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Magick Chicks is a Spin-Off Web Comic of the series Eerie Cuties. The series focuses on three witches known as the Hellrune Coven: Melissa Hellrune, Jacqui Brightmoon, and Cerise Darkshade, who are "volunteered" to transfer to a new high school after the three were caught using (or at least trying to use) a forbidden magic artifact (you can read the story arc from the start here). Once there, they find that 1) Its an all-girls school, 2) while they were queen bees at their old school, this new setting has its own ruling party in the form of the student council who're more then willing to show the three "the ropes," 3) Its lead by a very powerful esper who practically has the whole student body under her thumb, and 4) its a school for monster hunters, and they consider 'witches' to be monsters.

Say the least, trying to regain their popularity is the least of their worries.

It's co-written by both Gisele Legace (who originally did the art) and Dave Zero1, with inks (and other imputs) by Shouri. As of February '12, the full art duties were picked up by Cassandra Wedeking, who had worked on Evil Diva.

Updated Tuesdays and Fridays

Now has a character page.

Magick Chicks provides the following tropes

 Cerise: Mel?! That was mean! Even for you!

Melissa: I'll explain later.

  Giz: Fairly quick. We saw that there was an immediate interest in them when we posted the chapter break image for "See no evil." They hadn't even spoken, and the interest was there.

  • Improbable Weapon User: An Esper and member of the sewing club uses a giant sewing needle as a fencing foil. It matches the giant spool of thread on her back.
  • Incoming Ham: As befitting a being of her stature:

 Hekate: DAUGHTERS! May those that have wronged you beware my wr- Oh... It's you. What is it this time? Your lip gloss the wrong color again?

Melissa: That was an emergency!

  • Incompatible Orientation: Cerise and Callie...not that Callie knows.
    • And Cerise's last two boyfriends turned out to be gay.

 Mel: They made such a cute couple afterward. I guess they bonded over the trauma of dating you.

  • Instant Seduction: This appears to be one of Faith's esper powers to some kind of extent based off how Tiff ended up having to very suddenly snap herself back to reality after Faith began to sweet talk her. She's obviously doing something to affect Tiff's train of thought and this would certainly explain Sandi's behavior.
    • Then again, this is Tiffany we're talking about. She seems to have Les Yay tendencies overall as previous interactions with Layla hint at.
    • But it may be relevant to ask why Tiffany has "Les Yay tendencies". Did she behave the way she did with Layla because Faith has been conditioning her to behave that way when dealing with a powerful, attractive female?
    • Mel seems just as susceptible to it when Faith really concentrates on her; Faith doesn't appear to have much difficulty removing a target's inhibitions to make it fairly easy to do what she wants with them.
    • Layla likens being around Faith to being on a sugar buzz.
  • Jerkass: Mel is still thinking like the Alpha Bitch, despite the new school, although she may grow out of this. Faith seems to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing variant of this, hazing all three girls on their first day for no readily apparent reason and smirking the whole time.
  • Know When to Fold'Em: Faith and Tiffany may be two of the toughest girls at Artemis Academy, but they still know when it's best to haul ass.

 Tiffany: "Ms. President, I vote we run."

Faith: "The motion carries."

 Cerise: You're not still mad about last time are you? It was only a tiny volcano!

  Looks it's up to I, Tiffany Winters, to save the day!

  • Time for Plan B: What Faith resorts to after getting a earful of Jacqui's ditziness.

 Faith: Sandi! We're moving to Plan B!

Sandi: Is-Isn't that dangerous?

Faith: Life is dangerous, Sandi! Embrace Life!

  • Too Dumb to Live: Faith might be The Ace of her school, but deliberately berserking a vampire and then attempting to engage her in hand-to-hand combat is an astonishingly stupid spur-of-the-moment decision from her, and one that would have gotten her killed if Tiffany hadn't intervened to save her and calm Layla down.
  • Transparent Closet: Cerise blurting out something pertaining to lesbianism before thinking is a Running Gag.
  • The Vamp: A pseudo-example seems to be Faith's main ability.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crimes: Based on Tiff's reaction, it appears this is part of the curriculum.
  • Wall of Blather: What Faith gets when she asks Jacqui about Mel's wand, but Jacqui misunderstands(?) the question. Bonus for giving some back history of the three.
  • What Could Have Been: The original concept was that Cerise's hair would shift colors whenever she used magic, but the parent comic (Eerie Cuties) shifting from color to black-&-white left this in history leaving her with (fan-loved) red hair.
  • Worthy Opponent: Faith sees Ash as the only male worth her attention.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Was only Class-C before, but Artemis Academy bumps it to Class-A.


  1. Top row: Ash, The Principal of Charablys High, Dusky. Middle: Cerise, Mel, Jacqui, The Mysterious Masked Acadamy Avenger. Bottom row: Sandi, Faith, Callista
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