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  • In the chapter where Vito is imprisoned, he gets a letter stating that his mom passed away. Right after he gets it, we see two police officers. One is shutting off the lights, but before he turns off the lights around Vito's cell, the other stops him and we hear Vito's Big No. Now how exactly did this police officer know when to stop the other guy to give Vito time to read the letter? It almost looks like he knew what the letter said and wanted Vito to read it.
    • I'm pretty sure prisons read the letters being sent in, so it's not too hard to believe the guard did know what it said.
  • Providing that there aren't any policecars nearby, I can break into vehicles in front of large crowds of people and no one seems to be bothered and I can drive away nice and easy. What gives? You'd think they'd react a bit more than "Oh, some guy's breaking into a car. Oh well."
    • What are they going to do to a man in a business suit carrying 10 different guns? Call the police? Well, if they did you can just imagine the police cars showing up are there because of those people.
  • How can I have more than one car in the garage? I put one car in, then I try to put another in, but it doesn't work. :(
    • Unless you're an idiot trying to park your jalopy in Joe's garage, you should have no problems.
  • Why would Henry, a FBI informant, start his own drug dealing operation behind his boss's back? Fridge Logic kicks in here: he gains nothing from it and instead of keeping in line and focusing on the power players, he merrily pisses the Don off and rolls around with two nobodies.
    • Henry was said to be with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, not the FBI. The two organizations didn't work well together because of Hoover's insistence the Mafia did not exist. As for why, Henry may have been required to initiate the drug deal clandestinely because his superiors want information on the dealers in Empire Bay, and infiltrating Clemente or Falcone's gangs wasn't enough to be allowed access to this information, so Henry decided not to waste more time ingratiating himself to Falcone.
    • He probably wasn't really an informant and that guy is lying?
  • After all of the bad decisions, and crap that Vito went through in the game, due to Joe, why didn't Vito just walk away from Joe, or at the very least, stop listening to him. If it was not for Joe, Vito would have had a better life.
    • You can't really blame Joe for what happened to Vito's life, it's just that crime doesn't pay. Vito has always considered himself a criminal and frequently spouts lines on the page of "I'm not gonna do honest work for shitty pay like my father did". Vito would be a criminal with or without Joe. At least Joe allowed Vito to live the good life for a little bit...
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