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  • Adaptation Displacement: There was a 1950's short, too. It's vaguely remembered, though it was put on the DVD release of the 1998 film.
    • Also, the movie's decision to make Madeline an orphan was made canon in later adaptions, probably confusing children who have actually SEEN her parents alive and well in the Di C cartoon, or read the books.
  • Ear Worm: "I'm Madeline", "A Bad, Bad Hat", "Two Straight Lines", "Something is Not Right", "Have You Seen Our Dog?", and every other song.
    • "Home Is Where The Heart Is".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Cinar came up with the initial ideas for the specials and partnered with Di C to execute it. Then Cinar went their way when the partnership ended while Di C went on to make the the TV series and two specials. Almost two decades later, CINAR became Cookie Jar and subsequently bought Di C, and then merged.
  • Moe Moe
  • Narm: "Lord Cucuface, beware! Genevive, noblest dog in all of France, you shall have your ven-ge-ance!" For the record, that line did not appear in the TV special. The movie did include the second sentence, albeit with a normal pronunciation of "vengeance."
  • No Export for You: The specials. They have never been broadcasted in a few countries worldwide compared with the rest of the series, and even in terms of DVD releases they have only been available as digital downloads on US-only online stores.
  • Tear Jerker: The song, "Where is the Hope that I once Knew?" from Lost in Paris.
    • One of the CINAR songs, "Have you seen our dog?", especially Madeline's solo.
    • Another CINAR-era song, "Home, Home, I Want to Go Home" from Madeline and the Gypsies, especially the soundtrack version on the "Madeline's Favorite Songs" CD.
    • The song "Without You" in Madeline and the Science Project. It's a crime that this song wasn't on the second soundtrack CD!
    • In the episode Madeline and the Dog Show, the song "The Perfect Dog" actually caused the judges to break down and revert their decision to not let Genevieve participate in said show because she was a mutt.
    • The fact that Pepito's voice actor, James Street, died in a crash in 2007.
  • Toy Ship: Madeline and Pepito.
  • The Woobie: All the orphan girls in Lost in Paris. Especially Fifi.
  • WTH? Casting Agency: My Fair Madeline had Whoopi Goldberg (yes, THAT Whoopi Goldberg) as Miss Clavel.
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