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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth learning dangerous forbidden techniques of dark magic for.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Mahou Sensei Negima fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

Authors, and Websites

The All Purpose Negima Fanfiction Thread

Ala Iridia

  • Recommended by Shadow Crystal Mage
  • Several of the most renowned, non-crappy fanfic writers on ffnet (plus one slightly crappy one) under one account, working on cooperative projects, specializing in either Negima fics or Negima Crossovers.

Japanese Teeth

  • Recommended by No Limit
  • Author of Nerima Magistra Nelly Magi and Artifact Abuse, Japanese Teeth combines both excellent subtle humor with ridiculous situations while somehow maintaining a plot. Just expect a lot of yuri.

Shadow Crystal Mage

  • Recommended by Anemoi
  • Widely regarded as one of the best Negima authors on TV Tropes, Mage is regarded as a drug dealer in several countries because he creates his own brand of crack stories.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Pactum Factum by Tsutomu Teruko

  • Recommended by Kchasm
  • Synopsis: Pactum Factum by Tsutomu Teruko is a Mahou Sensei Negima fic with a few original characters.
  • Comments: Yeah, yeah, you've heard that shtick before—except it's well-written. And the original characters? Not Gary Stus at all.
    • Revlid: At least one of them is, however, "hilariously" wacky. If that's not your thing, beware.

Child of Mine by Ambrant Arandel

  • Recommended by SAMAS
  • Synopsis: At the Headmaster's request, Negi uses a magic mirror to peek into alternate futures to see which of the girls in his class will lead to Chao's future if he marries them. What he sees, and his reactions thereto, have a strong effect on his relationship with his students.

Fang Vice Addiction by Traingham

  • Recommended by Revlid
  • Synopsis: A little while before the Mahora Festival, Evangeline turns Negi into a vampire. How will our diminutive teacher cope?
  • Comments: A genuinely fun fic, in which I've yet to find an out-of-character moment. Oh, and Negi doesn't go goth, so there's no need to worry on that count. Also, Chachazero becomes his other familiar (hilarity ensues). Oh, and it's finished! Nodoka/Negi shippers beware, however, as she appears much less in this fic than usual. More minor characters are focused on, actually.

Ala Alba in the World of Magic by Makuhari-Fan01

  • Recommended by Person With Many Aliases
  • Synopsis: A self-proclaimed "AU story occurring after c189", the story is an alternate take on the current Magic World arc of the manga, following the various girls after they are separated, while following a plot revolving around Asuna.

ThirtyOne by Red Savant

  • Recommended by VergofTowels
  • Synopsis: A collection of ficlets, one for each member of the class. They vary in length and genre, but not in possessing excellent quality.
  • Comments: Each ficlet is sweet in its own way, and they provide insight into the lives of each of the girls. I'm not the greatest fan of Negima, but I am a huge fan of this fic!

Idiocy Training by Ack Sed

  • Synopsis: One-shot where Kotarou gives Negi (and Setsuna) tips on the Way of the Idiot Hero.

Haruna's Most Ero-Ero Adventure by Ack Sed

  • Recommended by Jack Inqu
  • Synopsis: When Haruna was dumped in the magical world, what the hell did she do to earn enough money to buy her own airship? This fic recounts what the resident Yaoi Fangirl, armed with her Art Initiates Life artifact, may have gotten up to. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • Comments: The possibilities of such an artifact when coupled with a fertile (and perverted) imagination are well explored, sometimes with blatant shout outs (at one point she summons Nausicaa's glider). The author implies that Haruna would have the same impact as a Slaaneshi princess upon the inhabitants of the Magical World, but manages to avoid showing anything that would outright require Brain Bleach.

Before by Blu Rose

  • Recommended by DKN 117
  • Synopsis: "Chisame wasn't always the hateful girl with a chronic twitching problem and a secret, popular online alias. Chiu wasn't always Chisame's online persona. Things were different before. Before her sister died."
  • Comments: An introspective and kinda-sad fic that explores the possible origins of Chisame's hatred of the world, and of her web-idol alter ego Chiu.

Artifact Abuse by Japanese Teeth

  • Recommended by Ack Sed
  • Synopsis: A collection of ficlets where Haruna applies herself to exploring the limits of her artifact. Chaos, panic and lulz ensue.
  • Comments: So much fun it should be illegal (it might be already). Approaches Becomes Crack Fic at times, but it never stops being readable.

Fairy Tales by Dauthi

  • Recommended by Silent Outlaw
  • Synopsis: They lived like ghosts in cities, with no future and an extinct past. Setsuna dreamt of flying and Evangeline dreamt of blood, but it was all over. Magic was dead.
  • An interesting and well written look at a possible future. The author says it's his best Negima fic, and it shows.

Out of Control by Ala Iridia.

  • Recommended by The Curious Fan
  • Synopsis: Chao and Hakase builds project X, a robot superweapon... With the mind of a baby. Class A finds out and gives the two mommies a baby shower. Negi begs Evangeline to let them keep project X at the resort. Meanwhile, Chachamaru is coming down with middle child syndrome and tries to kill the baby robot. She does badly at it. It's a round robin fic, each chap of a thousand words, each by a different person.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

A Day Indoors, by Ambrant Arandel.

  • Recommended by SAMAS
  • Pairings: Negi/many (not all at once..., yet, anyway...), Kotaro/Chizuru, Kotaru/Natsumi
  • Synopsis: A series of unrelated stories about increasingly perverted and equally sweet moments between Negi and his students, plus a few others.
  • Comments: Your Mileage May Vary in later chapters, at least in terms of faithfulness to the canon... but the writing is overall solid throughout.

Egg Belly, by Cloverfield.

  • Recommended by Cygnus
  • Pairings: The legendary Konoka/Setsuna, Comedic sidepanels of Mana/Kaede
  • Synopsis: A story largely focused on what happens after they've declared love for each other. But what starts out as some slight misadventures starts moving towards a bigger plot later on....
  • Comments: Finally, a KonoSetsu focused story that you don't have to run away from! Chapter 6 is godly, and not just because of the yuri. May not be safe for work.

Suit Up! by Shadow Crystal Mage

  • Recommended by Japanese Teeth
  • Pairings: Technically Setsuna/Harem (yes, all of them), but it's a KonoSetsu fic first and foremost.
  • Synopsis: Negi decides to help Setsuna make some progress with Konoka. Hilarity Ensues.

Cliche Kiss Scenes by intangibleINK

  • Recommended by Red Savant
  • Pairings: KonoSetsu, AsuAya, EvaSetsu, AsuSetsu
  • Synopsis: A series of one-shots (though some of them are set in the same continuity) of, to quote the author, "Kiss scenes, some overused, some strange, and some never seen before."

Liquid Heat and Taken day by day by Immi

  • Recommended by Jonshine
  • Pairing: TsukuyomiSetsuna
  • Synopsis: Looking back, she probably wouldn't be so obsessed if she had just killed Setsuna then. But where would the fun be in that? Tsukuyomi rambling with mild SetsuYomi. Prequel to Taken Day by Day.
  • Comments: A look inside Tsukuyomi's head and their early relationship in 'Liquid' followed by a plausible set of circumstances that drives them together in 'Taken'. It's particularly well done for the way it opens up Tsukuyomi's head and lets us peek inside, and how that translates into her actions and interactions. Immi's good with Setsuna too, but so are many other authors. It's Immi's grasp of Tsukuyomi that makes these pieces exceptional.

Educating Ayaka by Ambrant Arandel

  • Recommended by DKN 117
  • Pairing: Negi/Ayaka
  • Synopsis: "A short story about how Negi brings Ayaka into the fold of his inner circle."
  • Comments: After learning that Ayaka has Parental Abandonment issues of her own, Negi consoles her and shares his own experiences on the matter. From there, he makes the decision to finally reveal his secrets to her. A very well-done story that shows a lovely look at Ayaka's true nature. Also shows the realistic effect that Negi's experiences—good and bad—would have on his psyche (in particular, the effects on both him and Ayaka that their absent fathers have on them, and that he's not as innocent-minded as he acts to be when it comes to the girls in his class).

Tales of Yue's Harem, by Shadow Crystal Mage

  • Recommended by Comartemis
  • Pairing: Yue/Nodoka/Emily/Collet
  • Synopsis: Because whoever said Negi was the only one with Super Chick Magnet powers?
  • Comments: The title is actually a little misleading; this oneshot is a series of drabbles ranging from a few sentences to several paragraphs in length, each one focusing on separate individuals, ranging from Yue and Nodoka to Johnny and Shiori, but generally said individuals are related or romantically engaged to Yue in one way or another. Content ranges from comedy to tearjerkers, but the crowning piece (besides Yue getting her own lesbian harem, at least) is the introduction of the most epic Crack Pairing in the Negima fandom. For the sake of the page editors I won't even put it in spoilers, but suffice to say it will break your mind into a thousand pieces, and not by way of Brain Bleach... probably.

More than Fifty-Four Negi and Chisame Threesomes by Over Master

  • Recommended by DKN 117
  • Pairing: Negi/Chisame/everyone
  • Synopsis: "Exactly what it says on the title. Short pieces on the subject of three-way Negima relationships including the resident wide eyed hopeful idealist and the resident cynical snarker, and related Negima crack."
  • Comments: A collection of various mini-stories involving a wide selection of Negi/Chisame/[insert here] pairings with the third slot filled by nearly every character in Negima. Mostly humorous, but with a few serious moments.

Hide Your Love Away by Stamina Rose

  • Recommended by Edich
  • Pairing: Kotaro/Natsumi
  • Synopsis: A mostly Original Flavour fic that explores Natsumi's growing confidence and relationship with Kotaro by (often unwanted)help from various characters.
  • Comments: A quite hilarious, heartwarming, and fairly perverted fic. It is written incredibly well, and explores a few interesting topics, such as Kotaro's enhanced smell and, hilariously, the process of Hanyo puberty and pregnancy/birth. Unfortunately, it is on what seems to be a hiatus due to a bad case of writer's block.

Love and Duty Come in Chains by deathcurse

  • Recommended by Tsukinoimai
  • Pairing: Konoka/Setsuna
  • Synopsis: No matter where Konoka went, Setsuna would always be her guardian. After all, duty always won over love - even if that duty meant marrying into a family to protect the world's wards from destruction, and watching the one you love give herself to another.
  • Comments: Darker and Edgier than canon. Pulls many, many Angst from the prologue and done fairly well. One of the best Konoka/Setsuna fanfics out there. Certainly, this story focused on their relationship but still stick to the plot. It Gets Worse for Setsuna because her duty and fellings clashed at each other and something else...

Sword and the Needle by Kailor Aurelius

  • Reccomended by Tsukinoimai
  • Pairings: Konoka/Setsuna
  • Synopsis: AU fic, Done in Medieval European Fantasy in which Setsuna is a slave trying to get a job in palace and is a Winged Humanoid Half-Human Hybrid Dream Walker. Konoka is a Princess trying to coup d'état her demon father. Setsuna become a personal bodyguard for the princess, and the story begin.
  • Comments: Nice story twist, a little heartwarming, and the secrets in the story are just waiting to be unveil that quite engaging.

Crossover Fics

Stories focused on multiple continuities.

Unequally Rational and Emotional by Over Master

  • Recommended by Rubber Lotus
  • Synopsis: Perhaps it was a result of Chao's constant messing with the timestream. Perhaps it was simply fate. Whatever the reason, Negi finds himself rooming with Chisame and Hakase on his first day of Mahora, and things just snowball from there..

Future Perfect: Chao Lingshen's Tale by Project Arashi

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Synopsis: Chao's desire to change the past came from seeing the horror of the Human-Covenant War up close.

Kitsune on Campus by Asha'man of Fire

  • Recommended by Anemoi
  • Synopsis: Naruto awakens beneath the World Tree a century after his final fight with Mandara to discover that all he knew and loved no longer exists. Determined to start a new life, he joins 3-A as a new teacher's assistant. And moves in with Evangeline. Hilarity Ensues

Equal and Opposite Attraction by Zephyr-Fiction

  • Recommended by mega-dark
  • Synopsis: Negi is transferred to Uminari so he can find out wha't it's like to be a teacher in the real world. He ends up teacher of Nanoha's Class. Hilarity, of course, Ensues. Trope page here.
  • Comments: The fic actually explores the steps to Nanoha falling in love, while at the same time having an underlying threat to keep it from rurning into a pointless fluff fest.

Overlords and Overkill by Shadow Crystal Mage

  • Recommended by Anemoi
  • Synopsis: Negi decides to leave Mahora behind him and explore the 'real world' of teaching. Naturally, he ends up in Uminari City, and, naturally, he teaches a class with three future aces. Of course, his former students won't let him go without a fight. And there is trouble brewing in Uminari. Trouble that could unhinge everything Negi and Nanoha have been working for.

Disgaea Gehenna's Holy Queen by Cygnus

  • Recommended by mega-dark
  • Synopsis: After waking up from a deep sleep, Konoka Konoe discovers that she is not only in the Netherworld, but she also somehow became a demon. Not only that, she overthrew the previous Overlord and doesn't even remember doing it. And that's only half of her troubles.

Ala Alba - Return to Mahora Academy by Sinclair and The Nobody

  • Recommended by mega-dark
  • Crossed works: Negima and Lyrical Nanoha
  • Synopsis: They were supposed to teleport to Earth. They end up somewhere completely different, and in the middle of a battle.

Naruma: A Magical Ninja by Dark Lord Sigma and MA Smaster

  • Recommended by Lord Gale
  • Crossover of Naruto and Negima, obviously. However, it is NOT limited to just that, and frequently crosses the line into mass crossover territory.
  • synopsis: The story opens up pretty much as the manga does, albeit a few pages later. Negi's on the train to Mahora...except there's someone with him. Naruto, his "older brother" is for some reason responsible for Negi, a responsibility given to him by Nagi no less.

Puppets of Zero, by sagitarius

  • Recommended by: Averruncus of the shadows.
  • Crossover with: Zero no Tsukaima
  • Synopsis: A different take on the usual 'replace Saito with X' stories that dominate the ZnT crossover archives. Rather than summon a single familiar, Louise summons the four Averrunci, (starting from Fate to Sextum).

Broken Faith by Kur0kishi

  • Recommended by Lord Gale 119
  • Crossover with Naruto and slight Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
  • Synopsis: "Betrayed by Konoha at the end and sealed into oblivion. Given a second chance at a childhood in a different world can Naruto rebuild his faith in humanity. A somewhat darker Naruto than most i've read on site, not dark emo, just dark."
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