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Basic Trope: An ordinary girl is approached by a Mentor Mascot, and given a Transformation Trinket which transforms her into a pretty-clothed superhero who uses her powers to fight evil.

  • Straight: Junko Watanabe is an Ordinary High School Student, until she is approached by a Cabbitsel (cat/rabbit/weasel hybrid) who gives her a magic ring which she uses to transform into Pretty Ronin Trope-Tan so that she may fight Queen Eviloverlordia and her horde of Monster of the Week minions.
  • Exaggerated:???
  • Justified: Junko is a descendent of the one who originally defeated Eviloverlordia, so naturally only someone of her family line can defeat the Big Bad this time around.
  • Inverted: Dark Magical Girl
  • Subverted: Junko doesn't become a magical girl...
  • Double Subverted: ...Until she becomes the Sixth Ranger of the Five-Man Band, that is.
  • Parodied:???
  • Deconstructed: No matter what she's called, Trope-Tan is little more than a Child Soldier; the battles she fights are extremely dangerous (maybe even traumatising); she can't tell if her mascot mentor is telling the truth; the villains seem more like sympathetic Well Intentioned Extremists than monsters greedy for power; she can't tell if her allies are actually her friends; and she's so cut off from the ordinary world by her constant battles that she's slowly becoming more and more unstable.
  • Reconstructed: Trope-Tan manages to overcome all of the above and triumph regardless.
  • Averted: Junko is just an ordinary Magical Girl whose job is to help the townsfolk with her magic spells, she doesn't use her power to fight.
  • Zig Zagged:???
  • Enforced:???
  • Invoked: Junko spends hours looking for villains to beat them to a pulp with her magical powers even though she's supposed to be just an ordinary Magical Girl.
  • Exploited: The military is interested in recruiting Junko as a magical soldier due to her powers and combat prowess.
  • Defied:???
  • Discussed:???
  • Conversed:???

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