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In fantasy based fictions, it is a recurring feature that mages would summon a Familiar, usually a demon or an owl. But wait! What if the being they entered a Magically-Binding Contract with is a humanoid or of their same species — especially one that is of the opposite sex and at least one party has romantic interest in the other? Then, this is a Magic Contract Romance. In many cases, the contract between the contractor and his/her contractee would also grant greater spiritual bonds between them, often furthering their relations with one and other--often romantic feelings. In many cases, weaker heroes would also enter into a contract with a stronger being for protection.

A common plot regarding this trope would usually involve the breaking down of the contract--forcing the couple apart-- in order to test the two's strength of their love.

A Sub-Trope of Rescue Romance and Magically-Binding Contract, the contractor and the being they summoned would generally admire the qualities of one and other as they travel through a journey between life and death, gradually till they fall in love. If the contracted being was originally disgusted by the weakness of his/her contractor, then the protagonist would usually gain affection of his/her contractee through bravery, his/her inner kindness or other inner qualities.This trope is common in both anime and manga. When this trope is present, expect a lot of action. Why in the world would one summon a guardian unless in grave danger? Note, if the contractor is as powerful as his/her contractee or increased his power then this trope will usually lead to a Battle Couple situation.

See also, the sister trope: A Magic Contract Comes with a Kiss and Bodyguard Crush.


Anime & Manga

  • Zero no Tsukaima has Saito contracted to Louise as her familiar and they later fall in love with one another.
    • This trope is played even straighter in the novels, where [[spoiler:it's revealed the contract alters Saito's thoughts so he'll stay with Louise through suppressing his feelings about home as well as "conditioning" him into servility causing him to act fearless along with other compulsive behavior even though he's scared out of his wits and/or wouldn't have done them normally. Once the Mind Rape from the contract is undone he gets all the feelings of homesickness back in a large burst. As for the servility part he's trying to cope with that. They're dealing with both of these though Louise is making the first problem worse because she Cannot Spit It Out.
      *** Saito: “Listen you! How long can I keep telling ‘I love you’ to a girl who does not return my feelings?! I should be getting a medal for this!”]]
  • In Mahou Sensei Negima, because mages are generally vulnerable to attacks as they conjure their spells, they form 'Pactios' with a guardian they trust to protect them. The master is called the Magister Magi (Magistra Magi if female) and the servant a Minister Magi (Ministra Magi if female). The easiest way to form a 'Pactio' is through a kiss. It is widely known that usually, the Magister/Magistra Magi usually contracts a Pactio with one of opposite sex and end of marrying each other. Through the manga, this trope is most famously seen between Negi and his students. At present, Negi has formed a pactio with almost half his class!
    • It should be noted that there is a great deal of evidence suggesting that forming a Permanent Pactio requires the Magister to have sex with the Ministra. This could explain the tendency of Magisters to marry their Ministras.
      • Also of note, when Asuna first talks to Negi about forming a permanent pactio, he freaks out.
  • In the world of 'ships, Oh My Goddess' Keiichi/Belldandy is the U.S.S. Constitution... And it all started way back when Keiichi thought his wish from the Goddess Relief Agency was just a hoax.
  • Alice and Oz of Pandora Hearts.
  • Tomoki Sakurai and his Angeloids in Sora no Otoshimono.
  • Minato and his Sekireis in Sekirei.
  • Shirou and Saber from Fate/stay night
  • Sora and her Princesses from Shitsurakuen.
  • Shiki and Len from Tsukihime, though considering she's a Loli who's Really Seven Hundred Years Old and she kinda needs to do the nasty with him to keep herself and him both alive (and form a contract for her to become his familiar while at it), Your Mileage May Vary.
  • The main plot of Kamisama Kiss is Nanami falling in love with her familiar Tomoe, a Little Bit Beastly White-Haired Pretty Boy Kitsune.

Tabletop RPG

Video Games

  • In the Warcraft universe, this is implied to happen with a warlock and his/her succubus. The succubus will often grow attatched to her master, even to the point of being uncontrollably in love with him or her, though the succubus is prone to fits of jealousy.
  • In Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories, Adell and Rozalin end up falling for each other after Adell accidentally summons her while trying to summon her father. Though technically, she WAS the one they attempted to summon, considering the target was the Overlord, which she actually is, even if she can't remember it.


  • Nancy and David from Ow, My Sanity.
  • Also Kit and Nigel from Fey Winds'. He's forced to follow her through orders of his last master because she's the embodiment of an all powerful god-like thing...well, a golem really.. making her his new master...yeah.

Web Original

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