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  • The semi-infamous scene where Subaru wakes Teana up by straddling her and squeezing her breasts. Followed by Teana launching Subaru halfway across the room with a kick.
  • Signum delivering a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! to Teana in the form of a punch that sends her flying back several feet. Signum's response to everyone worrying about Teana being cold-cocked like that:

  Signum: Don't worry, I held back.

  • Vivio's epic faceplant in episode 15, immediately after she was told to be careful when running.
    • Also from Episode 15: Ginga's face after being told she'll be battling Nanoha, Fate, Vita, and Signum. Funnier because it takes a couple of seconds to sink in.
    • From the same episode again, Mariel's delayed reaction to finding out Vivio's relation to Nanoha: "Oh, so it's like she's her chi-WHAAA?"
  • Alto and Lucino Squee over Reinforce Zwei until she introduces themselves and they react in horror as they learn she's not only cute, but also a few ranks above them.
  • Episode 12. The villains escaped, and managed to get their hands on the suitcase, and Vita is not happy with the situation. Just as she's giving her report, however, Teana and Subaru reveal that "[they] sort of did something to the artifact". Cue the villains arriving back at their base, and finding that all they managed to recover was an empty suitcase. The best part? Turns out Subaru and Teana hid the artifact in Caro's Nice Hat.
  • A minor bit from the conclusion of the fight between Fate and Scaglietti ans his Numbers: Fate charges at Scaglietti and whams him with Zanber Form Bardiche's broad side like with a baseball bat, sending him flying into a wall.
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