter 342 might have a very serious discussion in the foreground, but in the background, Takamichi is doing a submission hold on Godel.
    • The first part of Eva vs Negi fight. Eva, thinking she can go all out on Negi, bitchslaps him through a wall. Cue WTF face from her, Asuna, and Setsuna.
    • Setsuna's thoughts on Negi's possible inability to age to his possible sex life.
    • Everyone starts angsting about how Negi is seemingly immortal, when Kurt Godel gives a Hot-Blooded rant about how Living Forever Is Awesome. Cue Takamichi going, "What the hell is wrong with you!?"
  • Negi asks Evangeline if she will teach him magic. Her response:"Lick my feet and be my slave". She promptly gets kicked in the head by Asuna.
  • Chapter 343: Negi ends an epic fight by sneezing and destroying Asuna's and Evangeline's clothes. He promptly gets punched into the air by Asuna.
    • Between the sneeze and the punch they all crash-land with Evangeline ending siting on Negi's face.
  • Asuna once tried to light her crush's cigarette, but accidentally lit his beard instead. She then doused the fire with the first liquid she could get her hands on — piping hot tea.
  • Misora's ultimate attack. It's the build up that makes this hilarious.
  • In the English version of the manga Negi wins for getting wedged between Shizuna's boobs, and looking up with the request: "May I have a cookie?"
  • Chapter 344: "The Enemy of Womankind, Negi!". The girls have come to the conclusion that even though Negi has just won the hearts of almost all the girls in the class and Pactioed 15 of them, his mind is still on his father so he's oblivious to their feelings (granted that he's 10-12 years old). Asakura promises to come up with a plan to solve this problem. Negi, meanwhile, gets the chills.
    • And don't forget the part where the cheerleader trio are finally let in on the Pactio system, never mind finding out that more than half the class have one with Negi. And given that it was done by kissing...
  • Chapter 345: Takane comes for a rematch with Negi. Negi beats her, without any Clothing Damage. She flies into rage over it, telling him to "either strip her, or marry her".
    • Also there's Ayaka's response to Negi carrying her in a Bridal Carry. She nosebleeds and says while blushing that she "has no regrets in life."
  • Chapter 347: Chachamaru vs Chisame. The fight ends with Al-Iskandaria firing by accident and they both get Clothing Damage via Strip Beam (which Chisame's familiars quickly changed Al-Iskandaria into before it fired so that it won't kill them).
    • Ku Fei's face when she realizes that Negi is depowered, and her attack would have splattered him if it connected.
  • Chapter 348 has even more of Class 3A's hijinks going over the top, all for the sake of forcing Negi to tell everyone who is favorite is:
    • How to deal with a rather invincible Asuna? Paru makes a fake Takamichi that distacts Asuna so that the twins tie her up to a flagpole while she's not looking.
    • Negi powers up to try and deal with the situation, but gets incapacitated in to steps: Ako uses her artifact's new feature, which screws up his sense of direction, then Chizuru finally uses hers, which paralyzes Negi. What makes the whole thing funny is where Negi is hit in both cases, but Chizuru's Ass Shove, where she literally holds Negi up with her leek, tops it all.
    • You can still see Chizuru's artifact stuck up Negi's butt here after Honya and Yue distract everyone and escape with him. And there's the part where Akira has to pull it out of him - just look at her reaction.
  • Chapter 350, Asuna's having her own private graduation ceremony one week early in order to get started with her hundred-year stay in the Magical World, and things are about to turn into a sad goodbye...and then she tells Takahata to have a proper wife and child so that in a hundred years she can get with one of his great-grandsons (and reveals some Shipper on Deck tendencies for Takahata/Shizuna).
  • Chapter 351: The updates to Negi's class roster can be pretty funny, none more so than the fact that Haruna is wanted in the Magical world... something to do with the Paru-sama. Other standouts include: Natsumi and "Kotarou-kun's girlfriend" (crossed out), and "Is the demon realm Venus!?"
    • If one of the extra chapters is to be believed, then Haruna is wanted for the works she wrote while separated in the magic world, and which got her enough money to buy the Paru-sama. So what did she write? Haruna introduced Yaoi to the magic world. After getting filthy rich from it a bunch of cops busted down her door and she escaped in the Paru-sama (which was apparently commissioned for just such an event) all while cackling maniacally.
  • Chapter 353: What reunion would be complete without Negi blowing all the girls clothes off?
  • Chapter 354: Yue serving her guests tea in a test tube and flask, after brewing it via alchemy. Plus the looks on her guests' faces.
    • Also in 354: Remember that bounty hunter who enjoyed Skinship Groping everyone she met? Well, she's back, and has apparently become Jack Rakan's apprentice.
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