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Continued from TV Tropes Made of Win Archive (current page).

User:Grobi: One to User:Blackadder 98 who's responsible for the new "Born Detective"-pic. One of the best Visual Puns I've ever seen!

Zarbi Nerada: One to the troper on the Ear Worm/Film page who said:

    • Kill the earworm/STEP IN TIME/Kill the earworm/STEP IN TIME/Nary a reason/Nary a rhyme/Kill the earworm/STEP IN TIME!

Lex Logic: on the Ice Cream Koan "Don't trouble trouble till trouble troubles you" in Bad Street Brawler: "Seanbaby pointed out that this doesn't jibe with the point of the game, since putting on a yellow diaper and kicking midgets is just blatantly troubling trouble." Didn't even know it was from just 2 days ago before deciding to put it here.

Artistic Platypus: On the page for Tropes Examined by the Mythbusters, it was pointed out that taking candy from a child is harder than the old saying makes it seem. Amake replied with this gem:

    • In my day it used to be "Like stealing candy from a baby". That's actually really easy since babies sleep a lot and don't take any serious precautions to prevent having their candy stolen. Sometimes they don't even notice it's gone. Kids these days just don't have the patience and foresight to plan these things out properly. Walking right up and grabbing the candy in broad daylight, of course you have to expect complications.

User:Owfin: One made of win to whoever wrote this first paragraph on Dissimile:

  • "A Dissimile is like when you eat a banana, but, instead of peeling it you compare it to another thing that is not entirely unlike it. Also, instead of eating it, you deconstruct the comparison. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a banana, either, or any other kind of fruit for that matter. Actually, it is nothing like eating a banana."

User:nuclearneo 577: One made of win to Vorpy for People Sit On Chairs/Troper Tales.

User:Sonic Lover: Someone made that?! I suppose it was only a matter of time after I started People Sit on Chairs/Playing With...

User:Wragnaroq R Maggeddon: A big one to whoever wrote the entry for Gannon Banned on The Adventures of Dr. McNinja's YMMV page.

  • Gannon Banned: Irish names prefixed "Mc" are not uncommon. Sometimes people still decide to laugh at the author for not knowing that names starting "Mc" are Scottish. Nobody knows what happens to these people but we suspect zombie bandito robot pirates are involved. God have mercy on their souls.

User:Old Man Ho Oh: I'm slowly sifting through natter on said page (booo), but props to whoever described on Doctor Whos High Octane Nightmare Fuel page The Sarah Jane Adventures Nightmare Man as a cross between Ledger and Nicholson's Jokers.

User:Camacan: To the troper who added the Gunnerkrigg Court picture to Techno Babble. It's a witty example of the trope. It has a reaction shot in the background and the obliviousness of the babblers carries it nicely. Plus it's presented as straight dialog so the reader is in the babble before they know it.

User:Dryunya: To whoever put the "In a cave, with a box of scraps!" quote on the MacGyvering page. It has finally found the place it belongs. (I know the edit is quite old, but nevertheless.)

@/Vifetoile: To 'User:Hershele Ostropoler, for this explanation in Lilo and Stitch 's history:

  • "A few years shy of being a toddler" is a fetus, vanishingly few of which are wandering Hawai'i unsupervised.

User:Chris X : To whoever puts this in the Mass Effect Fan Fiction Recommendation Page:


 I'm Commander Shepard. And these are my favorite fan fics in the internet


What a perfect way to insert a meme/endorsement.

User:Mr Death: To User:Real Slim Shadowen for this line in the G.I. Joe: Renegades/Characters page, under Snake-Eyes:

User:Real Slim Shadowen: A-thank-yew.

User:Leonardo Fibonacci: To the troper lost to time who added this brilliant parenthetical to You Keep Using That Word.

  • Myself is reflexive - when you're both the subject and the object. "I wet myself", "I touch myself" and "I cut myself" are all OK (grammatically, that is)

User:Qzie: To whoever's been writing the Doctor Who recaps the last couple series. Seriously, they're so much fun and like watching the episode all over again.

User:Bronzethumb: Seconded! They're brilliantly written with excellent use of potholing and just generally fun to read. A great example of why a great fandom makes watching a great show even greater.

User:Valjean: On the Portmanteau Couple Name is this question:

User:alliterator: To whomever put all references to the Silence in spoiler tags on the "Day of the Moon" recap page: thank you. Now, I keep reading what's in those spoiler tags, but forgetting what they say as soon as I stop highlighting.

User:Grimace: I see what you did there. I didn't do it, but I see...something. Huh. What were you talking about again?

User:Jewel Maiden: And that itself deserves a TV Tropes Made of Win Archive. Whatever it was.

User:Altimeter: To whoever added Heavy Lobster to the Kirby page, for inadvertently starting one of the most successful YF threads ever.

User:Old Man Ho Oh again, looking at this little winner on Doctor Who's Headscratchers for series 1-4 about diverging timelines in Doctor Who.

  • Also, if history prior to 1963 had been severely changed, the first Doctor would never have settled on Earth with Susan, changing the entire cause of his life, which in turn throws the entire history of the universe into turmoil. The 21st century could easily have ended up with Sutekh and the Fendahl fighting over a Silurian dominated earth, where the dinosaurs never went extinct.

User:Old Man Ho Oh: Yes, User:Freezair For A Limited Time already posted this in the Late 2008 section, but that was only part of the fun in the Crack Is Cheaper troper tale.

  • LEGO. Crack is not only cheaper, but way less time-consuming, and doesn't take up nearly as much space in your closet. Also, standing on pieces of crack does not hurt your feet half as much.

User:Camacan: To whoever contributed the prancing martial artist picture to Martial Arts Do Not Work That Way. It's hilarious, captures the very essence of impractical absurdity in elaborate fictional marital arts, but isn't mean-spirited or heavy-handed. Well done.

User:thatother 1 dude: I searched that page and have no idea what you're referring to.

User:geoduck: I assume it's referring to the picture at the top of the page.

User:Camacan: Correct! Added note.

User:sgrunt: User:Fuschlatz O Reilly gets one for de-ptitling my user page and using the new system to maintain the lowercase s.

User:Earnest: A well deserved MOW to User:zerky, for properly tagging a whole mess of works with "Literature/" and "Webcomics/".

User:Haven: Meant to come in here to give it to her myself. On top of just seconding this, though, I would like to give her a separate but related MOW for dusting herself off and continuing even after she was temporarily banned due to a misunderstanding in the midst of this project. I think most people, even if they had the energy to devote to this, would have stopped, out of the sudden loss of momentum if nothing else.

User:Knight Owl: one to M4dh4tter for his brilliant theory of Grit and Trak from Advance Wars being the same person. it can be found in its WMG page, near the top.

Anonymous Mc Cartney Fan: I am impressed. Guesses don't get much wilder than that.

User:Torquey: One to User:P 3 wange for his explanation of Cartoon Network's decline on its WMG page.

User:Sonic Lover: It's that big long one at the end, right? The one about Cartoon Network being a Parallel Dimension, capitalized exactly like that?

User:Torquey: Yep.

alliterator: One to whoever added this stinger to the Source Code page:


 return( 0 );


User:Citizen: That was me. The Source Code is in C. I can tell from the memory leaks and from having seen a few codes in my day.

L: I'm kind of surprised that Googling "and from having seen a few" returns so many results.

User:Sonic Lover: Why'd you Google that in the first place?

User:bluepenguin: L, that's because "I can tell from the X and from having seen a few Y in my day" is a meme.

User:Noir Grimoir: To whoever added this line under Ladd Russo's entry in the Characters section of Baccano

I totally Loled.

User:Madrugada: I'd like to give a big made of win to User:St Fan for his ongoing effort to change display titles that include particles like "of" "the" and "and" to show appropriate capitalization. It's the kind of small but time-consuming thing that made the whole wiki look better.

User:Zuul MF: Found this on If You're So Evil Eat This Kitten: "TV Tropes must be one of the few places you can type "kitten" in the search engine and wind up reading about the mafia."

User:High Octane Awesome: The Antiquated Linguistics page. The whole thing. Incredibly, there's not a single deviation from the Running Gag on the entire page.

User:Dragon Quest Z: Not sure if this has been brought up before, but whoever put up the picture for Image Links Wiki.

User:Sonic Lover: That's an Xkcd comic, reproduced verbatim.

User:thatother 1 dude: I'm fairly certain the TV Tropes Made of Win Archive was for use of the image, not creating the image.

User:Citizen: Oh, that was me. I also stuck it on my troper page.

User:Vifetoile: This line in Expectation Lowerer (which may Need More Love, btw) has me cracking up:

  • St Thomas Aquinas believed that the righteous in Heaven will be able to observe the torments of the wicked in Hell; the better to enjoy their blessedness. This is probably the harshest demonstration of the second kind of Expectation Lowerer, with gloating and schadenfreude on a celestial level.

Not only does it neatly sum up a pretty warped idea of divine happiness, but the pothole just makes it.

User:Phoenix Fire: One to some troper lost in the mists of time for this example on the Nightmare Retardant page:


 The miniseries of Stephen King's The Langoliers was getting narmy enough before the flying Pac-Man hairballs attacked in a wave of Special Effects Failure so bad it destroyed reality in its wake.


That is the absolute most perfect description of that scene I can possibly imagine. XD

User:Valjean: A scene in The Langoliers was so bad it caused the Crisis on Infinite Earths??? Good heavens!!!

User:Grev: Thing is, that was an entirely literal description of the scene at hand.

User:Bronzethumb: To whoever wrote the caption for the pic on the Oregon Trail page.

User:Spiri Tsunami: To thesunisup for this insight into The Bible (on Blue and Orange Morality):

  • Then again, the whole story of Lot is basically an extended Your Mom joke leveled at the Moabites and Ammonites, rivals of the Israelites, so the Moral Dissonance could be intentional.

Curtmack: Too old to accurately source (although Killomatic added the last bit), but this entry on Lyrical Nanoha is brilliant:

nrjxll: Not sure who did it, but one goes to whoever put this line in the description of Sean Connery Is About to Shoot You:


"This trope is often used in movies themselves as well, although the MPAA prohibits its usage in green-band (all ages) trailers, as children are vulnerable to fictional bullets."


So be careful when watching those trailers, kids!

One to {{Lordnecronus Lordnecronus}} for Sunn O)))'s laconic page. So true.

User:Sonic Lover: One for the now-lost-to-the-ages editor(s) responsible for this exchange on Uranus Is Showing (open the "Other" folder):

User:Valjean: Whoever wrote this on the Rogues Gallery page:

  • The Fantastic Four have a rather wide ranging gallery, from Galactus to Doctor Doom to The Red Ghost and his Super Apes. It says something, however, that their "Oh, right, it's Tuesday again. And right in the middle of Andy Griffith." foes are most of the universe's "Anyone know a really, really interventionist deity?" foes. (Obviously, this does not apply to the Super Apes.)

User:Gumbal 1: Whoever wrote the image caption for Dwarf Fortress wins the internet:


 You want a dwarf? There's your goddamn dwarf. You want some better graphics? Screw you. Dwarves can do lots of stuff. Like digging. Can you dig? Hell no. Play Dwarf Fortress.


User:thatother 1 dude: I believe that was nominated quite a while ago.

User:Redhead: And it's from a 4chan image that's been floating around online.

User:Phoenix Fire: One to the people responsible for the voicemail discussion on the Marble Hornets It Just Bugs Me page.

User:T-Jack: Seconded, especially the "right outside Jay's apartment window" bit.

User:Daisuke: At whoever posted the lying to their kids involving elephant cocoons on the Just bugs me Santa page. In addition to the praising of the contribution.

User:Spiri Tsunami: Yes, the format is unfortunately a bit Troper Tales-ish, but there's no way to fit this in otherwise because it's not that kind of trope. Sadly, I don't know who this was because most of the history was consumed by the repeated vandalisms.

  • I once failed an English test for basing the entirety on the note written by Mark Twain for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.


attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted;

persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished;

persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.

By Order Of The Author,

Per G.G., Chief of Ordnance.


Page is The Walrus Was Paul. While we're at it, a second TV Tropes Made of Win Archive to be split between Luc, Ronnie Beta, Dinsdale, Mouser, and Starship Troper for restoring the page in the wake of the vandalism. Starship actually did it twice, so he deserves a larger share of the MOW.

User:Zarbi Nerada: One to Barraki for the image caption for The Monolith.

User:T Beholder: One to dant328 for a good question here:

    • It could be argued that Harry didn't break the Accords. Harry is a wizard of the White Council, and he took offensive action towards a Warden of the White Council. Is it really a violation if a singular political entity hits itself with a chair?

User:sgrunt: One to whoever came up with these Incredibly Lame Pot Holes on Bland-Name Product:

User:Torquey: One MoW for whoever started the Hello Megan page. Now I will always associate Young Justice with a high school sitcom. And it will be awesome.

User:Hourai Rabbit: One for the following from the Starcraft Just Bugs Me page:

  • Simply put, the Zerg are still always going to be the chaotic alien swarm race, and killing the Overmind still NEEDED to happen (it was still brainwashed by the Fallen One and wanted to die). It's just now we've learned the Zerg were altered from their original, peaceful, Xel'Naga origins. I don't think we need to worry about Hydralisks with monocles ordering from Khorhal Cafe just yet. Remember, the Hybrids can control Zerg as cannon fodder. Heart of the Swarm will likely include Kerrigan subverting PART of the swarm to counter the Fallen One.

Because of you I am now incapable of forgetting the image of Hydralisks with monocles. You joke about it now but now that the Worgen are what they are, all bets are off.

User:Bronzethumb: To whoever added the Robin Hood entry under Only the Leads Get a Happy Ending. So, so true.

User:Thnikkafan: To the first line on the Brick page:


 Take film noir, a generous dose of high school intrigue, a dash of David Lynch, and toss them all into a blender. What you get is probably going to be Brick, that or charges for the murder of David Lynch.


User:shiro_okami: One to this exchange on the Neglectful Precursors page:

  • Your Honour, The Elder Gods would like to plead guilty, except that they have no concept of guilt. ...also, they want permission to use the buffet, that being what they prefer to call the jury.
    • A plea of no contest is entered. Permission to eat the jury is deniAAAAAAARrrrrggghhhh....

User:Phoenix Fire: Very belated, but one to whoever put this under "Nothing Is Scarier" on the Marble Hornets trope list:


 He doesn't do anything! He just stands there! Menacingly!


bluepenguin: Maybe this is just my weird sense of humor, but whoever wrote this bit on I Am Not Leonard Nimoy had me trying very hard not to giggle while at work:

  • Like Tom Cruise, [Julia Roberts] seems to have crossed some event horizon into whatever is beyond acting. She is the entity called Julia Roberts. Sometimes this entity makes a film. The advertising posters will declare Julia Roberts to be in a film. The public will base their decision on whether or not to see this film solely on this fact... eerie.

User:Money Man: One for the troper "So It Begins" for the caption for the Eldritch Abomination image.

User:Phoenix Fire: Seconded. Brevity Is Wit at its finest.

User:thatother 1 dude: From the Final Fantasy Tactics a 2 character page section for Illua:

  • Wrong Genre Savvy: She has a Grimoire and thinks she's the hero of the story. And calls Clan Gully the chorus, except one usually doesn't try to kill the chorus even in Greek Tragedy....

User:Kalle: I just finished marathoning this, so, um. Whoever did The Stinger for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica WMG page? I don't know whether to love or hate you right now. D:

User:Madrugada: I'd like to award one to User:Catalogue for spotting the need for a page explaining why potholing to a irrelevant or only tangentially-related trope is generally a bad idea, and opening up a discussion that led to the page on Sinkholes.

User:Zadia: A Made of Win to everyone who not only created a well-written, informative page on Australian Politics, they made it an entertaining read. Congratulations, you actually managed to make politics interesting.

User:Death To Squishies: If Troper Tales are subject to being awarded MoWs, then allow me to nominate User:Poptart Tan for this little anecdote from Cut His Heart Out With a Spoon, which made me smile for a straight 20 minutes:

  • This Troper tried to invoke this on her dad when they were messing around, but it came out wrong. (She said "you'll have to breathe through your lungs." She meant that they'd be in front of his face.) He replied, "And when I'm done with you, you'll be walking on TWO LEGS!"

User:Doug S Machina: Whoever organised all the funny moments from The Simpsons into folders for the proper seasons deserves a few MOWs.

User:Redhead: One for whoever did the radio transcripts for our The Conduit page.

User:Zadia: One bright, sparkly Made of Win to whoever put the picture and caption on Coitus Interruptus. That was hilarious.

User:nrjxll: Probably been up here before, but the entire page for Triang Relations is hilarious.

User:Medinoc: The caption on Just a Face And A Caption.

User:thatother 1 dude: The opening paragraph of the Patlabor page.

User:Sgt Frog 1: CHUNG-CHUNG

User:moviepyr 0: This exchange on Sweet Dreams Fuel:

FLCL. It's like Mind Rape, but in the opposite direction—your brain is just as broken, and you're just as confused, but you feel good. Not really sure why, though. Would that make it Consensual Mind Screw? I'd say more like Mind-Lovemaking. Yup, with some Mind-Bondage and Mind-Tickling.

User:thatother 1 dude: Funny, in most context "Mind-Bondage" would sound less sexual.

User:Cranica: One for whoever potholed the image caption for The Other Wiki's page to That's No Moon.

D Roy: A minor one, but the caption in Bloodstained-Glass Windows made me lol. Yeah, so do I.

Spiri Tsunami: Unfortunately, the recent breakup into multiple pages makes it tough to find who added it, but whoever put "Surrealists like CHEESE!" on Tropers Do It Without Notability deserves one.

Blatch: One for Sango Of The Dead, for adding the current page image to Complete Monster, under Web Original.


Fallen Legend Kudos for Madrugada. By a mile my favorite moderator. She helped and actually read my non trope contributions ([[["Analysis]]/Escapism|Analysis"] and So You Want To/Be Original. she is very nice helpful and patient. Definitively a great troper. And to Jate 88 for his invaluable help on my YKTTW, he rocks! And Sithking Zero For his awesome help on my future trope 'useless boyfriend'. You Guys rock!

User:Madrugada Aw, shucks. *digs in the dirt with her toe* You're very welcome.

User:Sgt Frog 1: The troper or tropette who added the page image for Flanderization. It isn't particularly funny or clever, but it simply and clearly explains the trope with just four pictures.

Shadowrose 8907 Whoever added A Date with Rosie Palms/Playing With to the wiki.

User:Sgt Frog 1: I remember when that page was an actual Playing With page, inverting, subverting, defying, parodying, et al. all the ways you could have A Date with Rosie Palms.

User:thatother 1 dude: That's kind of redundant.

User:Mr Death: I made the original original page, where it just redirected to A Date with Rosie Palms. I thought that subtler joke was better, but eh.

((Mi Va Th)) From Destination Defenestration:

  • Mass Effect 2 invokes this trope, while also proving that QT Es can be fun.

 Eclipse Trooper: I've got nothing more to say to you. If you-

  • TROPE'D*

Shepard: How 'bout "goodbye."


The sound effect is what does it for me!

User:Schrau: That one was me. Thanks!

Moogi From I Take Offense to That Last One: 'The way I see it, a person should be able to do whatever they feel comfortable with in the privacy of their own sex dungeon without being labeled a Nazi.' Out of context, that's hysterical!

User:Sonic Lover: Is there any context in which that sentence wouldn't be hysterical?

If Adolf Hitler said it

User:Deuxhero One to UT for this line in Two of Your Earth Minutes It's more likely to be 3/6 times less, but still funny.

    • Would an Earth pound be three times as valuable on Mars, and six times as valuable on the moon?

User:thatother 1 dude: From Puff of Logic:

  • Old joke:

 Two men are standing on a skyscraper. Suddenly, the first one jumps down. The other one expects him to die horribly, but to his surprise, the first guy just bounces off the pavement, bounces a few more times, until he comes to rest. The second guy inquires how this is possible. The first guy explains: "It's all in your mind. You just have to think you're a rubber ball, and you will bounce just like a ball."

"And everyone can do that?"

"Yes, everyone, it's the easiest thing. Try it."

The second man is curious and really makes the jump. All the time while he's falling, he thinks "I'm a rubber ball, I'm a rubber ball".

Then, shortly before hitting the pavement: "But if I was a tomato?"


    • Inversion Punchline: "You're such an asshole, Superman."
    • User:Frank 75: The joke (not the inverted punchline) is by me, thx.

Nuclearneo 577 One made of win to Grobi for making Laconic.

User:Vuther A: Thank you, enero25, for the bottom paragraph of the explanation of the Hello, Sailor! trope's page. "Note that the British Navy abolished the practice of flogging in 1948, and that rum rations were discontinued in 1970. The modern navy runs on sodomy, and sodomy alone."

User:ROBRAM 89: I'm betting there's a source for that one, but seconded. Absolutely hilarious.

User:thatother 1 dude: The source appears to be from another TV Tropes page, namely a sidecomment made on Beam Me Up, Scotty about a quote misattributed to Winston Churchill.

User:Enero 25: That's correct-I thought it made of win enough to be used twice, so credit to whoever found the quote and put it up on Beam Me Up, Scotty.

Grand Duke Nukem: Luc gets a MOW for his alternate caption for the picture in Values Dissonance.

User:sgrunt: User:Eternal September rocks for putting together the current page image for Sensei-chan et al.

User:Vuther A: I would like to declare a Truth in Television example under Screw the Rules, I'm Beautiful about Phryne from ancient Athens to be this. A bit Nattery, but it really went somewhere funny.

  • In ancient Athens, a beautiful courtesan named Phryne was put on trial for a capital crime. Her defense consisted of stripping in court and asking the (all-male) jury if they were preferred to destroy this. She was acquitted.

Crowley: Possibly old, but still should be mentioned: To whoever added the picture for "Previously On...". Even knowing the context doesn't make it less funny.

User:Dark Sasami: It can't be that old; it only aired a few months ago. And I have to second this, if only because I had given up in despair wondering how I could convince TV Tropes that a "Previously On..." card was a CMOA.

User:sgrunt: User:Psycho PJ gets one for the pic on Perverse Asexual Cuddlelust.

Roxor: One to Blue Chameleon for the potholes in the quote from The God Delusion on the Richard Dawkins page.

Sen: One to Slvstr Chung for the Write a Love Story page.

User:Vifetoile: Seconded. That page is excellent.

    • Slvstr Chung: ...Wow, anybody read that page? I just kind of did it for my own edification... But thanks, heehee!

Schizo Technician: One to triscion for this bit in What Do You Mean It's for Kids? regarding Neon Genesis Evangelion


 ** It may have been intened to be a kids program, at least the initial idea. The creator, however, suffered from depression problems, and he had something of a meltdown midway through the series. While the show had been dark before, there had at least been lighthearted moments, and characters seemed to be developing in a positive route; Things started to go downhill after that point, (much like a rolling stone hurling off a cliff into a pit of acid, lava, piranhas, and toenail clippings.)


User:Sonic Lover: How exactly would piranhas survive in a mixture of acid and lava?

User:Schizo Technician: By taking things one day at a time, same as the rest of us.

I Love Dogs: Whoever made the caption for Bolt of Divine Retribution.

  • D Roy: GOD! way seconded!

User:Thnikkafan: The picture and caption on My Greatest Failure.

User:thatother 1 dude: Nominated nearly a year ago.

User:Dragon Quest Z: I confess I just cropped the picture from a demotivator, and used the caption. So whoever wrote that outside this site deserves the credit.

User:D Roy: I would like give two nominations

User:Medinoc: One to whoever choose the picture for Adaptive Ability.

User:ROBRAM 89: Seconded and asking for source, because I've wanted that shirt forever.

User:Paul A: It's a cute picture, but it doesn't have anything to do with what the trope is actually about.

User:Spiri Tsunami: To User:Dave The Analyzer and User:attackofthepeanuts for their awesome image captions on the Godzilla character sheet.

User:Jack 5: Seconded. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! Especially the captions for Manda and Mechani-Kong!

User:Micah: To User:Maureen Mac Donald, for the awesomely out-of-context image on Fandom Rivalry.

User:Nightsky: Seconded. +1 Internet.

User:Vifetoile: I have never actually read If on a winter's night a traveler, but the page is so interesting I really want to read the book now! Congratulations to the people involved - of whom I can tell Micah and Foamer are responsible.

User:Micah: Thanks. I didn't do a whole lot to the page, but I love the book; I hope you enjoy it!

User:alliterator: I created the page and wrote most of the intro, so I will gladly accept some of the Win. Mmm. Win.

User:Grimace: The troper is sadly lost to the mists of time, but whoever is responsible for this entry in I Will Punish Your Friend for Your Failure.

  • The yes-it-exists-and-the-world-is-more-awesome-for-it Metal Wolf Chaos people Richard find to be Metal Wolf sympathizers are killed along with their family members within four separations, their old classmates AND their friends and coworkers. Kevin Bacon is understandably concerned.

User:Sonic Lover: It took me a few moments to figure out how that one was humorous. Joke spoiler pothole.

User:Schrau: I was the reprobate responsible for adding the Kevin Bacon comment to the original line some time last year, unfortunately I'm fairly certain the 6DoKB didn't exist at the time, else I would've potholed it in... Actually, scratch that. It's much more subtle for it.

Anonymous User: Whoever all is behind The Ugly Barnacle.

User:Mr Death: One to User:Brit Bllt for folderizing and especially naming the folders in the Just Bugs Me/Final Fantasy VII page. My favorite being, "Man, Cloud's missed work all year! Hope he feels better soon!"

User:Sonic Lover: I see your "Man, Cloud's missed work all year..." and raise you "Take my town, please!" and "Can't buy me FF7". Why can't more pages be so whimsically foldered?

User:Sgt Frog 1: I agree. While pages like Blatant Lies and Gratuitous Japanese have different, funny folder names, more pages should. Although, like everything, we shouldn't overdo it, like Freudian Slippery Slope. The beginning paragraph is barely readable due to the writer shoehorning every sexual, lewd, and raunchy term he or she could probably think of.

User:Dragon Quest Z: Whoever made the picture on Capcom vs. Whatever. The "New Age Of Breakfast" subtitle is what makes it comedy gold.

User:Spell Blade: Wow. Seconded.

User:Sonic Lover: That game would actually almost be entertaining. Who wouldn't want to see an epic battle between Mega Man and Tony the Tiger?

User:Triple Elation: Nthed. Just wow.

User:I Love Dogs: Whoever made the caption for Genius Bruiser.

User:Dante 668: Seconded. A lot.

User:Dales Kaine: The new picture for Berserk Button really is appropriate, in addition to being hilarious.

User:Black Wolfe: Lost to the ages, but whoever added the page image for The Drunken Sailor startled a genuine belly laugh out of me.

User:Madrugada: Oh, so very seconded!

User:Phoenix Fire: Thirded. That's hilarious.

User:Sgt Frog 1: To be honest, I was not expecting that. It's quite a hilarious Visual Pun though.

User:Dales Kaine: Fifthed.

User:Pykrete: Oh, wow. Awesome.

User:Zadia: Oh, I love it so.

User:Maverick 8187 What are we on, eight now, right? Even got my roommate with this one.

User:Pykrete: One for whoever provided the image and caption for Blood Bath.

User:Malkyrian: A TV Tropes Made of Win Archive to User:Monkey Physics for the So Cool Its Awesome entry on Most Triumphant Example. That was just a joy to read.

User:Fyrewyre: One to User:keybounce for this note on the page for The Daily Show:

Note that on Jan 5th, 2011, it was confirmed that there are no reliable sources willing to confirm his identify as Batman.

Old Man Ho Oh: Props to Mr Death for putting "No." as an edit reason for ~Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?~ for a good case of unintentional humour.

User:Mr Death: Heh, I'll take it.

Nuclearneo 577: One to Fast Eddie for deleting the Temp Archive, which stored the examples from I Am Not Making This Up. Because it was one of the most painfully unfunny things I have ever seen.

Spiri Tsunami: Same here. I understand the original need to retire the I Am Not Making This Up page, because it really was getting overused (which was unfortunate, because there are a few occasions--mostly involving Real Life examples that sound too ludicrous to be anything but fiction--where it really, really is necessary), but it was a fun page.

Kaika 87: One for Prime 32 for the updated picture for Dangerously Genre Savvy. The new one works better than the old one and, more importantly, is funnier.

User:thatother 1 dude: No one actually agreed to the picture on Image Pickin' did they? And really, what's so "win" about just taking an image from a fairly popular webcomic?

Arutema: Erm, the fact that it perfectly demonstrates the concept.

Reiko Kazama: One to whoever finally did this. And this was some time after I agreed with whoever said it should have its own Funny page.

Elevator Child: Whoever added the note on the House of Leaves WMG page about how Navidson documenting the house caused it to disappear. You saved the slightly disappointing Power of Love ending for me, added a healthy dose of Mind Screw, and it has a good probability of being canon. I think I love your brain.

User:Deuxhero: To the troper that indexed the Russian Roulette page under the useful notes page for Russia.

Continued in Made of Win Archive Late 2010.

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