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So many that it needed its own. Negima Second Season changes also apply to the Spring and Summer OVAs.

  • Sayo: White hair to grey (Negima!) and bluish-white (Negima!?) and red eyes to orange (Negima!?)
  • Yuna: Black hair to sandy blonde (Negima!) or brown (Negima!?)
  • Yue: Blue hair to purple (Negima!?) and black eyes to purple (Negima! and Negima!?)
  • Ako: Lavender hair to grey (Negima! and Negima!?)
  • Akira: Black hair to blue (Negima!) or brown (Negima!?)
  • Misa: Purple hair to brown (Introduction OVA)
  • Asuna: One blue and one green eye to blue eyes (Negima!?)
  • Misora: Red or sandy grey to brown (Negima!)
  • Chachamaru: Blue eyes to green (Negima!?)
  • Ku: Green eyes to grey (Negima!)
  • Haruna: Black hair to green (Negima! and Negima!?)
  • Makie: Pinkish orange hair to pink and back (Negima!), then pink hair again and brown eyes to green (Negima!?)
  • Sakurako: Pinkish orange hair to brown (Introduction OVA), red (Negima!), and blonde (Negima!?)
  • Mana: Black hair to blue (Negima!)
  • Chao: Black hair to purple (Negima!) and brown eyes to hazel (Negima!?)
  • Kaede: Sandy brown hair to greenish brown (Negima! and Negima!?)
  • Chizuru: Pinkish orange hair to brown (Negima!) and reddish-brown (Negima!?)
  • Fuka: Pinkish orange hair to pink and back (Negima!) and brown eyes to red (Negima!?)
  • Fumika: Pinkish orange hair to pink and back (Negima!) and brown eyes to teal (Negima!?)
  • Chisame: Pinkish orange hair to green (Negima!) and brown (Negima!?)
    • Chiu: Pinkish orange hair to brown (Negima!) and pink (Negima!?) and reddish-brown eyes to purple (Negima!?)
  • Evangeline: Blue eyes to green (Negima!)
  • Nodoka: Purple hair to blue and blue eyes to red-violet (Negima!?)
  • Natsumi: Red hair and green eyes to brown and (Negima!) or green and brown (Negima!?)
Eyes Manga Negima! Negima!? Ala Alba OAD
Negi Red Brown Red Red
Asuna Green / Blue Green / Blue Blue Teal / Blue
Nodoka Purple Blue Red Blue
Setsuna Brown Brown Red Brown
Konoka Brown Brown Brown Brown
Chisame Red Blue Brown Orange
Makie Red-ish purple Purple Green Pink
Sakurako Purple Red Blue Red
Satomi dark green blue dark green Dark Green
Evangeline Blue Green Blue Sky blue
Misora Brown Gray brown Grayish brown
Yue Purple Purple Purple Purple
Kazumi Purple Red Sky blue Pink
Haruna Brown grayish purple Orange Red
Kaede Blackish Green
Ku Fei Green Gray Green Green
Chachamaru Green Blue Green Green
Anya Red Green Green
Chao Redish Brown off blue Goldish yellow Red Orange
Mana Red ish pink Purple Gold Red
Sayo Redish orange Red Orange Red
Satsuki Red Blue Dark red Brown
Ako Red Dark red Goldish yellow Red
Natsumi Green Gray Olive green Sea Green
Yuna Red Orange Purple Red
Akira Redish Purple Blue Red
Ayaka Green Green Green Sea green
Chizuru brown gray Purple Pinkish orange
Fuka Red Purple Red Pink
Fumika Red Blue Blue Pink
Misa Red Green Red Maroon
Madoka Purple Blue Gray Gray
Kotaro Dark Purple Redish Purple


Hair Manga Negima! Negima!? Ala Alba OAD
Asuna Orange Orange Orange Orange
Nodoka Purple Purple Blue Purple
Setsuna brown dark blue dark blue Black
Konoka brown brown darker brown Dark brown almost black
Chisame Orange Forest green Brown Orange
Makie Pink Pink (1st half), Red (2nd half) Pink Pink
Sakurako Orange red Blonde Orange
Satomi Black blue Black Black
Evangeline blonde Light brown (almost white) Blonde Blonde
Misora Red Brown Sandy brown Grayish brown
Yue Blueish purple (then purple) Blue Purple Purple
Kazumi Dark pink Off pink red Pinkish Red Dark Pink
Haruna Brown Olive Green Faded Green Faded Green
Kaede Green ish brown gray Greenish brown Greenish brown
Ku Fei Blonde sandy blonde Sandy blonde Sandy blonde
Chachamaru light green light green light green light green
Anya Pinkish Red Brown Pinkish Red Pinkish Red
Chao black dark purple dark purple Black
Mana brownish black dark gray blue Black Black
Sayo White with a blue tint Gray Gray White with a blue tint
Satsuki Brown Brown Maroon Brown
Ako lightish blue Gray Gray blue Lightish blue
Natsumi orange Brown Green Pink
Yuna dark brown Light brown Bright brown Dark Brown
Akira brown Blue Brown Dark brown
Ayaka blonde yellowish Blonde Blonde Blonde
Chizuru pinkish red brown Red Pinkish orange
Fuka Pinkish Orange Pink (1st half), Red (2nd half) Pink Faded Pink
Fumika Pinkish Orange Pink (1st half), Red (2nd half) Pink Faded Pink
Misa Pinkish purple Purple Light purple Pinkish Purple
Madoka Dark blue Dark gray Dark purple Dark blue
Kotaro Black ---- ---- Black
Shizuna blonde blue green ---- Blonde

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