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  • Signum's fight against Cypha in chapter six of Force was pretty awesome. Wiping the smirk off her face twice in rapid succession with her speed, slamming her into the ground without her arm, and doing it all with the same reserved grace we've come to expect. If not for the Healing Factor and Divider, Cypha would have lost right there.
  • Nanoha has taken yet another level in badass and firepower as she goes toe to toe with Tohma and actually has the upper hand.
  • Newcomer Isis displaying massive skills with explosives. She also disguised her explosive materials as a sewing kit.
  • Deville's own entry to the fight, where he does a Dynamic Entry on Isis to knock her out in one hit and also nearly manages to get Nanoha In the Back. Without Reacting. If Fate wasn't as fast as she was, things would have turned out differently.
  • Fate in turn swoops in on Ville, who's already a Lightning Bruiser, so fast he thinks she teleported. There is no ceiling on the badassery of these people.
  • Two words: Hayate, HEIMDALL. Too bad it gets interrupted by a Diabolus Ex Machina.** Said Diabolus Ex Machina also count as a crowning moment for the Huckebein leader, Curren. To put things into perspective she manage to reach to TWO moving spaceships, sneaking her way through Hayate's guard to backstab her and then proceeds to curbstomp said guard compossed of Vita and Erio who are already armed with Strike Cannons(weapons designed to fight her kind, an advantage Signum lacked), Curren just destroy the new toys with a simple katana and then disable both warriors by cutting them with paper. No need to use a Healing Factor, no need to exploit a Story-Breaker Power, she just come and kick butt because she's just that good. That screams Badass.
  • Subaru pulls an incredible Big Damn Heroes in chapter, 14 where she appears in the nick of time to save a disarmed Nanoha (Tohma just finished ripping apart her Fortress Mode complete with the Strike Cannon) from a lethal attack from Tohma by catching his Divider with her Sword Breaker, damaging it's blade in the process and taking it apart with her Revolver Knuckle.
    • Fate gets a pretty good BDH herself. The Book of the Silver Cross is about to teleport away, wasting the efforts of the battle, and then....
  • The enterity of the Evil Versus Evil fight in Chapter 19. To be more specific Veyron and Arnage fight against two other EC Drivers to prevent misblaming on the Huckebein family because of their actions. At first seems they're more than a match for the two Huckebeins but soon Arnage reveals her Reacted Divider's 2nd form and Veyron just demonstrates why he deserves his spot among the most feared familly of killers by turn the tables and anhilating his opponent. He may be have the weaker weapons among the Huckebein family but BOY he knows how to use them!. Veyron displayed such badassitude here that it almost matched Curren.
    • What makes Veyron more Badass is the fact that he DOES NOT have a reacted divider and was holding his own against a reacted EC Driver...until he got pissed off and decided to kick the living daylights out of his opponent.
  • I think it is very safe to say that as of Chapter 24, Signum fixed her record by beating the tar out of Cypha for real, and making her flee while missing one limb, making Cypha pay BIG TIME for underestimating the just-recovered Signum.
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