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Fridge Logic

  • In chapter 3, why is Evangeline in the group bath? She doesn't live in the dorm, she lives in a cottage elsewhere on campus. And there's no way she's fond enough of her classmates that she'd come to the dorm for the sole purpose of taking a bath with everybody.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Fate's name seemed to be merely chosen for it's coolness factor. Then a long ways down the road, his Reality Warper abilities are revealed, and while fighting Jack Rakan he points out that because of his power, the outcome of his fights are predetermined to end with his victory. Which certainly gives a new level of meaning to his name, they aren't just fighting an enemy named Fate, but literally fighting against fate: a predetermined outcome. - User:Japanese Teeth
    • Then here's another about his surname: Averruncus is the ancient Roman god of disaster aversion. Which makes sense, as that's exactly what he's trying to do in the Magic World, as far as he tells us. However, Averruncus is also known for causing just as much damage as he prevents, intentionally or otherwise. Thus, why Negi absolutely must stop Fate: even if Fate does theoretically save the Magic World, it's guaranteed to bite everyone in the ass somewhere down the line.
  • I was looking at the title pic for Chapter 182 and I was thinking "What? Why are there whales in the background?!" then later I figured it out. "Oh wait... Wales..."
  • Then there's Negi's arena match with Rakan. It seems like a standard shonen fight... until Rakan (and by extension the reader) realizes that Negi set up his Taiindou circle way back during his initial exchange of blows with Rakan (with Raiten Taisou 1); in other words, he had to use it all along (though it seems to be more of a plan B if Raiten Taisou proved insufficient).
    • On the same subject, Negi fought for quite a while with Rakan. It ended in a draw, but Rakan said it counts as winning and gave him the prize money anyway. Nagi's fights with Rakan always ended in draws, too. So, by the result of a draw, it means that Negi has reached the level of his father, and by this, Rakan knows that Negi has reached his goal in life, thus has achieved the prize.
  • I was staring at my Vizbig publication of Rurouni Kenshin, Vol. 1-3, when I noticed the kanji Viz used for the logo. It looked familiar, so after a few seconds, I remembered that it was the character dai, meaning big (so it fit as the Vizbig logo, at least). That wasn't the moment of brilliance, though. I then remembered Chapter 31, Page 17, when Chigusa activates a fire charm in Negi's path. Yes, Chigusa wrote Dai in a fire.
  • I was wondering why Demon Negi's ouka houkens seemed so much weaker in comparison to the normal Negi's and then I realized, Demon Negi isn't even capable of coherent thought, why would he be capable of focusing enough to keep 100 or so magic arrows focused into a single direction?
    • Ironic, considering the bottom of the supplied page distinctly says that his demon possesses all of Negi's cunning.
      • Not so much. Cunning =/= Concentration or Focus. Sure, the beast MAY be smart enough to know how to pull off a shiznitload of complicated strategies. Doesn't mean it's focused enough to. I've seen extremelly smart people become raging imbeciles when provoked enough. -I Am Not Creative Enough
  • It initially baffled me to see Negi pulling out such things as Titanokons and raiten taisou 2 without having to incant first, but then I realized, Magia Erebea works by step 1:Cast spell, Step 2:Absorb spell, Step 3:Fuse with spell. Negi was simply absorbing the spells beforehand and storing them until such a time as when he would need them averting the need to cast Thousand bolts twice in the middle of a fight to use raiten taisou 2 for example.
    • Yeah, he's stated to be a genius who is amazing at delayed spells. The only one capable of creating a coherent fighting style of it.
      • Also explains why his demon form appears to be able to move as fast as the Raiten Taisou II despite not activating it first. It's basically the physical manifestation of Negi's magic.
  • Negi's wielding of a sword and the staff right before the trip to Wales seemed odd but then you get this image, the Sword represents his mother and the staff represents his father.
  • Ako's pactio has cat ears for seemingly no reason until you realize the most obvious Portmanteau Couple Name for her and Negi would be... Neko.
    • It's just a coincidence, Akamatsu woundn't know about that.
      • You do realize this is AKAMATSU, right? He either thinks of everything, or it works out on its own.
  • Ako just seems to be full of Fridge Brilliance. At first I thought her artifact's ability (essentially the ability to magically dope her allies) was kind of out of left field. Then I remembered how Natsumi's artifact, which reduces her presence, reflects her view of herself as a background character. And it hit me... a large part of Ako's character is her belief that she's a "supporting/secondary character", right? What better artifact for someone who sees themselves as a supporting character than something that boosts the abilities of her allies instead of herself? - khfan429
  • Where did the "ma" from Negima come from? Negi + majin(demon) = Negima. Akamatsu had it planned all along!!!
  • A minor one, but Chachamaru's non issue with Negi seeing her in the nude exists because to her SHE ISN'T NUDE. Remember she has a synthskin covering her body now whereas before she was exposed to the world, as it were.
    • Either that, or... Well, let's just say Chachamaru might know more about seduction than she lets on. -I Am Not Creative Enough
  • How was Rakan able to read Homura's mind and see her flashback? He used the mindreading ability Negi used in chapter 1.
  • Why is Cosmo Entelecheia always composed by an earth, a fire, a wind and a water user plus Dynamis? Because the Lifemaker was born 2600 years ago, when pre-Socratic philosophy speculated the world (Kosmos) was composed by each of the four elements, which move from potentiality (Dynamis) to actuality (Entelecheia) to form it. Pure genius on Akamatsu's part. - D Omen and other tropers
  • Negi and Fate's battle soon moves from the altar to the grounds below it. At first, that may just seem an attempt to not get the girls caught in the battle, but after Shirabe puts Asuna back in place, they actually can't fight there because of the anti-magic field she radiates. That is also why during their last attack, the platform the girls are standing on is outright shielded against it and why the mana vortex that managed to suck the Great Paru-sama in isn't powerful enough to completely blow the girls away. - D Omen
  • I think I've figured out the real reason behind Nagi's title of The Thousand Master... Theodora said in chapter 239 that one of Nagi's favorite high ancient incantations was... "The Thousand Bolts". Consider that Nagi probably had the magical capacity to use that spell over and over again, and we've got The Thousand (Bolts) Master! ~ khfan429
  • Chachamaru's tears bugged me a bit at first. I didn't deny her soul, just wondered how the emotions are connected to lasers. But it can be quite simple. The Distress she felt could be interpreted as danger by her programs, which could start preparing lasers just in case.
  • Remember Asuna's stated thing for older men, particularly Takamichi? Now, remember back when we learned Asuna is almost certiainly older than she looks... In fact, in that flashback, she looked about Takamichi's age... ~ ClockStopping
    • We now know that she is actually older then him that means she is really as big a Shotacon as Ayaka, just with the ages a bit mixed around - May Be Thomas
  • In chapter 352, Asuna wakes up after 113 years asleep protecting the Magical World to find that Everybody's Dead, Dave. Then, at the end of the chapter, Evangeline turns up with Chao, of all people, who they dimension-hop back to a few minutes after she left. Ass Pull, you say? It's actually pointing out that Negi, even with his vampire body, can and probably will die over the course of his life, and implies that Asuna being around can save him from whatever death might occur.
  • The kanji for Chao Lingshen's name are never read as Chao Lingshen in Chinese, but rather Chao Lingyin, where "shen" and "yin" are completely different words with a similar meaning. This would be a Fridge Logic moment, except that since it's almost certainly a fake name, and Chao may or may not actually be Chinese, the mispronunciation is most likely a case of Did Not Do the Research on her part. Why hasn't Ku Fei noticed? Well, she isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  • Evangeline's pactio card renders her middle name as "Ecaterina", indicating possible Russian ancestry. Albireo nicknames her "Katie". Now, the Russian equivalent of "Katie" is "Katyusha". As in, the awesomely destructive multiple rocket launcher.

Fridge Horror

  • Evangeline was 10 when she turned into a vampire and stopped aging. Her vamp tendencies, which usually get played for laughs, get a lot more disturbing once you realize she never hit puberty. With all that she's seen in her five hundred years, she learned and knows about sex, but she probably never understood it.
  • Ako required a rare "cure-all" medicine to cure her sickness which cost a million Drachmas. Cue chapter 320, where it is revealed that Dryads are hunted down and their horns cut off and sold to create a "cure-all" medicine which cost a million Drachmas. Do the math.
  • Back in volume 18, Chao pulled out a family register showing her lineage from Negi (thus, whom Negi will marry). Naturally, the girls went crazy wondering who it was, until the register was destroyed. Recently, a copy of the register surfaced, showing that after the events in the Magic World, the register after Negi is blanked out, meaning all the girls who like him technically have a even chance. Of course, it also means that Chao's very existence has now become an uncertainty.
    • So we now have... Schroedinger's Chao?
    • And then Hakase in chapter 350 says that the blank family tree she presented was a fake.
    • Chapter 353 have resolved this: messing with time like Chao did splits the timeline. The Chao we know and love still exists in her own future. It's whether she will ever exist in the current timeline that's up in the air.
  • From what they were saying, Slime Sisters could (maybe even did in the past) melt and eat humans.
  • In chapter 353, it's explicitly mentioned that Asuna's been sent into an alternate dimension with the combined help of Dimension 2 Evangeline from the timeline Negi created and Chao from two dimensions ago. Meaning that there is a separate Asuna who belongs to this third dimension, who will wake up to not only the pile of angst we're shown in chapter 352, but also find out that an exact replica of her has replaced her a hundred years ago, and no one is there for her awakening. And this time, Evangeline and Chao would have no incentive to help out this Dimension 3 Asuna by sending her to a fourth dimension.
    • Except that it's stated that the reason for Asuna oversleeping was a war on mars. One of the character's wrap-up blurbs mentions her fighting in it (Tatsumiya Mana). With Asuna around now to help out, that war will probably be settled in such a way as that the local Asuna won't oversleep. Heck, she may even wake up early!
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