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  • When Nicol Bolas fights Leshrac in Future Sight.

    Let's expand. This is a fight between two of the most evil and ancient entities in the Multiverse. The prototypical Black planeswalker versus the Elder Dragon. Anyone who is touched by Nicol Bolas has their mind destroyed. At this point, Leshrac has obtained the power of Phage, the Untouchable, whose touch reduces mortals and planeswalkers to black goo. Leshrac also has Night's Mask, an artifact that traps the soul of the one who wears it. The two fight as Kaiju near the site of the time rift created by Bolas becoming the most powerful being in existence 25,000 years ago.

    A lot of the fight is Bolas and Leshrac exchanging spells, but then Bolas slips up and Leshrac stabs a hand into Bolas. As Phage's corruption begins to eat away at Bolas, the Elder Dragon planeswalks away, and the Walker of the Night gives chase across the multiverse. Cue one of the most awesome, fanservice-filled chase scenes ever. The two walkers visit the City-Plane of Ravnica, the oceans of Mercadia, The mountains of the Sengir domain, and Leshrac attempts to enter Kamigawa, and is barred entrance by two female guardians.

    The two walkers end up back on Dominaria, with Phage's corruption having consumed most of Bolas's body. As Leshrac closes in for the killing blow, suddenly Nicol Bolas's body seemingly regenerates, he plucks the Mask of Night from Leshrac, and places it on his head, trapping him in it. Bolas explains that he was never actually hit by Leshrac. He twisted himself out of the way at the last second, and cast an illusion that he was being corrupted as he fled from plane to plane. With Leshrac trapped in the mask, Bolas uses the Walker of the Night's spark to mend the rift at Leviathan's Gate, and return to this machinations.
  • The end of the milennia-old original Magic arc, where Gerrard and Urza sacrificing themselves to finally kill Yawgmoth, Considering Urza spent millenia preparing for his world for an invasion only to get seduced by Yawgmoth after coming so close to destroying his world and having it all be for nothing. Then having to fight Gerrard to the death 'several' times to please Yawgmoth before realising he was wrong..
    • For awesome quotes,

  Volrath: I stepped out. I did not step down.

  • Magic: The Gathering tournaments, especially the Pro Tour, are a source of many epic events.
    • Among all the players to have ever played on the Pro Tour, two of them stand head and shoulders above all the rest: Jon Finkel, and Kai Budde.
    • There is a card, called Chaos Orb, where you flip it into the air and it destroys whatever it lands on. According to popular rumor, a player ripped a copy of the card into pieces and spread it around the board during a tournament game, destroying pretty much everything. As a result of this tale, the joke set Unglued featured a card called Chaos Confetti, a version of Chaos Orb where you have to rip it up in order to play it.
      • One version of the legend has the opponent getting a judge to disqualify him for this because his deck is one card short.
    • 2006 Pro Tour-Honolulu. Craig Jones vs. Olivier Ruel, game 5 of a best-of-5 match. Jones has to draw something that deals 3 damage to Ruel while not dealing him any (no Char). He does. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Topped in 2009 at Pro Tour: Kyoto, when Gabriel Nassif calls his shot.
  • Any time that a player pulls off a good combo deck, it can be this. With the Grab For Power pre-con deck, one can pull off the ultimate combo in the deck, deploying the Crown Of Empires, Scepter Of Empires, and Throne Of Empires. Within three turns, it's possible to have fifteen soldiers on the field, throw nine unblockable damage at your opponent, and take an enemy creature generator and the beast that boosted said generated creatures.
  • Just about any victory against Faeries back in Lorwyn/Morningtide mini-block which didn't involve Faeries of its own.
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