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Continued from Made of Win Archive: Late 2008.

Meta 4: I'd like to nominate Unknown Troper for the line in Our Dwarves Are All the Same: "with names like Dwarfaxe Dwarfbeard and Grimli Stonesack..."

Thank you. I just noticed someone had changed it to something not intrinsically funny, so I put it back to the original line. -- Dangermike

Cassius 335: "Two penguins walk into a bar, which is odd, because you'd think the second one would have seen it." from Title Bin A To D.

Looney Toons: Thank you!

Specialist 290: L gets one for:

  • Putting "Overused Running Gag" TV Tropes examples that are actually just anonymous complaints about things that aren't even "gags" at all Whoops, nevermind...

On Overused Running Gag.

Grimace: Seconded! Actually, a lot of those entries on Overused Running Gag were made of a little bit of win for me anyway. Especially the Lampshade Hanging on a troper being surprised, shocked, ASTONISHED! at everything. That's become particularly annoying, so the reference made me laugh.

Kuciwalker: Whoever launched Chekov's Gun. Thank you for making my evening.

  • LO Rd: Took me a while to understand what was going on, but holy shit.

Bron Raven: Whoever wrote the Discontinuity entry saying there was never any Discontinuity. Best. Logic. Bomb. Ever.

fleb: Seconded; thatother1dude wins. That entry almost makes me regret avoiding that section of the website like the plague all this time.

Cassius 335: Second-best. The best one is on the Serious Business page (or was, if Fast Eddie's zapped it again).

Charred Knight: I am making a YKTTW about fixing discontinuity, and I would love for your guys opinion.

Guy Smiley: The writers of the exchange in Fan Fic Chopsuey about the death and resurrection of Bowser.

Janitor: Amazing. A Mo W for Natter.

Guy Smiley: Amusing natter.

Janitor: I slogged through all the natter in the Fan Fic Chopsuey examples and didn't see anything about anyone named Bowser.

Shale: He's also known as King Koopa.

Duckluck: The natter in that example hurts. I vote for an emergency amputation.

Falcon Pain: My life is complete. Something I wrote on this site (more than two months ago) finally gets directly nominated for TV Tropes Made of Win Archive and the immediate response is that it must be deleted posthaste.

I give up.

fleb: I think the TV Tropes (Wiki) consciousness has decided on its official The Chew Toy.

Citizen: It is far from the first time a TV Tropes Made of Win Archive has served to call attention to something to be corrected.

Tanto: Oh, it's natter, no doubt; but it doesn't make my brain hurt like most other natter. It is really really funny and needs to be preserved, if not in the entry then somewhere.

Rogue 7: Fleb cut a lot of the natter, so I just stuck it on the discussion page. He kept Falcon Pain's entry, though.

Patsy: Long-overdue TV Tropes Made of Win Archive for Eponymous Kid for this sentence in Arrogant Kung Fu Guy: "his only joy comes from putting "foolish fools" in their place." I lol'd.

Eponymous Kid: I have to admit, that's one of the last things I expected anyone to declare TV Tropes Made of Win Archive.. but I really appreciate it, really.

Large Blunt Object: ...Was that sarcasm, or did you just forget that you asked for it?

Eponymous Kid: I was surprised that anyone thought that was good or entertaining to begin with. I'm not being sarcastic.

In any case, it probably doesn't count anymore, but whatever.

Meocross: Lol that was indeed funny

Pisthetairos: Whoever put that picture of the Taminator in The Sarah Connor Chronicles with the caption "Holy crap, she's naked."... Rule36, indeed...

alliterator: Whoa, I finally get a TV Tropes Made of Win Archive and I don't notice until now? Awesomeness.

Specialist 290: Gracie Lizzie for the "Yoko Oh No" YKTTW title and proposal.

omgdragonfly: The line on Sigmund Freud's profile in the pantheon:

 Is also the #1 shipper of You/Your Mother.

Makes me laugh every time. Props to whoever wrote that.

Sparkysharps: That'd be me. Now, if you would excuse me, I have to go feel special.

Charred Knight: Ununnilium, for being the first one to start deleting the Overused Running Gag here at TV tropes, like declaring Discontinuity outside Disconinuity, and being shocked about crap.

Duckluck Hey, no fair, I've been complaining about those things for months! Seriously though, props to Un and everyone else working to stem the tide.

Specialist 290: Personally, I think that list is starting to get into Overused Running Gag territory itself...

Ununnilium: Oh, wow, thanks. ^-^

Kriegsmesser: Another TV Tropes Made of Win Archive to Janitor for being the first to catch my little slip-in on the main page.

Cassius 335: If we actually had a Made Of Fail page, you'd get a Fail point for trying that (and another for calling it a "slip-in"). It's the Home Page, for crying out loud; let it have it's dignity.

Andrusi: Yeah, I'm gonna have to vote no on your "slip-in" as well. I award you a negative Made Of Win. I don't think we can actually do that, mind you, but still.

Rogue 7: Charming. Absolutely charming.

Large Blunt Object: Yeah, that was... pretty pathetic.

Kriegsmesser: In hindsight, that was pretty darn immature. Sorry about that. *docks himself his MOW*

Kriegsmesser: The entirety of the I Read That As page. I was laughing myself to tears.

CAD: Wow! I finally get a nomination, even if only technically (for starting the page). Thanks! :)

Ununnilium: Ayala Of Borg, for this comment on Justifying Edit Discussion: "Surely a Justifying Edit would be one in which additional spaces are placed between words in order to have both margins match up?"

Tanto: The new Inbound Links format is beautiful. Bravo.

Silent Hunter: Concur.

Shale: A belated TV Tropes Made of Win Archive to Game Guru GG for this line in Sonic the Hedgehog:

 Hey, no joke. Would you want to face a guy named Kneecaps the Echidna?

Silent Hunter: David Gerard, for this in Hollywood Homely:

 Making a nonsense of The Truth About Cats And Dogs, which is The yrano with Garofalo as the fat homely girl that skinny model girl Uma Thurman pretends to be - except that Garofalo is actually cute and Thurman looks grey-skinned, anorexic and dead.

Haven: Nerdanel, for finally blueshifting Adventurers! :)

Midonin: The entirety of the "How to Make a Poster!" segment in Film Posters is excellent. The best line overall, though, was

 The exception being Parody movies that can either have all the characters, including Special Guest Star Pamela Anderson side-by-side while something falls on them, or have the characters sitting in the theater, including Special Guest Star Pamela Anderson.

Kudos, kudos.

Pisthetairos: That particular commentary was actually by me, but I'd also like to nominate all others who contributed to this very necessary page.

Specialist 290: Whoever put this under the Persona 3 example on But Thou Must!:

  • Really, the whole game is one big But Thou Must, thanks to the contract the game makes you sign at the beginning. "I chooseth this fate of mine own free will" my foot.

Because it's true :D

Egak: Whoever is responsible for "Death Note. Just... as planned Death Note." in Thirty Xanatos Pileup.

That Other 1 Dude: That was me. Thank you. It was written in X. Just... X format and it just came to me.

Sikon: Redhead 64 for adding "naked women COMPLETELY naked women" to Two Gamers on a Couch.

Large Blunt Object: Whoever added this line to Not So Harmless, for the potholes:

Bob: It's not in the page history so I don't know who did it, but I made the exclamation points potholes just now.

whitetigah: Large Blunt Object, for the title of Space Does Not Work That Way. I laughed for five minutes.

Large Blunt Object: Thanks! It felt good when I was writing it.

Jhiday : Whoever came up with the title of This Is a Drill.

Kriegsmesser: *does a bit of looking in the discussion* Black Dragon thought of it.

Da Nuke: Whoever said The Legend of Rah and the Muggles has Plot Holes the size of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has won my eternal respect. ^^

Darktalon: Thank you good sir. I wrote the Death Star in my first draft of that entry, then remembered TTGL.

Duckluck: I'd like to congratulate Lord Seth for killing on all the This Troper crap in Real Life.

Adam 850: Hear, hear. I say clean up all of the Real Life-This Troper examples.

Eponymous Kid: Okay, everyone who ever had anything to do with Trope Name (particularly the idea that Trope Entry Template is a cinflicting trope. Ka-kow!).

Duckluck: Ditto, that page is genius.

Guy Smiley: Duckluck for Shameless Self Promoter. How did we not have this?

Duckluck: Because it got killed by the Great Crash? Ununnilium (I think) nominated me almost as soon as I put the page up.

Outsyder 0486: Actually, I nominated you. And I second Guy Smiley's nomination.

Jazu: For whoever came up with the pizza analogy for Liquid Assets.

  • arromdee: That was me, it was in the original version.

KJ Mackley: Big thanks to Fawriel for Graham Chapman's funeral youtube link on Gallows Humor. It encompasses the trope well.

Fawriel: You're welcome. ^^

Kriegsmesser: Another MOW goes to whoever subtly changed The Zeroth Law of Trope Examples.

Kriegsmesser: A Made of Win to Night Stalker for the following exchange in Irrelevant Importance (paraphrased).

  • Then again, what's James Bond without his woman?
    • He's James Bond looking for his next woman.

ilikejawbreaker: Who ever put, on the Shirtless Scene page, the following: "Ned Flanders. Groundskeeper Willie. But mercifully, never at the same time." made me giggle. I'm not sure why. I guess the sheer dread and fear with which the editor seemed to regard the hypothetical instance involving the pair being shirtless together.

Servbot: Andrusi, for this entry in Better Than It Sounds:

  • The Internet: People all around the world are brought together by the things they love best, which appear to be pornography, repetition of various phrases, and arguing.

Andrusi: Whee! Thank you!

Large Blunt Object: Whoever put "Tu-16 Attack" under "Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom" in Title Bin A To D, I love you with all my heart.

Silent Hunter: That would be me. We should have had that meme earlier! Thank you.

Large Blunt Object: I had a suspicion it was you, because of all your work on Mnogo Nukes, but wasn't certain. Also... that's number eleven now? Dear holy Emperor. Still, you definitely deserve it.

Sikon: Looney Toons for this item in Looney Toons Big List of Booboos and Blunders:

  • From a Sailor Moon fic: "Burning Mandella". Rei does not ignite the former president of South Africa and throw him at her target. Not even with his name spelled right.

In fact, that entire entry is TV Tropes Made of Win Archive worthy.

Looney Toons: Thank you!

Guy Smiley: But she should.

Brickman: Whoever named Our Elves Are Better.

Earnest: That would be me, thanks! ^_^

Willy Four Eyes: A nod to whoever supplied the picture for Parental Abandonment. It's perfect!

xyzzy: Oh gosh, that was me. Thanks! :D I could've sworn the actual "My Parents Are Dead" comic was linked somewhere in that entry, but it must've been a different one as I can't seem to find it now.

Sikon: Blork for this sentence in Useful Notes On Atheism Discussion: "Before I was born I spent 13.7 billion years not existing and it didn't hurt me at all." It's so true.

Also, Gregory Hayes, for starting the Useful Notes On Atheism page itself.

Lumbargo: He stole that from Mark Twain. :3

Ruthie A: Desertopa For taking on the laborious task of changing over all of the mentions of Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Realism to its new name Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism almost single handedly. That's pretty awesome, I think, and takes lots of dedication.

Citizen: That and maybe a lot of free time and/or determination to avoid doing something productive--speaking from experience. =P But don't let me steal your thunder.

cg12345: Although it's been cut from the Magnificent Bastard entry as part of ageneral cleanup, I'd still like to nominate whoever did the writeup for Emperor Palaptine. Abit over the top, but that was probably the point. Here it is, preserved for posterity:

 Darth Sidious of Star Wars distills the archetype. Not only is he a complete smirking Badass in Return of the Jedi, but the prequels reveal the precise means by which he corrupted, weakened, and ultimately destroyed the Jedi, using their own efforts to bring about Galactic Rule. Supremely competent in all known forms of badassery (the Xanatos Gambit, being The Chessmaster, and a Manipulative Bastard, among others), and yet never tipping his hand, he believes only in power and those who wield it. He transforms the idealistic Anakin into a ruthless minion, humbles the ever-wise Yoda, and drives the enduring, chivalrous Kenobi into exile. In his spare time, he listens to space... Opera. Content to appear as a pompous bureaucrat, only after seizing power does he reveal himself as a black-robed, croaking necromancer warlord in control of an army of unnaturally created slave warriors. His gnarled grin is so revolting it borders on sexy, and he isn't too shabby with a lightsaber either.

Rogue 7: Nerdo Rama for his writeup of the Suzumiya Haruhi characters, most obviously this line- Did You Just Punch Out Cthullu: "Did you just French the creator of the Universe?"

Nerdorama: Minor internet fame gratefully accepted!

Doug S. Machina: I've just found Bluenose Bowdlerizer. It is a work crafted of refined win. (Enough to make me use that expression seriously for the first time.)

Looney Toons: Thank you! As I recall, I created that page in a fit of annoyance after undoing the "work" of one such who had wandered briefly into the wiki. However, I am not responsible for the further amendments which are probably what you liked best about it. (Even so, I'm not too proud to take a MOW point for it. <grin>)

Katsuhagi: The whole of Victoria's Secret Compartment, the title of which is made of punny goodness, and Gracie Lizzie for coming up with the name.

Edit: And it appears someone beat me to it. But it deserves to be on here twice!

Gracie Lizzie: Thank you ::bows::

Micah: Whoever put this example in Exactly What It Says on the Tin:

Darktalon: Whoever came up with the title Kobayashi Mario.

{{removed for sounding wrong- Silent Hunter}}

Willy Four Eyes: That was originally a Title Bin entry I threw up there during one of my crazy adding sprees. I didn't think it would actually get used.

Silent Hunter: Never actually saw it there, but you can have this one.

The Defenestrator: Looney Toons for the picture in Fusion Fic

Large Blunt Object: I uploaded that pic and put it under Crossover, Looney Toons later moved it to the (more appropriate) Fusion. Do I get partial credit?

Looney Toons: If he says no, you can have mine.

Large Blunt Object: I think I shall go ahead and add it.

The Defenestrator: Sorry, yes. Kudos, Large Blunt Object!

Regiment: Whoever linked "Keanu Reeves' naked ass" on Feed Me to Nightmare Fuel Unleaded.

Haven: "One night, as you get up for a midnight snack, you open the refrigerator door and the light dawns on you, "This is the real purpose behind this plot!""

bolded part is made of win ^^

phantomreader 42: I may not be the first to mention this, but Gracie Lizzie for recommending Victoria's Secret Compartment as a term for hiding items in cleavage. This was in a YKTTW that I can't figure out how to link to, title is Hiding Junk in the Trunk (?)

Gracie Lizzie: I'm glad everyone likes it.

Earnest: Snake 712 for the following bit in the Sorting Algorithm of Deadness. It's small, and I've never seen Fullmetal Alchemist, but it makes me laugh. :3

A rating of 3.4 goes down to 3. Better, but it still doesn't look good, which leads me to believe the Sorting Algorithm of Deadness is wroMMPH.

Earnest: My inner librarian approves of Nentuaby's following contribution to Weaksauce Weakness on the spoiler texted cause of death for the martians in The War of the Worlds.

If you actually needed the previous spoiler box, get thee to a LIBRARY already.

Prfnoff: I don't understand this.

Shale: It boils down to "If you have somehow managed to live your entire life without seeing or reading War of the Worlds in some form or another, for the love of all that's holy fix that.

Cassius 335: Just spotted Ind Ex Machina on the Deus Sex Machina and laughed. Great name.

EDIT: Apparently the page's real name is Ind Ex Machina, but TV Tropes Made of Win Archive either way.

Nits: Okay, I finally remembered to give the well-deserved TV Tropes Made of Win Archive to everybody who contributed to the discussion about the obscurity of the main character in Real Life. It has wonderful, hilarious theories about the nature of Real Life and the best explanation to the existence of religions and why their meaning is diminishing: the writer has gotten better and gave up inserting Deus Ex Machinae into the plot.

Shay Guy: fleb for finally, finally making the much-discussed Rule of Drama page.

fleb: Hey, my first official point. To egocentrism!

No Dot: Katsuhagi for the name of Xanatos Planned This Index. Now we know what one part of his plan to usurp O-Haruhi-sama is. (Sheesh, where's Watson when you need him!?)

Katsuhagi: *Cheshire Cat Grin* I do what I can.

Zephid: Points to the person or people responsible for the World War II page, but mostly for: The Japanese very quickly decide they'd better surrender if their enemy is that determined to turn their island into a radioactive crater. And thus, Godzilla is born.

Silent Hunter: I'm partially responsible for this entry (although not that sentence), so thanks.

Adam 850: I laughed at this line: "...nuclear bombs, codenamed Fat Man and Little Boy (the former unable to hug the latter with nuclear arms)..."

Silent Hunter: I'm pretty sure the brackets for that part were mine.

Large Blunt Object: Holy hell, SH, you're making the rest of us look bad.

Silent Hunter: The thing is, whenever I try to get one of these- I don't. These tend to come by accident. The brackets in this case was a reference to the line "You can't hug a child with nuclear arms", which is a bumper sticker.

Thanks for all of these.

Meocross: Wohuhuhuh man that was too funny, before i suffocate because of the lack of breath im getting from the hilarious sentences.. GOODJOB!! *passes out*

Specialist 290: Large Blunt Object, for taking the atrocity that was the Gaunt's Ghosts page and turning it into something readable and useful.

Large Blunt Object: Thank you very much, sir! :)

Ununnilium: From Family-Unfriendly Aesop:

    • In "In the Pale Moonlight", Sisko lies. He cheats. He bribes men to cover up the crimes of other men. He's an accessory to murder. And he's fine with it he can handle it he can handle it, because the ends justify the means. Really.
      • ...Computer, erase that entire trope example.

Cassius 335: *smirks* Couldn't resist. Amazing what changing only two words can do.

Real Slim Shaowen: Dammit, I did the strikethrough edits, why didn't I think of that? Bravo, Cassius.

Cassius 335: *bows*

Charred Knight: Shale for pointing out that DVDs simply can't make fancy subs in Fan Sub. The page was completely biased and at several points made blatant lies like companies encouraging fansubs (they don't), or how fansubs have higher quality subs (on average they don't).

Shale: Thanks!

Haven: Whoever wrote Her Codename Was Mary Sue. Heh.

Andrusi: Hm, I think I've already taken a TV Tropes Made of Win Archive for this one. Do I get to add another to my total now, or...?

Bob: I think so.

Andrusi: Well all right, then.

Andrew: An award for whoever came up with the following passage (especially the final line) in He Who Fights Monsters:

The Punisher of Marvel Comics is often presented this way whenever he makes a guest appearance in lighter books like Spider-Man or Daredevil. However, in his own book it's very rare a problem isn't best solved by shooting it in the face.

Doug S. Machina: Fast Eddie owns both sides of a debate by pointing out they're arguing about the existence of their own planet in YKTTW:

"Just loving Tropers at the moment. Witnessing a knock-down-drag-out free for all about whether or not Earth exists. Priceless."

It's a Serious Business, this.

Citizen: Which YKTTW?

Rogue 7: A link, for those of us who cannot find it, please?

Meta 4: There is no way that I know of to link to a specific YKTTW thread until it's been launched, which that one hadn't, last I checked. But it's title is something like "Wild Mass Guessing Timelines". The title definitely has "Timeline" in it.

Doug S. Machina: It was "Wild Mass Guessing Timelines". I would never have found it again without Meta 4. Sorry. Well, anyway good stuff from Fast Eddie.

Silent Hunter: Whoever named Thirty Xanatos Pileup.

Katsuhagi: Agreed. It brings to mind for me the image of someone opening a closet and having a bunch of people fall out of it in a twisted heap, but maybe that's just me.

Bobfrank: That was me. Actually the idea I had in mind was of a "thirty car pileup"--the result of several different vehicles (does not actually have to be thirty of them) on the freeway all coming together at the same moment. This usually creates a big mess and a great deal of chaos. Same with a Thirty Xanatos Pileup.

Maso Tey: Whoever named Sexy Schoolwoman.

Silent Hunter: That would be me. It's an unexpected honour to get one for that. I believe I'm now joint top for this category...

Madacaek: Whoever added "No, Yoshi is a Freaking Horse. Duh." to the Dinosaurs Are Dragons page -- I love you.

F: Thank you very much, the word of Raocow should not be ignored. Too bad it got removed.

That Other 1 Dude: Lawful Stupid Chaotic Stupid for having Richard Rahl... just Richard Rahl" under both categories.

Duckluck: Who is Richard Rahl? Nothing is Self Explanatory, you know.

Bob: He's the Author Filibuster-spouting Moral Dissonance-causing Villain Protagonist of the Sword of Truth series.

Shale: It occurs to me that "Who is Richard Rahl?" would be right at home in a Sword of Truth book. Anyway, potholed the name to the series page.

Darktalon: "It occurs to me that "Who is Richard Rahl?" would be right at home in a Sword of Truth book." TV Tropes Made of Win Archive, or at least made me smile.

Noaqiyeum: Eye'm a'ware in'ware soft'ware t'hat t'his already done done DONE! has-been, but Thank Hugh for Finnegans Wake.

Looney Toons: <doffs hat, bows>

Cassius 335: A point to Unknown Troper for the title No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine

bjacobs: Hey, that's me! Thanks much!

Sikon: Whoever came up with the title Rouge Angles of Satin.

That Other 1 Dude: The picture and caption for Epileptic Trees.

Specialist 290: That was me again. It just seemed appropriate to somehow mention Sudowoodo in that context.

Antheia: The following phrase in Freud Was Right makes me smile every time I see it: "more sexual symbolism and Double Entendre than you can shake a suspiciously phallic baseball bat at". Points to whoever wrote that.

Ninjacrat: Somebody, I know not who, originally wrote it as 'than you can shake a suspiciously phallic stick at'. I upped it to something more FLCL-appropriate.

Fast Eddie: thatother 1 dude for coming up with Let's Play With a Trope.

That Other 1 Dude: Yeah! I was just thinking about if it was possible to deconstruct any trope, then realized this would be a good use for the forum and expanded it to any way to use a trope.

Zephid: Let's Play With a Trope: Helping people come to grips with their poor understanding of trope permutations since 2008.

Looney Toons: To Silent Hunter for the trope name Of Corsets Sexy.

Silent Hunter: Thanks. I don't know how I got four in ten days, but clearly I'm doing something right.

Cassius 335: If your estimate is accurate, this new one puts you even with Scrounge.

Silent Hunter: It might well do- or one behind at any rate.

Kriegsmesser: Win goes to Schizo Technician for the following line. "Apparently, aliens are immortal unless Goku is topless."

Bob: Whoever put "Contrast with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann." in the article for Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Doug S. Machina: I've just read the entry for Duck Hunt in Better Than It Sounds Video Games and must congratulate its author. Also whoever wrote "Code Silver: let's not summon the elderly superheroes, shall we?" in I Thought It Meant.

Bob: You would be the second troper to give Karalora a TV Tropes Made of Win Archive for that.

Nits: And I was the first one. But the description is just so spot on...

Nits: Sikon gets one for making me laugh out loud with this exchange in YKTTW:

  • Radioactive Zombie: (proposing a trope) Anyway, a tourist coming to America expects the WWII version of it - communist hating, right wing, jingoistic, righteous, white dominated.
  • Sikon: You mean this description isn't accurate now? o_O

Donomni: It's funny because it's true! (To a point, anyway..)

Sikon: Heh, thanks! Now that I looked through the archive, that would be my second, counting the one for the phrase in Captain Obvious.

Sikon: Katsuhagi for this bit in Troper Fan Nicknames:

  • Laito: Light/Raito from Death Note after I got fed up with the name debates and decided that it was just better to annoy both factions at once.

Katsuhagi: Aw, thanks. I'm glad someone got a kick out of that.

Also, Andrusi for adding "The Fifth Element is not boron." to I Thought It Meant. That movie will never be the same for me anymore.

Andrusi: In 1997 I was in middle school and had comparatively recently learned about the periodic table, and for a test I even had to memorize the first ten elements. Every single commercial for The Fifth Element made me think of boron. Over ten years later, the random item button brought me to The Fifth Element, and I realized the connection would fit on I Thought It Meant. I can never unlive those months of torment, but I'm glad some good has come from my pain.

Real Slim Shadowen: Whoever added the bit bolded by me to What Do You Mean Its Not Symbolic:

"** The history of Tar Valon, and the Amyrlin Seat is based off of Catholic Church and Pope, right down to them splitting apart and electing different Amrylin (popes)

      • A lot of that is actually just the nature of the books -- a lot of the characters are supposed to represent something/someone in our 'age', and the repetitiveness of the Wheel of Time."

I don't care if it was unintentional. That just makes it better. Kudos to your subconscious, whoever you are.

Chronon: Whoever put in the following: "The poster alone for Zombi 2/Zombie Flesh Eaters/Zombie was enough to terrify this troper. The menacing tagline didn't help at all either." in Nightmare Fuel Unleaded is hil-freaking-arious.

Tangent 128: Blork for the opening quote to Orphaned Punchline.

Grev: Another title win for Silent Hunter: More Teeth Than the Osmond Family.

Silent Hunter: Four in 10 days? I don't believe it!. Seriously, thanks.

Cassius 335: How many did you have before that? Because you don't seem to be on the tally...

Silent Hunter: I've never added my ones on there (not one to do that), but 3 pre-Crash, IIRC, making it 7. I'm not counting the collective one for the rebuild.

Looney Toons: To whomever wrote the line

 When it comes to loud boisterous behaviour, Osaka herself ranks with Gentle Giant Sakaki, child genius Chiyo, and possibly bits of the architecture.

in Kansai Regional Accent; it caught me by surprise during a reread and had me chuckling out loud.

Agent CH: Whoever added that pic to New Media Are Evil. It cracks me up every time I see it.

Nits: Whoever wrote this in Better Than It Sounds Video Games: You are a weekend warrior. Your dog indulges in schadenfreude. The minute I read what it actually was I burst into laughter. The priceless childhood memories! (How do you actually check who wrote whichever line? I tried checking page history...)

Am I allowed to do this without having a username? Anyway, the line from British Stuffiness, "..which causes the VHS copy to smell like tea and tweed and pipe tobacco." made me smile at work today. Good show, sir.

Maso Tey: To Robert Bingham, for vastly expanding and bettering the article on John Woo.

Real Slim Shadowen: Whoever added that particular Yahtzee quote to Rule of Cool gets a point and a manly high five from me. There are many quotes of his that would suit that page, but that one probably works best.

Citizen: That would be me. Gotta love Zero Punctuation. =)

C Trombley: to Silent Hunter for his trope title suggestion: Fond Childhood Mammaries.

Silent Hunter: Thanks, I guess. Entry is open for anyone to write it. There's lots of examples out there, I'm sure.

From Unwinnable: "This is part of every Fire Emblem game being amazingly baldness causingly hard." - Here's to hilariously convoluted adverbs!

That Other 1 Dude: Mr Onimusha for the one way to make up for One More Day in Wall Banger: Deadpool and Spider-man vs. Hell.

Medinoc: To some Unknown Troper whose IP address was, for the title We Will Not Use an Index In The Future.

Eponymous Kid: Okay, the picture in Lampshade Hanging is... xyzzy, I love you.

Sikon: Except why is it a GIF instead of a PNG? And clearly made in MS Paint. It screwed up all colors as a result.

xyzzy: It was about three AM when I made it, and was deathly afraid someone would put the picture in before I could. I'll go fix that now.

Rogue 7: assuming xyzzy hasn't fixed it, no, the colors are correct. Read the comic if you don't know why, but yes, they are correct.

Sikon: Now they are. But there were compression artifacts the first time around.

Medinoc: Or, to be more precise, faultly-color-reduction artifacts.

Gemmifer: The picture for Cool and Unusual Punishment - it's funny, fits the trope and adds just that little dash of Nightmare Fuel.

Chronon: The picture in Mind Screw. (My interpretation is that the picture is a very effective example of a Mind Screw, unless it's a reference I'm not picking up).

Donomni: I was wondering where the phallic object was, then I remembered what the trope was actually about... makes perfect sense. Or Does It?

Otempora: Whoever put the new picture on Nightmare Fuel, for being both funny and freaky. I had to immediately close the window.

Citizen: I would have preferred this image that Viewer linked to in a different discussion page, but I digress.

Earnest: I actually used that pic for Ridiculously Cute Critter, but when people complained it caused them Nightmare Fuel, well, the logical conclusion was to put it there. :D Props to cassius 335 for the "Kiss me Baby" bit.

Cassius 335: *grin* It seemed appropriate.

Um... *points to scoreboard* Does "Props to" count as a point? Not trying to fish, I'm just not sure of the rules there and I don't want to increase my score when I actually haven't earned a point.

Earnest: Well, at least half a point seems fair... but it's not coming off of mine! I don't "share" my victories, so nyah! ;p Honestly though, you can probably tack on a full point, I've seen MOW's made of smaller things. And besides, as long as no one makes an "Internal Department of Win" to audit these things, no one will barge in at 3 in the morning to arrest you. ... hmmm....

Cassius 335: I shall take that as a "yes", then. Thanks ^_^

xyzzy: Hey, these things are worth points?!

Meta 4: Big T, for fixing a spelling error on my user page.

Donomni: Whoever put this in Split-Screen Reaction:

    • Bleach tends to use this effect a lot. The first few frames of this spoof are an example

Adam 850: Someone linked to it when I suggested the trope in YKTTW.

teg: Whoever wrote American Newspapers is a pretty funny person. I love the last line.

Silent Hunter: Not an original creation- and should really be credited.

Meta 4: Man Without A Body, for the final comment regarding Cloverfield in the Mind Screw article:

  • Cloverfield. The ambiguous nature of the monster's origin and reason for going medieval on Manhattan has been seen as one of the biggest problems with the film, mainly by critics and audience members who just didn't get it (then again, the fact that the director, producer and cast all have differing views of these points may go a lot to say just how much was planned).
    • On the other hand, does the motivation of a giant monster really matter?

Bob: Scrounge gets one for what he put at the bottom of the Psycho Electro article.

Cassius 335: I wish people would stop putting lines under the indexes. I've folded the line in question into the main article.

That Other 1 Dude: No. It's called a stinger, and it fits best on it's own.

Cassius 335: Your "stinger" just ended up right next to a psge ad for British Gas. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't approve. You might what to rethink the location of your "stinger" before somebodies lawyers get the wrong idea.

That Other 1 Dude: Doug S Machina for the new opening line of You Suck.

Doug S. Machina: Thank you.

Specialist 290: Kudos to whoever put up the mutually-referencing pseudo-quotes at the top of The Kirk, The Spock, and The McCoy.

Earnest: Thank you, they were fun to write. As Kosh would say: Understanding is a three edged sword.

Ajardoor: I'd like to say that this section of the Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? entry is pretty damn good:

  • Handily averted by just about every other Call of Cthulhu RPG. In the original, Cthulhu has no stats and kills one to six player characters per round; in the GURPS version, a note indicates that vaporizing the big guy with an A-bomb would only get rid of him for two days, after which he would return...radioactive. Making certain entities statless for this reason shows up in a number of other RPGs, such as Unknown Armies and Planescape. In Vampire: The Masquerade there is only one rule for fighting Cain, the first vampire and that Cain: "You lose".

Sikon: Earnest for the picture in Good Angel, Bad Angel.

Earnest: Heh, reading the article I knew it was either that one or this one form Weregeek.

That Other 1 Dude: Whoever put the actions of Viktor Tikhonov in Villain Ball, especially that last line.

Meta 4: Some Guy, for splitting Notable Webcomics into subpages. I do think they need a bit more work, but it's a great start.

Shay Guy: This bit from Moral Dissonance: "Had the water type Pokémon actually been present, who knows WHAT the attack would have done?" (emphasis added)

Guy Smiley: Thanks! I figured it was a pretty good one when nobody deleted it after a while.

Darktalon: Whoever put the 4Kids! Entertainment logo in the Bowdlerise page.

Sikon: The entire True Art page is TV Tropes Made of Win Archive, but special credits go to Japanese Teeth for the picture and Meta 4 for the Japanese sentence (あなたのお父さんは決して愛しなかった。).

Fast Eddie: Funny exactly once, maybe. A second one would be cutlisted and zapped in a heartbeat. BTW, the Japanese sentence is just a string a question marks to most people.

Sikon: Okay, I'll reproduce it in romaji for convenience of those poor users of a certain Microsoft OS without preinstalled Japanese fonts: "Anata no otou-san wa kesshite aishi nakatta."

Fast Eddie: :-) Ubuntu/Firefox here. Could probably load japanese fonts, if I cared to. Wouldn't mean anything to me then, either.

Meta 4: Regarding the Japanese, I just entered "your daddy never loved you" into babelfish and pasted the result there. I'm sure the grammar is atrocious, so it's simultaneously foreign, incomprehensible, and angsty!

Japanese Teeth: YES! I finally got on the Made of Win page. The picture is some Costa Rican scenery run through a billion different filters. The Greek text is actually a excerpt from T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock" translated into Latin, and written using the "Symbol" font. The beaver and the "gorf" was just to be random. Like Meta 4 said, "foreign, incomprehensible, and angsty".

Cassius 335: A point for whoever added "Quite a lot, isn't there?" to the Sailor Moon page.

Morgan Wick: Bonus points for being alphabetized with the other tropes.

LO Rd: This has probably been posted before here, but I figure This Ugly Yet Beautiful World - even down to the discussion page - deserves another round of applause. It's kind of funny how the word Fan Service starts to lose its meaning. Excellent work, Vampire Buddha.

Ninjacrat: An, um, medal of honour to Real Slim Shadowen for

 Similarly, the designers of Medal Of Honor: Airborne apparently didn't think the Nazi regime was quite evil or dangerous enough, as it features Nazi commandos who dress all in black, carry chainguns, take three sniper shots to the head before dying, and emanate from some sort of doom fortress.

at Video Game Historical Revisionism.

Citizen: I recognize that line as originating from Zero Punctuation. Video here. I'll go ahead and add the full quote because I like ZP. =)

Ninjacrat: Man. I think I like paraphrase more than the original... but I'm redacting the medal and busting him back down the ranks anyway.

Real Slim Shadowen: Argh, I am undone for not citing my sources. On TV Tropes, of all places. Made of fail.

Willy Four Eyes: The picture and caption for Determinator are made of punny win.

Specialist 290: Why, thank you :)

Loustar Jogger: Whoever wrote the line, "You're both wrong, even though one of you is me!" in the Wild Mass Guessing WMG page.

Morgan Wick: That would be moi.

Across The Stars: Whoever wrote the Uwe Boll entry is made of pure awesome.

Outsyder 0486: I wrote the initial entry, but it's come a long way since then. I feel I should share credit.

Kriegsmesser: I wrote the "The world rejoices" line. Do I get Win?

Rothul: A General TV Tropes Made of Win Archive to all involved in the formation of the Crowning Moment of Awesome pages... for a while I was worried this wiki was getting a little too negative in tone, and it's nice to be reminded that this is as much about celebrating media as well as making fun of it.

Cukeman: It might've been one or two separate edits, but kudos to whomever came up with "Cherry Tapping is not about deflowering virgins (don't worry, we all made that mistake)" on I Thought It Meant.

Extraintrovert: Personally, the entire I Thought It Meant page deserves at least a mention here. I will never look at trope titles the same way again.

Sikon: And I would particularly like to commend whoever added "Super Punk Octo Pudding Gas Mark Seven is not about an octopus with a mohawk whose flatulence propels him faster than a fighter jet. Then again, the weirdness of that particular title is the entire point."

Cassius 335: That was me, Cukeman. I'm not the first person to look at that title and think "Wait.. what?", so it's inclusion on the page pretty much mandatory. And it was 1 edit, IIRC.

Silent Hunter: Whoever came up with Better Than It Sounds.

Tanto: Whereas I think it's one of the single dumbest things we've ever produced. But to each his own, I guess.

Adam 850: I'm usually against these kind of pages (Nightmare Fuel has become the monster than cannot be stopped!) I have to say that I'm liking this one. It seems less subjective that it sounds like it could.

J Bridge: Whoever made the following quote; "I will make my doomsday device look like a stuffed animal. Not only will nobody try to stop me from holding my stuffed bear, but should I be stopped it will be given to a hero's child, who will then hug it and cause The End Of The World As We Know It".

Darktalon: The Grim Sleeper for this in the Discworld page: "We're not going to bother with making a list of trope examples, as there is a perfectly good index for them on the top left of your screen."

D'Force Master: Whoever put the quote at the top of Tournament Play is scarily win, because that quote is so true for Smash tourney jerks.

LO Rd: And Zeta wins "Most Conscise Article 2008" with his pioneering work at The Great Flood: "Everything got really wet."

alphamone: whoever named this file wins a whole lot

Code Man 38: The "Anonymous Lurker" at who added the line about Asperger's Syndrome on Cloudcuckoolander. As an Aspie who describes himself in his own profile as a Cloudcuckoolander, I totally know what that troper means.

Donomni: I have to agree. I have actually taken time out of my day to justify squirrels being legitimate assholes... and drug dealers, and gangsters, and controllers of hurricanes...

That Other 1 Dude: Whoever posted the "dilemma" he had with a specific instance in Family Guy.

Sockatume: On Dead Baby Comedy? That would be me. I really wasn't sure what to think.

Katsuhagi: Red Viking for the Crack Pairing image. Priceless, just priceless (and probably true!)

fleb: Wait, do you mean the old one, with the two anime characters? Who were those people?

Red Viking: Crack Pairing image? I never added an image. Unless you're referring to a mental image from my entry.

Katsuhagi: Whoever put the image up in Villainous Crossdresser. I nearly spewed soda out of my nose.

Willy Four Eyes: Agreed! Now, would someone please tell me who that dude is supposed to be? Nobody's answered my question in the discussion page yet, and I wanna know. :(

fleb: I don't know if you noticed this part or not, but the part that made me laugh was the image name. It's like it's descending into hysterical madness as you read the whole URL.

Citizen: I try. I found the Discussion amusing. :)

Octal: (Added a line break to the url to stop it summoning the horizontal scrollbar.)

Steel Beast 6 Beets: I tip my hat to whoever put the Fantastic Four example in Idiot Plot. Well done, sir!

dkellis: The image filename for Widget Series has earwormed That Song back into my head. I hope you're happy.

That Other 1 Dude: In Fridge Logic, What does Samus do in her free time: play Metroid, taking No Fourth Wall to a new level.

Temyx: To Jethro Q Walrustitty, for his name suggestion in YKTTW for Shag The Dog. "Heavy Pet the Dog". Heheheh...

Ry Senkari: Second nomination to Jethro Q Walrustitty for his name.

Jethro Q Walrustitty: The Silly Party reigns on.

Caswin: Whoever added the picture of Mario and Tails sitting on the Carnival Night barrel in Guide Dang It... good job. (Who are you, where did you get it from, and who is that Tails is thinking about?)

Willy Four Eyes: TClaymore, for supplying the image for Draco in Leather Pants.

Katsuhagi: Why was it taken down? Putting it back up, purely because it so well exemplifies the phenomenon.

Cassius 335: Three possible reasons:

  • 1) It's too big,
  • 2) It's too 'mature',
  • 3) Both of the above.

Temyx: I second the Mo W.

Fast Eddie: The image -- as explained on the discussion page -- is too big and hotlinked.

TClaymore: So if I were to resize it to, say, 450-odd pixels wide or doctored the text to be larger in proportion to the image and managed to upload it to the wiki itself, it'd be okay?

Fast Eddie: More like 250px wide. There are instructions on the Tools menu under Media Uploader on how to get set up for an uploader account.

Ry Senkari: The Unknown Troper who added the Stewie/Brian dialogue from "Stewie Kills Lois" to the Fetish Fuel article. A bit long, but it perfectly epitomizes the trope.

Cassius 335: A bit long? It's HUGE! Quotes should only need a few lines (or, at best, one line) to get the point across. I've removed this.

Oh, and please sign your posts. We shouldn't have to look up your handle in the page history. :p

Ry Senkari: Boooo. A nomination for Made Of Fail goes to Cassius for removing the quote.

Cassius 335: I've been wondering if we should have a Made Of Fail page, though it might be a bit mean-spirited in execution.

As for removing the quote, I do so in the best interests of Tv Tropes, so as not to start a horrible, horrible precedent.

Ry Senkari: But it's funny!

Cassius 335: Actually... no. It really isn't. And that's no excuse for the length anyway.

Charred Knight: The Made of Fail idea is just way to mean spirited, it would be juvenile, and I would have 50 of them by now, making my Mo W be -49

Octal: Aww, I liked the quote. But it is stupidly long for a page quote... I'd add it back under Western Animation but I can't see a good way to snip it and still get the full effect of the, uh, progression. Damn.

Fast Eddie: Giving a whirl as a column-right thingy.

That Other 1 Dude: Yeah for compromise through creative formatting!

Octal: Oh, nifty! 8D Surely that is a Mo W all on its own.

Cassius 335: Ack no. Even as a "column-right thingy", it's WAY too big. And it ain't funny.

Silent Hunter: What about just the last few lines?

Cassius 335: That would be MUCH better length-wise, but to be honest I still don't see the funny. It's mostly just creepy.

Three words: American Political System.

Prfnoff: "Uknown Troper" (, for writing the Spanish Inquisition example on Scare Chord.

Uknown Troper: Thanks. It felt kind of wrong not to add it in such a manner -- although I note in retrospect that it was already categorized under 'movies' and I didn't notice.

Silent Hunter: Nice one!

Heliomance: From Elaborate University High: Nagi's school in Hayate No Gotoku is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the drug store, but that's just peanuts to Nagi's school. At one point, she says it's even larger than Vana'diel.

Cassius 335: I dunno, it's a tad obviously nicked from Hitchhikers. though that may be the idea...

Lull The Conqueror: Pretty sure it's meant to be a Shout-Out, since everything but the last sentence is basically a verbatim quote with the words "Nagi's school" in place of "space."

Nephandi Man: All right, my first Mo W! Yeah, I intended it as a Shout-Out - I even debated removing the last sentence to make that point plainer, but I guess that wasn't necessary.

Katsuhagi: Scrounge for adding waddle waddle waddle waddle to the bottom of the Everything's Better with Penguins page. I cannot say how hard I laughed at that, but I startled the cat.

Nits: Whoever put in this entry in Mad Eye: Also, this guy > o_O Definitely made my day.

Silent Hunter: Whoever came up with the title Stupid Jetpack Hitler

Bob: I believe that would be Justin Cognito, at least it seems to be according to the YKTTW.

Justin Cognito: It is I, and I claim my prize. Though, to be fair, Gail Simone came up with it before I did. I just applied it to the trope.

Darktalon: Whoever linked "virii" to Fictionary in Virus Misnomer.

That Other 1 Dude: Bob La Rice, for changing "One Word: Dada" to "Seven Fish:Dad" in Misaimed Fandom.

cg12345: I would like to nominate whoever added this line in Doorstopper :

  • "Atlas shrugged because he was tired of carrying the Writer on Board." Gold, good sir/madam.

Prfnoff: I think I wrote that one.

Sikon: Whoever added this to Literary Agent Hypothesis:

  • Some people believe that the show Wormhole X-Treme! is actually a way to create plausible deniability for a real Air Force project called "Stargate". As the Air Force will tell you, this is a complete lie.

William Wide Web: Hehe, thanks. I think that was one of my first edits.

Zephid: Whoever put the easter egg in Easter Egg, my hat's off to you.

Ninjacrat: While in spirit the egg was made by all the tropers for all the tropers, this ego-driven individual must confess he was the one that typed it.

Sikon: Looney Toons for Finnegans Wake.

Looney Toons: Whoa. That was fast. I only posted that twenty minutes or so ago. Thank you.

Medinoc: Whoever put "yes, no, file not found" in Robo Speak.

Shay Guy: Whatever admin did this.

Tangent 128: Seconded! (It was probably Fast Eddie.)

Donomni: Whoever made the title: In Soviet Russia, Trope Mocks You. And the "meme mocks you" part in the examples. Always wanted that joke in here. :D

Schrodingers Duck: Report Siht Andrusi for the content of Her Codename Was Mary Sue.

Andrusi: Thank you! And incidentally, I was quite amused to discover that "troper" spelled backwards is "report."

William Wide Web: I was amused to discover that too. At one point my title on the fora was "troper report"

Tangent 128: Space Jawa for finally making an Escape Velocity page. The memories...

Anomaly: I don't know who did it, but the punning last sentence of the Fate/Stay Night example on Stay in the Kitchen is just plain TV Tropes Made of Win Archive. "Towards the end, he finally gets it through his head that Saber can fight by his side and not just Fate/Stay In The Kitchen."

Willy Four Eyes: Agreed. Wasn't that going to be the original name of the trope?

Citizen: Yeah; that was my YKTTW. At least I put it somewhere. =) Original credit for that line goes to the Velox comics.

Real Slim Shadowen: Pisthetairos, for pretty much the whole of Armchair Psychology, but this in particular: "Wouldn't it be a good idea to compare this with Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, Spock Speak and Passive Aggressive? I think it would." You, sir, are what is TV Tropes Made of Win Archive, not just your trope.

Gracie Lizzie: Personally I think it's the "Wasn't that worthwhile?" at the end which is made of the most win.

Pisthetairos: Aw, shucks, you're making me blush.

Sikon: Semi-Known Troper for this line at Fan Fic Recommendations Discussion: "Also:Don't list Sailor Nothing here. It's no more a Sailor Moon fanfic than Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Gundam fanfic."

Moogi: From Author Appeal "Karen Traviss and Mandalorians. ...what? You know it's true!" Kudos to whoever wrote that. As a Star Wars EU fan, I found that hilarious. Even though I like Karen Traviss.

Sikon: Heh. Apparently Karen Traviss's obsession with Mandalorians is so well-known in SW fandom that those who've never read any of her books blame her for it anyway.

Real Slim Shadowen: ...I think that one was me. In any case, I will claim it in 48 hours if no one else does.

Temyx: One double-deluxe TV Tropes Made of Win Archive to whoever added the Mitch Hedberg quote to Four Equal Payments Of. It was the first thing I thought when I saw the title.

TJ Devil 02: Pure win shall be given to the people who handled all of the Agent Smith entry in Creepy Monotone.

Bob: That would be me. Glad you like it.

YYZ: To Ninjcrat for claiming on Intercourse With You Discussion that he pulled a quote "because there's a point where even Paul Robinson's love affair with Paul Robinson stops being funny." Mainly because I'm so relieved that I'm not the only person who's had that reaction.

Looney Toons: Oh, believe me, you're not. Not by a longshot.

Silent Hunter: To whoever added more stuff to the mark-up guide on the edit mode.

Chronon: Man, whoever who (ironically, I assume) put spoiler tags on all the references to Jesus dying and coming back from the dead in the page for The Bible is totally an honorary ninja.

Citizen: Though honestly, it's really all covered It Was His Sled by now... Hmmm...

Ninjacrat: Funny you should mention the ninja thing. (I did the first spoiler tag on 'back from the dead'. Then it became a bit of a fad.)

Rogue 7: Shadowen, for these three words in Offhand Backhand- Screaming Mandril Fu.

Sikon: Whoever added "canary made of nanomachines" to Nice Hat.

Darktalon: Fly}} for the blanked words in Bluenose Bowdlerizer.

Earnest: I'd like to salute Cassius 335 for the caption in Monster of the Aesop, because it really is just a typical day in Sailor Moon. (Hmm, would it be worth noting it's actually an elephant shaped vacuumcleaner monster?)

Cassius 335: To be honest, I only changed it to fill up the caption space...

Tabby: Maureen MacDonald, for her contribution to Slash Fic:

Here's a game to try at home. Print out the names of all of the male characters, no matter how obscure, from Heroes, put them all on the wall and throw two darts at it. Using this method, try to find a pair somebody doesn't ship.

Because it's so very true. And because I'm part of the problem and I'm not at all sorry.

Meta 4: Citizen, for Madness.

Bob: Madness?

Earnest: It's two miles east of Sparta, right after the turnpike. Can't miss it.

That Other 1 Dude: You're probably think I'm going crazy with these, but I had to come straight here after seeing the newly created picture and caption in Quirky Miniboss Squad.

Temyx: Seconded. Two MO Ws for whoever did that.

thatother 1 dude: SAMAS for the response in Oh My Gods to my addition:

  • On a related note, Tales of Symphonia once cut off someone at "Oh my...". While that world is monotheistic, it actually has a goddess, and wouldn't make sense.

AndrewL: Jisu, for her excellent addition to Lumper vs. Splitter:

A Splitter is someone who thinks that this page should not exist and that there should be separate pages for Lumper and Splitter instead. A Lumper also wants to get rid of this page, but to merge it with a bunch of other pages and create a new one called "Common Wiki Wars".

Made me laugh.

Silent Hunter: MODULE-32A for the improvement to Peace Through Superior Firepower and this line in History of the USSR:

There were a *lot* of hilarious jokes about Leonid Brezhnev. He made a hobby of collecting them; he had several hard labor camps' worth, at least.

That Other 1 Dude: these three separate lines from the Trope Pantheons. The first from Nature and the other two from War:

  • Toph is not blind. She is merely physically incapable of seeing anything less awesome than she is.
  • (Char Aznable) Has created several avatars of himself, such as Zechs Marquise and Rau La Cruze. This allows him to respond to prayers three times faster than other gods.
  • Prophecy states that one day, the four Wrestling Gods (Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and John Bradshaw Layfield) will meet for an apocalyptic battle inside a very literal Hell In A Cell. This will be broadcast on Pay-Per-View for $49.95, and will be the very last thing ever televised. Bret Hart was in a match to ascend to Wrestling God status, but got screwed by Vince McMahon.

Rogue 7: Hell, the entirety of Trope Pantheons deserves a major TV Tropes Made of Win Archive- it's grown very fast and is utterly fantastic.

Nerdorama: I can claim credit for the second half of the Char line, but can't find who did the first part. And bigger props to the original author of Toph's entry, which ought to be canon.

Willy Four Eyes: I saw that on the Order of the Stick forum, and thought it would be cool to add. Even though I added it, I can't take any credit for it.

Heart Burn Kid: The idea of the apocalyptic Hell In A Cell is mine, though I'm not sure who came up with the Bret Hart bit. Whoever it was is made of awesome, though.

Seanette: Earnest, for this in Useful Notes On Mexico: "And the taco bell Chihuahua? It was considered a culinary delicacy by the Aztecs." My cat is *still* looking at me funny for laughing myself breathless over this line (he's a Maine Coon and probably thinks a Chihuahua would make a nice snack too).

Earnest: Thank you kindly. ^_^

Da Nuke: I take off my hat and salute in respect to these Useful Notes. TV Tropes will finally know my country as it really is. Double MOW for you!

Sikon: Whoever added this to Transformers:

  • What ever happened to the Dinobots? They were cool.
    • A giant robot meteor.
    • Sure, if you listen to militant, atheistic tropologists. The straight dope is that they couldn't fit on The Ark.

Sockatume teaches the controversy about robot evolution.

Meta 4: I don't even play Warhammer, but the description from Vapor Wear is great:

  • The Dark Elf Harpies in Warhammer practically wear anti-clothing.
    • Technically it's the Witch Elves that look like their unit standard should be a brass pole. The harpies are, well harpies (half woman half bird, ohh sexy.. not.)

Silent Hunter: The only reason they wear clothes at all (they're supposed to be starkers) is that Games Workshop can't sell naked figurines to under-18s, a major part of their customer base.

Ack Sed: it may be old,but this part in Scooby Snacks -- "Churayas - Smoked cheese." :D

Semi-Known Troper: Massive applause to whoever created the Jetsons/Flintstones WMG. Simple, obvious and absolutely brilliant.

ROBRAM 89: The Flintstones part? That was me.

Katsuhagi: From the Does This Make Me Look Fat? entry:

  • Would more examples make this page look fat? No, honey, you look good just the way you are.

Andrew: OK, I don't know why I liked this line so much. But I did, so a Made of Win nomination for the writer of this:

Silent Hunter: To whoever added the caption code to the mark-up extensions in the edit pages.

Nerdorama: The entirety of Trope Pantheons, most particularly Daviot's D&D deity entries for them.

Bob: Darktalon, for the following line in Villainy Discretion Shot:

  • One alphanumeric designation: HK-47.

Darktalon: Thanks muchly. :-)

Seanette: Unfortunately, I can't find any page history to tell me who came up with this gem in Lost Aesop: "If you manage to find a Lost Aesop, please return it to the address listed on its collar"

Fanti Sci: *raises hand* *squees happily in thanks*

Meta 4: Tropes Are Not Bad. A *Slow Clap* for Floy Bob and zinfandel. I particularly like the paragraph "There is nothing new under the sun."

Sikon: I particularly enjoyed the sentences "Just because there's a lot of bad, bad Mary Sues out there doesn't mean nobody could ever, or has ever done it well." and "Completely ignoring the possibility that one's favorite show just might not be hewn from the very essence of the universe by Thor himself and placed in the periodic table under Or for "Originalium" doesn't change the fact that it wasn't." (When I read that, I had an image of the Stargate SG-1 version of Thor in my mind.)

Floy Bob: Uh, I didn't write it. The credit seems to belong to Roland and zinfandel.

Ruthie A: Whole heartedly thirded.

Scrounge: Can I fourth it? I gotta fourth it. Fourthed!

Katsuhagi: Whoever came up with the title for God Was My Co-Pilot, which unfortunately I can't find since the original YKTTW was deleted. But whoever came up with it is brilliant. Matthew The Raven: That was me. And apparently my account was lost during the crash.

Heliomance: Whoever was responsible for this line in Meganekko: Wikipedia suggests we see also "glasses fetishism". Sanity suggests otherwise.

Scrounge: That was me, and it's because it apparently involves the glasses themselves and not the girl they're enhancing. Once again, Wikipedia's cold, clinical approach cannot decipher love.

Ry Senkari: The line about the New England Patriots being a Real Life example of Opposing Sports Team.

Scrounge: That'd be Charred Knight. Charred Knight, step up and be counted!

Charred Knight: Thank you for that, I was inspired to write that last bit right when I heard that the Giants beat the Patriots.

Guy Smiley: *grumbles sadly about having said it first but having it killed by the Great Crash* Okay, I'm all better now.

SAMAS: Whoever put that line about Toph being Piccolo in Ship Sinking.

Cassius 335: That was me. At last, I can die happy! ^_^

Thatother 1 dude: That's four from the same article. And three are for the paragraph for one show.

Cassius 335: Clearly Ship Sinking itself is TV Tropes Made of Win Archive. Someone should make a badge.

Vampire Buddha: I'd like to nominate whoever put that picture on The Ace. I suspect it was Ununilium, but I'm not sure.

Citizen: Check the filename. Anyway, thanks. =P

Ununnilium: You know, absolutely no one would think to check the filename. ^,^ But there's another obvious clue: I'm so obsessed that I'd make sure it was carefully balanced for Standard before actually putting up a fake card. ``v

Citizen: Too bad, because I do like to have fun with the filenames every once in a while. ;) Anyway, godmoding ftw.

That Other 1 Dude: Doma Doma (possibly someone else from a YKTTW) for the alternate title of Chekhov's Pun.

Schrodingers Duck: The relevant YKTTW is here. By the looks of it, it was quite a collaborative effort.

Schrodingers Duck: Whoever replied to "Why didn't Mystery Inc. just let Scrappy fight the ghost and let him get his ass handed to him? It'd get him to shut up, that's fer sure." with:

  • Because nothing kills the carefree party atmosphere quite like a dead puppy.

in Scooby Doo - dark, but it explains Scrappy Doo perfectly.

Looney Toons: And like Ogden Edsl says, dead puppies aren't much fun.

Scrounge: That one's mine, but I have no idea who Ogden Edsl is. He said it beter than me, though.

Sockatume: The quote on top of Tomato Surprise. AMAZE.

Citizen: I remember adding that to He Who Fights Monsters (or some trope) at some point, but it must have been lost to The Great Crash, and I don't feel the need to add it back. I love that quote.

Kizor: Real Slim Shadowen, despite the name, for adding this to the old third person shooter Crusader:

That description is ridiculous and completely apt. Well done.

Real Slim Shadowen: Thank you. And, as is mentioned on my contributor page, sorry about the name. You can just call me Shadowen, if you'd prefer; that was my SN before my ego demanded I set up a page celebrating my awesome glory that was easy to access.

Ack Sed: For the "Also, Tedd's girlfriend Grace, due to her poor grasp on human intimacy and I-can't-believe-it's-not-bisexuality" line in Ho Yay's El Goonish Shive example. Giggled for a solid minute when I saw that.

Earnest: I'd like to bestow the title of "Honorary Elf" to the various people who helped funny up Our Elves Are Better. (It's not as good as being a real elf, much less a high elf, but they should nonetheless consider themselves blessed just to be considered like an elf, even though they're still deeply and irreparably flawed because they aren't.) Sadly the history button has eaten it up all too quickly, but the bits about Dwarves and Keebler elves are pretty funny.

Bob: Shadowen, for everything about Baldur's Gate II in The Punishment. It's the stuff after:

Citizen: Win or not, that example is in great need of revisement, shortening, and despoilerizing. The subsequent discussion even points out that this isn't an example of The Punishment. Removed to The Punishment Discussion.

Willy Four Eyes: Whoever was responsible for this line in You Should Know This Already:

The Left Behind series deals with a (very) loosely interpreted version of the Rapture and the Armageddon, culminating with a battle between Christ and the Antichrist. Merely knowing what the books are about is enough to figure out the ending.

Bad Pothole user! No biscuit! But you do get a TV Tropes Made of Win Archive point from me. Heh!

Bob: Seconded.

Citizen: I only added the "the ending" link; is it still my win? Don't remember if I added the first link or not. //// Aaaaaaand Lale strikes. Good game.

Bob: I changed it. This way we can keep the funny and point out the proper ending. The proper ending is End of the World Special, right? I mean, that's the impression I got from reading Revelations, I don't know how the books end.

Citizen: Let not my will but Lale's be done. But I don't really care; I wash my hands of this matter.

Sikon: Stealth Wilde for adding this to Stargate SG-1:

  • Alternatively, the POO symbol could have been used as a shorthand by the ancients for talking about their destination.

 Ancient 1: So, where are you going this year?

Ancient 2: I was thinking of going to Circle over Pyramid.

Ancient 1: Nice.

Stealthyboy: Holy crap, that was me before I Got Known!

Hats off to whoever added "four words" followed by "two words" and then a two word title to the moe article examples.

Cassius 335: Ah, you mean "Four words: Two words, Gunslinger Girl" Cute, if kinda cheating.

Zeke: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HAHAHAHA! At last a TV Tropes Made of Win Archive! I shall celebrate by needlessly linking this page to itself one sentence ago.

Sockatume: Whoever is going around linking Take That to in-article Takethats. It's the Wikitext equivalent to a shout of "ooooh, buuuuurn!" from the balconies.

That Other 1 Dude: I think at least a couple people are doing that.

Earnest: Guilty, it's just so fun to come in after the fact and add a Take That link. ^_^

Grev: The Defenestrator gets some win for spicing up the tired "Alice, Bob, and Charlie" example cliche in Bathroom Stall of Overheard Insults. Too bad the cliche restroom is unisex :)

That Other 1 Dude: Sparkysharps, for the picture and caption in Expressive Hair.

Joseph: "Unicron isn't Satan, he's fifty bucks of disposable income." Don't know who wrote it. Don't care. It's made of win.

Bob: It's from the Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory article.

Scrounge: I had to. I'm nuts for Transformers I give the point, along with most of my disposable income, to Hasbro.

Bob: Luc for Tropey the Wonder Dog. Especially the part about burying Timmy with rocks.

Earnest: Akuma for the much better image on Slouch of Villainy. A little on the big side, but gets the point across. ... anyone know who it is?

Fast Eddie: Can't back you up. Hotlinked, too big and obscure. Got to give it a fail.

Citizen: ...what? You're complaining about obscurity? It doesn't have to be famous, for goodness sake, it's a cool picture that fits the page. I'll trim it myself.

Real Slim Shadowen: As for who it is, the Lich King Arthas from the end of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. If you think the picture's awesome, you should hear the music from that cinematic.

Seanette: Don't know about anyone else, but I'd be MUCH happier if images had captioning that allowed the uninitiated to have some clue what we're looking at. I've seen a couple that had me wanting to find the source material, but I couldn't because there was no identifying info.

Adam 850: Plus, it doesn't look like he/it is slouching.

fleb: Yeah, I thought the same as adam850. And Seanette: it's not a perfect solution, but I usually add a wikilink to images I recognize so clicking on it sends you to the source's article. Other people seem to be doing it, too.

Charred Knight: Newsflash! Warcraft III has sold millions world wide, World of Warcraft by itself has over 9 million sales worldwide, its one of the most popular video games series of all times. If the requisite of having a picture up was 10 million plus sold than all the pictures would be of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord Of The Ring. Hell I have seen several pictures from Nanoha, and you can't tell me Nanoha has sold millions of copies worldwide. Don't talk about obscurity if you have no idea what's popular in America and the rest of the world.

Fast Eddie: To Sparkysharps for the image and caption for Black Best Friend.

Lumbargo: I applaud whoever it was who added the line about Portal to Violation of Common Sense. I had the sudden image of the article being read in a calm, monotone GLaDOS voice, and then reading that line and suddenly going crazy.

Kizor: Though the author appears to be lost to time or the Crash, this excerpt from the The Wheel of Time book series' article:

  • Enemy Within - Encroaching madness caused by the taint of saidin, and the VOICES in MY HEAD that will NOT SHUT UP!!!! WHY WILL THE DEAD NOT BE SILENT?!

Citizen: That would be me, as part of the large initial chunk when I created the series entry.

Whoever added the Wolverine example in Cute Little Fangs. For the feat of using the words "Wolverine" and "cute" in single thought if nothing else.

Vampire Buddha: Silent Hunter, for posting this in YKTTW: "No, not the Apostrophical Avengers of the Apostrocalypse! All apologizing for agglutinated affixes is aimless aggravation, for these atrocious authoritarians abhor a posteriori apostatizing"

Silent Hunter: That wasn't me...

Seven Seals: But if it wasn't you, then... dun dun duuuun

fleb: Where in ykttw? The Win is naught without The Context.

Earnest: Whoever added The Master to the Sorting Algorithm of Deadness, for pointing out that the more a character comes back and dies, the likelier they are to do an encore. Brilliantly simple, adding it to the algorithm propper.

Sikon: I added the Master, but I wasn't the one to point that out, someone else added it. I don't know who, and it seems to be lost in The Great Crash.

That Other 1 Dude: SAMAS for this description of Ship Sinking (even if it's spoilery): But whatever the case, rather than teasing the ship, they load torpedoes and send it to Will Turner's Davy Jones' Locker.

Sikon: Seconded.

That Other 1 Dude: Also this recently added part on the avatar example by Bob, and the response by Zeta:

Harpie Siren: And a Win for Lale for adding the part about watching a different show in the Avatar example

Jethro Q Walrustitty: Also kudos for the savager hunt, we're number one, support the troops etc. But we return to our scheduled program with this pearl from YKTTW: Unknown Troper: Torchwood slashfic? Why would you bother?

Insanity Prelude: Everyone wins for the cleanup in the aftermath of the Great Crash. Everyone.

Bob: Thank you.

Silent Hunter: Whoever restored red links. Thanks.

fleb: I don't trust my memory enough to say who I think added it, but I found the description of "that thing" on Evil Dramatis Personae to be so TV Tropes Made of Win Archive I kept a copy on my hard drive that I restored it with post-Crash.

Scrounge: Really? I was worried that one would go over like a lead baloon, since it's a fairly obvious pun. Thank you for restoring it, kind sir. You may have the point.

Noaqiyeum: Three quarks for whoever added the line from Finnegan's Wake to True Art Is Incomprehensible!

Jojabar: Whoever added this to Foe Yay: "In the cartoon version of Teen Titans, Slade's obsession with Robin seems is rather predatory. Hot-blooded Robin, of course, swiftly becomes just as obsessed with Slade. (Of course, Slade treats all his victims that way. Just ask Raven. Or Terra. Slade is, essentially, the Amber Alert from hell.)"

Scrounge: I put in the initial entry, then somebody menioned Raven and Terra, so I added the "Amber Alert from hell" bit. This point goes to the Wiki Magic itself.

Silent Hunter: Unknown Troper for "I'd say it's similar in an identical sort of way", in YKTTW (discussing "Phew That Was Close" being similar to Hope Spot).

Seven Seals: It was me, but my modesty prevents me from claiming this win.

Falcon Pain: First Beehive Barrier, then Tome Is Where the Heat Is, and now this. I will never be honored on this page unless there is a "supporting troper" category added. Oh well.

Doma Doma: Three points to Kizor for his work in restoring the wiki?

Silent Hunter: To him, Fast Eddie and everyone who's restoring stuff (except me of course, that would be wrong).

Bob: I said "Nah, I'd say Five points to him and 2/5 points to everyone else working on it." but it looks like the Data Vampires struck.

Silent Hunter: Tangent128 for the HTML to markup converter.

Kizor: Heart Burn Kid (Pages.Needing Formatting), Wili (non-trope Scavenger.Hunts) and Pteryx (attempt at Verify.An Index} for constructing infrastructure in the restoration effort. Suave IV for restoring several images where requested.

Citizen: Whoever added the last sentence to the below entry for Higurashi, I thank thee. Good thing I restored the change from before The Great Crash!

  The Power of Friendship - [...] (If there was ever a show to which the saying "Friends help you move, best friends help you move bodies" applied, it's this one.)

Ununnilium: Meta 4, for the picture and caption on Trope Name.

Meta 4: Mark Z, for "Zero words:" in the same.

Shire Nomad: to Sci Vo, for inventing the word "nonsensteroids" in Bazaar of the Bizarre.

Sci Vo: Whew! Glad you liked it. It tickled my funnybone, but I wasn't sure what other tropers would think.

thatother 1 dude: whoever went on the Massive Multiplayer Crossover and added the line to the anti-drug special "Cartoons All-Stars To The Rescue" "Although, if you can see Smurfs, there's a good chance you're tripping balls already." couldn't represent that idea any better.

Sockatume: Whoever added "the pirate in the logo for the Pittsburgh Pirates" to the Cutlass Between the Teeth entry deserves a round of applause for possibly the most unique trope example on the Wiki. I hope we can find a way to work that logo (as an example) into as many articles as possible.

Tangent 128: ...except that I can't find a version of the logo that actually has it. Baseball Bat Behind The Head, maybe, but it doesn't have the same ring...

Lale: Very weird. In Pittsburgh, I can't remember seeing one without it. Guess nobody ever scanned it.

Whitetigah: Colon Cancer made me giggle quite a bit. Props, Ronfar.

Ronfar: Thanks. My original title on YKTTW was "Colon Overload"; someone named Prfnoff suggested using "Colon Cancer", which is definitely a funnier name for the concept.

Lale: From Western Zodiac: "Ruling planet: Pluto (until further notice)." Did those so-called experts ever consider just how many generations of traditions they erased if everybody takes Pluto's demotion seriously? I pity children born after 2007; they'll be so confused.

Ununnilium: Generations? I'd say... four or five. Remember, Pluto wasn't even discovered until the 20th century.

William Wide Web: Only 76 years. And it's not like we don't have precedent for deplanetizing objects once we learn they're part of a giant belt--Ceres had planetary status for 49 years until we realized it was part of the asteroid belt. (And she's a dwarf planet too, now--it's always Pluto this, Pluto that, why doesn't anybody care about what Ceres thinks?)

Earnest: Pfft. Ceres is a drama queen. Her sisters Pallas, Juno and Vesta are far better Sailor Earth's anyway. ;D

Seven Seals: Luckily, astrology will be able to survive any blow to its scientific foundations, seeing as how it doesn't have any. 100 years ago we didn't know Pluto even existed, but that fact (and Pluto's subsequent discovery) seems to have had no effect on astrology's predictive powers. That a personality theory which bases itself on celestial bodies doesn't seem all that dependent on celestial bodies is a testament to its robustness.

Lale: Everybody knows that. It's Just for Fun.

Seven Seals: Well, I mentioned it because no, not "everybody knows that". Those little blurbs in the paper may not be taken more seriously than the crossword puzzle, but professional astrologers make good money selling their predictions to people who honestly believe in them. And when's the last time you heard somebody claim in all seriousness that "Tom and Jane will never work as a couple, since he's a Capricorn and she's a Pisces"? Crowned heads and presidents have relied on astrology to make decisions that affected millions. Don't be so quick to marginalize uncritical thinking, it has a significant influence on the shape of the world. And by that I don't mean that it's flat.

Anonydicks: I find it funny that people give a shit what a space rock is labeled

Lale: Whoever wrote it, I crack up every time I read this line in Lost in Imitation: "He actually turned up to watch Esmerelda hanged for his murder and didn't even think to say "Excuse me, Mr. Hangman, but I'm not dead." "

Devil's Advocate: to Dark Sasami for the "embalmed cheese" comment on Lite Creme.

Sikon: Whoever added "Ikari no Jyushin Liger baka hentai neko kawaii desu." to The First Law of Trope Examples.

Madacaek: I added the desu, that counts as about 1/8th of a TV Tropes Made of Win Archive, right? :)

Bob: Indeed. I have added you to the tally.

Heart Burn Kid: Heh, OK, you can have the 8th. You twisted my arm. :) (Incidentally, I added the other 7/8ths of the example).

Yoshi 348: Last line of the first paragraph in Bag of Sharing. Spoilered here because it's not nearly as funny just lying by itself, but it's Apparently, the inventory is a series of tubes!

Tangent 128: Black Dragon suggested that in the YKTTW. It was a strong contender for the title.

Shahai: I laughed out loud when I read, "Quite, frankly, the Joker will kill you because it's Tuesday. Or because he doesn't like your tie. Or because he does like your tie. You'd have to be an idiot to willing get within a mile of him! " in Bad Boss. Maybe its just my insane love of The Joker, but either way, that was made of win Guess Who.

Bob: I don't know if he got it from somewhere else or if he made it up by himself, but Krid's hypothetical bastardization of Neon Genesis Evangelion in the They Just Didnt Care Discussion is entirely composed of win.

Copied here for all the people to slothful to click the link.

"Another example would be if somebody decided to remake Neon Genesis Evangelion, but have Shinji (Now "Max Powers" - a suave and debonair hot shot with a chip on his shoulder and the skill to back it up) live with his mother Misato (Now "Mary Powers" a prim and proper woman who occasionally shows signs of knowing more about what's going on than one would expect, and sometimes far more than those 'in the know') after she divorced his alcoholic father Gendo (Now "James Powers", a kind and sensitive person who suffered greatly to keep a major secret from his family in order to protect them, and now wishes to make-up for lost time), until one day his father came around to reveal that he faked being a useless drunk so that he could work on his hidden project - artificially 'evolving' various kinds of lizards into giant biomechanical dragons so that they could fight off an impending invasion by an alien race known as the "Detheroids" (the insectoid Organic Technology/Crystal Spires And Togas sort of invaders, whose goals are never actually stated apart from blowing stuff up). He meets Rei (Now named "Jenny Buxom" - a ditsy bombshell who's an engineered Detheroid/human with a positronic brain who tries her hardest but lacks any sort of actual ability) who plays the comic relief and secondary love interest - ripping off the Cylons, she dies at least once per episode and simply downloads into a new body. Later, he meets Asuka (Now "Violet Shrinking", a quiet and reserved intellectual who has some piloting skill but only ever barely squeaks by due to a self-imposed mental block against hurting others), who becomes the other competitor for the affection of 'Max Powers'. The setting of the show is "Neo Venice", a place constructed so that it could submerge itself in a lake for protection because the aliens are allergic to water. Naturally, religious symbolism plays no part in the series. Etc..."

I would totally watch that show.

Medinoc: Wow. Totally +10 to the Win count.

  • As a side note: Oh my god, they killed Rei! You Bastards!
  • As a more obscure note: NIGEEEEEEEEL!!

William Wide Web: Bob is TV Tropes Made of Win Archive for "Stargate SG-1 is Stargate in space!" in Recycled in Space.

Bob wishes to express his gratitude for this nomination. Rest assured that, when The Multiverse is under my control, you will have a special place in the new dominion.

Sikon: Technically, Stargate featured a space scene - the one where Ra's ship exploded.

Bob: Indeed. Also, most of the movie technically takes place in in space! because of the whole another planet part.

And the first-person scene of the camera whooshing through the starscape from Earth to Abydos. Yes, I kill jokes. --Document N

Sikon: It's not actually whooshing through the starscape, though. It's a generic "SF teleporter tunnel" effect that was so discredited by the time of Stargate SG-1 that I don't know why they even carried the effect over from the movie.

William Wide Web: Actually, the effect in Stargate was longer than the effect in Stargate SG-1. SG-1 in its early seasons didn't have much of a budget and it used a lot of Stock Footage from the movie. By the time it reached the Sci-Fi channel it was really in Grandfather Clause territory(though The Powers That Be managed to change it to a recolored version of the Atlantis tunnel sequence.

Shay Guy: Much thanks to DA - it's about time.

Pata Hikari: Whoever made this line in Dropped a Bridge on Him , "This happens to any female James Bond is romantically involved with at the start of the next book/movie. In fact, getting in bed with the English spy is, under Massachusetts state law, Assisted Suicide." Good job. You made me laugh for about five minutes.

Joseph: Thank you muchly. ^-^ (Hope no one minds, I added myself to the list.)

Seanette: I *love* the parenthetical comment in "...much like trying to find the best flavour of ice cream. (It's a massive edit war, by the way. Unfortunately this flavor is unavailable in most stores.)" in Timey-Wimey Ball.

William Wide Web: I added the "unavailable in most stores" bit, although the "massive edit war" bit was somebody else.

Citizen: Many someone else's. :P I remember reverting an edit for that line, and for the record, I prefer rainbow sherbet.

Earnest: I find it amazing that one line of text could provide so much entertainment to so many over so much time. I wish I could change it back to my original Cookie Dough, but don't want to restart the edit war... ah well, the original is still safely tucked away in the Made of Win Archive. Hmm... I wonder if there's an Apple Of Dischord flavor of ice cream? ^_^

Seanette: I still say it's cheesecake. :-)

Scrounge: The "massive edit war" part was mine. I got tired of the Page History looking like a fistfight broke out in Baskin Robins and figured that would be a halfway-decent way to say it was getting out of hand. I'll take whatever portion of th point Willaim wants to give me, though.

Rissa: Disregarding all that, it's Americone Dream. And anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Earnest: Seven Seals for the title Senseless Violins, genius!

Mistersix: Nominate Looney Toons for the excellent quote at the top of Intercontinuity Crossover. I usually hate it when people use fanfic or homegrown quotes for article headers, but this one is awesomely funny.

Joseph: Seconded.

Nezumi: On another personal note, I really have to thank Man Called True for correcting the discussion of The Others from Changeling: The Lost in Cosmic Horror to say what I had meant for it to say, rather than the awkward and misleading thing I wrote, as well as making it point to the related trope. It's not funny or impressive, but this kind of revision really is how the job should be done, and I always appreciate it when someone does it to one of my edits. To avoid clogging Made Of Win with these, now that my point is made, I will keep quiet about this sort of thing, or possibly just post to the contributor page for the person in question.

Bob: Outsyder 0486 for this addition to Gameplay and Story Segregation:

  • This editor went to great lengths to explain to his mother that no, Link doesn't get tired from constantly running.

32_Footsteps: But that's not a good example at all. After all, there's never a point at all in any Zelda game in which Link gets tired from running. There's no Gameplay and Story Segregation because Link's ability to run doesn't change between the two. Now, if they were to move that line to Reality Is Unrealistic, that would fit.

Bob: It's still Made of Win whether it fits the trope or not. Also, doesn't Link get tired in Ocarina of Time at one point? He starts the game sleeping, but wasn't there another point were he displayed fatigue?

32_Footsteps: Do three touchdowns win you the baseball game? I'm all for giving it a Made Of Win nod once it gets moved, but let's move it, first. Also, Link doesn't show fatigue. His horse does after a sprint, but only after a longer sprint than ever seen in a cutscene.

Bob: Yeah, I know Epona could be tired, but I thought that Link did it in a Cutscene at some point. Or am I thinking of the near-death-slouch?

Sci Vo: Actually, that's Run, Don't Walk being looked at as one of the Acceptable Breaks From Reality.

32_Footsteps: Yeah, Sci Vo has the right one. My mistake as well. And yeah, Bob, you are thinking of the fact that Link slouches when low on energy (but that has nothing to do with how much running he's been doing).

Amethyst: Whoever wrote Freud Was Right. Everything in the entire world makes sense now! ^_^

Tanto: That would be Lale.

Lale: Glad to help ;)

Earnest: Whosoever came up with the redirect Colon Three Smile for Cat Smile has brought endless joy to my little world. :3

Da_Nuke: That's me! The name comes from Colon3chan, of course. ^_^

Travis Wells: Glad to see I'm not alone in having to name her Colon3chan for technical reasons :)

Sci Vo: I'm sure that it's been said before, but there are entire categories that are TV Tropes Made of Win Archive. I've poked my nose into damn near every single corner on this wiki, and certain places have that insider/megafan feel, where somebody knows his coconuts from his kumquats. I'm sure that I'll miss mentioning some that deserve it; off the top of my head, I've been really impressed by The Con, Commercials Tropes, Music Video Tropes, Camera Tricks, and Score and Music Tropes.

Etrangere: Amethyst for making The Mysterious Cities of Gold an entry. I'm feeling all nostalgic now...

Heart Burn Kid: Seconded. Now all we need is an entry for Spartacus and The Sun Beneath The Sea.

Amethyst: Holy Cow. After reading the Wikipedia entry for that, it sounds like copious amounts of hallucinogenic drugs were consumed during its creation. But I really really want to see it...

Dr. Curt Connors in the Spider-Man comics tries using reptilian DNA to regrow his lost arm. Congratulations, Curt, now you're a violent half-human half-lizard monster. Bravo.

LOL!!! Pure genius. -Guesss Who

Cassius 335: Didn't you guys ban him?

Seth: To Sci Vo for the fastest transition from new guy to super contributor ever. And for extensive additions to a large part of the wiki (Mostly by organising and indexing tropes) - Bravo dude.

Sci Vo: Thanks! I'm going to have to slow way down in about a week due to Real Life, but it's been fun.

Madacaek: The part about this wiki in Serious Business. :D

32_Footsteps: I'll thank you, because I was responsible for the line invoking paradox and flying time monkeys.

Fly: And I'll thank you because I was the one who put that line there in the first place, thus starting all the insanity.

Kizor: Big hugs to Semi-known Troper for You Know That Show, a way of using the wiki's collaborative nature and vast amount of available experience in such an obvious way that it took years for anyone to think of it.

Semi-Known Troper: Thank you, that page was inspired when the wiki finally clued me in to the identity of the old Legend of Zelda cartoon.

Gemmifer: The title of The Call Knows Where You Live. I don't know who had the idea, but the title is just perfect. It sums the unpleasantness and inevitability of this annoying trope up.

Sniffnoy: The line "If you run out of bare hands, you have a whole lot more trouble on your stumps than just limited weaponry" from Emergency Weapon.

Eric DVH: Whoever wrote the bulk of the Satan article's body did an absolute bang-up job. Deconstructing the history of black-and-white supernatural figures in the entirety of abrahaimic scripture and its popular interpretations like a cheap watch the way you did would be a notable feat even in a serious theological journal, seeing something like that on a goofy wiki (and written with such penache) is tremendously impressive.

Looney Toons: That was me. Thank you.

Citizen: "whom the lowest of common field hands could outwit if he kept his head about him" suddenly sounds familiar. I wonder if I've heard that somewhere before... Pah. I'm probably just remembering reading this entry earlier, heh.

An Uncle John's Bathroom Reader article? The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? --Document N

Looney Toons: I must admit, that bit did come from a vague memory of something that I had read somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot give a citation.

Midonin: Citizen gets a TV Tropes Made of Win Archive for the "Can you find Waldo?" in The One Guy. Broke out in laughter as soon as I saw it.

Morgan Wick: From the Seven Deadly Sins YKTTW:

 maslego: How do we know when the trope is ready?

adam850: The red plastic center will pop up. You might want to use a meat thermometer to be sure, though.

Semi-Known Troper: Beehive Barrier is made of pure win and awesome.

Bob: Yes it is. The Beehive Barrier is indeed Made of Win. As true now as it was 27 Made of Win nominations ago.

Enlong: Whoever linked that comic on the Kleptomaniac Hero page. Soooo funny!

Morgan Wick: The "Real Life" section of It Just Bugs Me. Later: As that appears to have been lost with the transition to subpages, preserved below:

  • Why did it take so dang long to invent the Internet and how did people live without it?
    • Drugs. For both questions.
    • But what about the poor unfortunate souls who didn't take drugs?
    • No such people.
    • Well, if these "drugs" are so wonderful that people could use them to get by without the Internet, how did people get by without them
    • Lesser drugs. and lots of sex. Where do think population growth comes from?
    • I graduated high school without ever touching a single cigarette, joint, or whatever (still haven't) and a virgin, so next theory. (Mine is that I had Christ and books, but I know no one will buy that.)
    • Duh: you have the Internet
    • "Religion is the opium of the people."

Kilyle: This line made my day. It's from Hollywood Science:

 We can assume that he didn't seal himself on the "You die now" side of things, so it seems that air pressure flows from low to high in the world of Stargate.

Particularly the first part of that sentence.

  • Whoever wrote the Mrs. Columbo entry, especially the one that added "We suspect drugs were involved" everywhere.

Whoever reformatted Neglectful Precursors into a trial format. Totally worth reading. It's not boring anymore.

Nezumi: This is particularly personal... but I have to thank the Unknown Troper who expanded and corrected my messy, brief, from-memory additions of Terranigma to Shoot the Shaggy Dog and Downer Ending into more complete and accurate ones.

Unknown Troper: Thanks. It's nice to know those haunting childhood traumas got some use out of them...

Ununnilium: Seth, for making the Dinosaur Comics entry into an example of itself.

Sci Vo: Ninjacrat turned it into a comic and Seth uploaded it... and it's awesome.

Ununnilium: Ah, Ninjacrat then. And yes.

Medinoc: The Pokemon WMG page. All of it.

Jisu: Seconded.

Cassius 335: From Sword Sparks:

"The fight scenes in Highlander. Still. If anything, it is more true now than it was five entries up the list from this." - Deus Ex Biotica

Well, I laughed...

Medinoc: It seems that whoever wrote the "Pika piiiiikaaaaa..." remark in A Twinkle in the Sky has been lost in the page history. However, I'd like to thank him/her for that delicious piece of well-deserved sadism.

Man Called True: That was me. And yes, that is a very welcome thing to hear, especially in some of the Event Matches.

Op Megs: Sending up Bob's comment on Bastilla's battle meditation in the Informed Ability page, and also putting out a warrant for attempted unintentional homicide. I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.

Bob: Excellent. I have a Made of Win. I am grateful for you nominating me for this, Op Megs. However! You have survived my seemingly unintentional homocide. Now if you will excuse me, I have ninja squads to dispatch. Also unfortunately for you This Is Reality, meaning that there is no Conservation of Ninjitsu to save you.

Bob: And her name is Bastila. With one "l". And my edit was on the Knights of the Old Republic article... I'll just stop now before I look like a total Jerkass. Again thanks.

Cassius 335: Funny, but possibly too personal for the article. I'll move it here:

Bob: I put it back in after editing it slightly. It's a lot easier to read when split up into two parts.

Sikon: Hap Hazard for this part of :

Often times, what fools is in the details of it, such as 'everybody dies at the end of this series' is believable, but 'everybody dies by getting hugged and turned into an orange substance that looks like Tang' is not.

Hap Hazard: Thanks. But someone changed it! Should it be changed back?

Bob: The entire The Bible article is made of win, but especially the reference to Hilarity Ensues.

Lale: I never knew Weasel Edit had a name. Glad to learn the practice is discouraged; it always bugged me.

Shale: Whogus The Whatsler, for his theory on Cake's "Going the Distance" in Main/Music/And Music Videos/WMG.

((Cradok)): to ((Navi)) for his answer to "Why can't lightsabers pass through each other if they're made out of, uhm, light?" in It Just Bugs Me

L-chan: to whoever who was wrote the little dialogue in Going Through the Motions, my full congrats and a bowl of Internet Cookies.

Phartman: Props to Outsyder0486 for his bullshit-free description of Uwe Boll.

Outsyder 0486: Ah, thank you. If he challenges me to a fight, do you guys have my back?

Phartman: But of course. Because of Mr. Boll's German-ness and aversion to respectable cinema, it's not likely that he's seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. Which is good, because he won't be familiar with my strategy: You see, I don't box.

Man Called True: Tip of the hat to AK 47 x 2 for this line from Xanatos Roulette: "This teacher probably attended a school where Light was the headmaster and Jigsaw was the art teacher." I'm still snickering.

Looney Toons: <makes whooshing noise as he passes hand over top of head> Okay, I missed this entirely. Footnote, please?

Seth: Light is the master of the Xanatos Roulette from Death Note and Jigsaw is the serial killer who uses the trick to make people kill each other (Art teacher indeed).

Looney Toons: Ah. Thank you. My Death Note experience is only marginally more than zero, and it's a narrow margin indeed.

AK 47 x 2: I need to check this more often. Thank you.

Sci Vo: I know that I'm late to this party, but I just stumbled acrossed Chekov's Gun, and I lolled for reals. WIN.

Bob is of the opinion that the while the entire Meta Trope Intro is useful, the line: "The butler's union is really a front for an ancient guild of assassins." is entirely composed of "Win".

Midonin: Win for whoever came up with Murder the Hypotenuse. That's brilliant.

Tangent 128: That would be Ununnilium.

Midonin: Applause to Ununnilium.

Ununnilium: Hee, thanks.

Fire Walk: Zeta for managing to get the phrase "cutesy uvula" into a sentence on Womb Level.

Cassius 335: Karellen for her YKTTW explanation of just why Snape isn't a Magnificent Bastard

Etrangere: Do YKTTW get saved, generally speaking? If not we need to save it for posterity.

Citizen: I was amused. Magnificent Bastard now has a new quote.

Citizen: Fanti Sci's writeup for the The Philosopher. Finally, it feels like an actual page. :P

Triterope: Crosses the Line Twice is excellent. It's a clear, concise explanation of an abstruse concept, and replete with good examples. Kudos to all who worked on it.

Morgan Wick: Most of Calvin and Hobbes, really, but especially this, even though I started it:

  • Alternately, Calvin grows up to be Jeremy Duncan, who grows up to be Frazz. The logical continuation of this is, of course, that Frazz then grows up to be Edward Norton's character from Fight Club.
    • And thus, all four of these characters are gods.

I think the "gods" one pulls it all together.

Andyroid: Earnest, writing the entry for Beehive Barrier as a commercial pitch was a stroke of genius. Genius, I say!

Earnest: I've always wanted one, myself, so when I started writing the article I thought: hey, wouldn't it be cool/funny if...? With a little inspiration (and a lot of luck) you can look forward to more Trope Co® products in the future. ^_^

Morgan Wick: We already had enough pages like Psycho Serum that I almost want to create the First Law of TV Tropes Made of Win Archive: The probability of a trope made to be a mock advertisement being TV Tropes Made of Win Archive is 99%. This jumps to 100% if a mock side effect rundown is provided.

Ununnilium: Tanto, for the Magic: The Gathering reminder text on Protection From Editors.

William Wide Web: A tasty, tasty biscuit for "In other words, Captain Obvious states the obvious (as his name implies), which means that his statements are self-evident."

Morgan Wick: I honored that myself, wayyyyyyyyyyyy down there.

William Wide Web: Ooops. If it hasn't also already been honored, Photographic Memory's "Media products using this trope are nearly too numerous to count, but luckily, this editor remembers these examples perfectly:".

Whogus The Whatsler: Air Of Mystery's theory that Charlie Brown is a super-soldier in training is one of the funniest concepts I've had to imagine in a long time. I can just see him, with those hats balancing on his head and that surprised grin on his face, unaware of the intriguing figure watching him from afar, pleased to see his latent powers starting to manifest...while elsewhere, a more shadowy figure growls that the boy is proving stronger than he thought, and plotting to take him out of the picture before he becomes a real problem...

Semi-Known Troper: Well done to whoever came up with 'It's only weakness is a Gonna Fly Now Montage' from Asteroid Monster.

Pieguy 259: Scrounge, for this comment in It Just Bugs Me Discussion: "Actually, the internet is secretly powered by that pink slime from Ghostbusters 2. If there's not a strong enough negative charge, it shuts down. This is actually the backup generator too, since when people can't get to their porn and webcomics, a negative charge builds up that's strong enough to bring the net back to life."

Ununnilium: William Wide Web, for "Shakespearian dialogue Shakespearian dialogue" from True Art Is Angsty.

Gene Yuss: Whoever it was who came up with the "Mr. Lampshade Hanging" joke on the MIB page.

Sikon: The author of RahXephon for this line: "Neon Genesis Evangelion, as written by someone who isn't suicidally depressed."

Looney Toons: Oh! That's mine. How come I never noticed this entry before? Thank you, Sikon.

Pteryx: I love the caption that the image for Timey-Wimey Ball ultimately ended up with. Pure gold. :)

Heart Burn Kid: Mention of Trope Name. Witty reference to how much I laughed. Offer of alcoholic beverages for all involved.

Lale: Kizor, nicely written paragraph on His Dark Materials in Take That.

AK 47 x 2: Quick nomination for the line in Inept Aptitude Test about Funeral Director and Marine Biologist making a 'curious Venn diagram'.

Tangent 128: Belated, but I'd like to compliment Being X (fomerly known as screw-the-duelists-i-hav...) for their launching of Dada Comics from this.

Kudos to the wonderful Tropers who made Sorting Algorithm of Deadness... 'Death' was never so easy to comprehend!

Morgan Wick: Even though I don't really get the title ("tastes like"?) I have to praise Tastes Like Diabetes.

Earnest: Thanks, the hardest part was probably finding that... picture... (shudder), I knew having pre-teen girl cousins would come in handy for something. :D Names can be changed, all it takes is a redirect from something like "Sickeningly Sweet".

Korodzik: If you lived in Poland, you'd understand :) "Diabetes" is "cukrzyca" in Polish, which can be literally translated as "sugaries".

Pieguy 259: Red Shoe's "Goofus" paragraph on True Art Is Angsty. Particularly the puppy bit.

Tropers are on a roll today. Seven Seals with the answer, from It Just Bugs Me Discussion:

 Q: "Where does Optimus Prime's trailer go when he switches to robot mode?"

A: Hammerspace. I thought everyone knew that one.

Synjo Deonecros, in He Who Fights Monsters

  his puppy roasted on an open spit, whatever.

As they say at Fark, puppycide trio in play.

Hasher Britarse: Loved the list on We've Got Ourselves a Blank, ...regicide, deicide, puppycide... LOL

Lale: Clever, whoever wrote the opening paragraph to The Inheritance Trilogy to look exactly like a summary of Star Wars without names.

Morgan Wick: When I looked like it, it didn't look exactly like that, so I changed "dragon egg" to "Plot Coupon" to make it complete.

Madacaek: Neglectful Precursors. Win.

Lale: Kayube's recently added paragraph to Justifying Edit rocks! Couldn't have said it any better.

Lale: It's not new, but I found it too funny not to mention -- the line in Offscreen Teleportation that refers to "a mundane slasher flick." ROTFL

Mister Six: Nominate Fast Eddie, for putting up the picture on Wild Mass Guessing.

Phartman: Hey, how'd he get that picture of my uncle Mike?

Mister Six: His orbital space satellite, which he built with alien technology supplied by Majestic 12.

Phartman: Wow, so all this time, uncle Mike was right...

Madacaek: Curse you, Majestic 12! Curse yooooouuuuu!

Phantoon: The creator of the Doctor Who - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Grand Unified Theory in Wild Mass Guessing. I began screaming with laughter more or less immediately.

Harpie Siren: A big win for Lale four this line in Sequelitis: "Disney + Sequels = What Were You Thinking??" Couldn't have said it better myself...

Bob La Rice: Whoever wrote this line in Anti Poop Socking: "Pro Fishing Challenge inadvertently employs this trope by being spectacularly boring." That's good stuff.

Zeke: This mathematician nominates whoever is responsible for the name Eigen Plot. (From the talk page, it appears to be Firvulag.)

Red Shoe: At the risk of tooting my own horn, it was me, actually.

Black Dragon: This line from One Game for the Price of Two, concerning Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children: This game is as if some Japanese executive heard the Moral Guardians ranting about Pokemon being about children summoning demons and went "...that would be an awesome game!"

Fly: Whoever wrote this script 'quote' in You Didn't Ask:

 Cop: "You didn't tell us that you were having an illicit affair with your secretary while betting on backroom cockfights."

Perp: "You didn't ask."

Earnest: Mad proprs to Scrounge for putting "You never saw this page. It doesn't exist." at the end of MIB, I know I'll be assassinated for it, but it made me laug... that I am delusional and clinically insane, there is nothing there. I shall turn myself in to a undisclosed sanatorium. No reason to be alarmed, please move along.

Daviot: Props to whoever included both Indiana Jones adventure games on the exceptions list of The Problem with Licensed Games. I have both (the first on 5½" floppy discs, the second on CD with voice acting.), and shall attest that both are fairly awesome. Thanks for making my day. ~_^

Man Called True: A shout out to Andyroid for picking up my slack in Chaste Toons. I knew there was an episode like that...

Andyroid: Gee, thanks. I was wondering if I would ever get mentioned here. My years of watching way too many cartoons have finally paid off!

the latter two paragraphs in Enforced Method Acting were hilarious, props to whoever wrote them

Jonny D: That would have been me, and thank you very much, I accept your props from whoever gave them

Ununnilium: Keith, in Revealing Coverup, for: "and then it's heroes getting all over your business with the rapelling into the volcanic headquarters and the shooting and the debris falling into the shark tank and having to run away while waving your fist and yelling about getting away with it if it hadn't been for those darn kids and then having to find a new lieutenant after having shot the previous one for having the bad taste to point out that it was your plan that caused all this when you'd have been further ahead just getting the damn pictures taken."

Morgan Wick: It's funny if you have the patience to read it, but for the same reasons it also has a "tl;dr" factor. Not that I'm advocating changing anything.

Ununnilium: Scrounge, in Evil Dramatis Personae, for "Necropedia, the living dead library filled with knowledge man was not meant to know packed into the gibbering, skittering, horribly mutated books that dwell inside him." It's positively Grant Morrison-esque.

Earnest: Just the title of How to Become a Love Interest makes me giggle, the trope inside is awesome. Thanks Solandra, you made my day! ^_^

Solandra: Glad to know I made something that got here! Lale was the one who actually came up with the idea in the first place, though.

Lale: But I was against your title, which seems to be great.

Earnest: I'll be the first to admit my sense of humor has warped into an Escher painting, but the idea of someone with a smidgen of Genre Savvy wanting to be a love interest with things like Distressed Damsel and Love Hurts very much present is just... well, funny!

Yoshi 348: To Mister Six, for the line in Banned in China talking about Germany's rampant videogame bowdlerization: "after all, it's a well-known fact that Adolf Hitler was addicted to Counterstrike."

Devil's Advocate: I'd like to applaud newcomer Shahai for his addition to Wild Mass Guessing, wherein he applies the "dead and in purgatory" theory to...wait for it...Dante's Purgatorio. Nicely done.

Shahai: Thanks, I hoped someone would find it funny...Though someone apparently didn't get the joke, as per the recent edit.

Mister Six: Restored Shahai's version. Love it!

Morgan Wick: And now I'd like to request it be moved here permanantly, so you can laugh at it and I don't have to look at the cancer on the page.

Heart Burn Kid: ... Melodramatic much?

Zeta: Geeze, grow a sense of humor.

Mister Six: Finally, someone even more uptight and fun-destroying than me!

Shahai: As far as competetion for gross overstatement of the year goes, this is made of win:

 Morgan Wick: And now I'd like to request it be moved here permanantly, so you can laugh at it and I don't have to look at the cancer on the page.

Looney Toons: I bow down to Willy Four Eyes for his Title Bin entry, "Joanie Loves Tchotchkes".

Outsyder 0486: I'm extremely late with this, but whoever decided to use Eagle Land for a trope is worthy of praise. Earthbound titles win with me, hands down.

Lale: Psycho Serum -- the entire entry, but especially the "Troper's General warning" paragraph. Genius!

whitetigah: seconded! Excellent job!

Amethyst: Thirded!

Harpie Siren: Whoever put this in Network Decay: "Wiki example: TV Tropes Wiki. Despite the name, this site no longer focuses on television. Over the past year, it has added movies, books, even video games to its lineup. It's rumored that it'll change its name in the near future, perhaps to something like "Tropes Wiki X-Treme"."

Mister Six: That would be Ununnilium.

Ununnilium: bows, accepts flowers

Mister Six: I'm impressed by Jonny D's text in the Added Alliterative Appeal write up. A+!

Andrew Leprich: Seconded. Nice work!

Jonny D: [In best MacGyver voice] Don't thank me, thank the good people at!

Ununnilium: From The Law of Fan Jackassery: "Thus, for example, fans of VR 5 are a really nice bunch of people. Both of them."

whitetigah: I don't know who did it, but to whoever put this picture in Memetic Mutation: you win.

Morgan Wick: From Wild Mass Guessing:

  • Lost -- The castaways are actually on the set of a wildly successful TV programme, The Creators of which have absolutely no idea what they're doing and just make everything up as they go along. Lost is a wildly successful TV programme, whose creators have absolutely no idea what they're doing and just make everything up as they go along.

(someone else): Thanks for the compliment, morgan

Susan Davis: ...and also, The Tropers are actually the souls of bad TV writers and executives who are stuck in Purgatory, and are tallying their sins here to atone for the fact that they caused many of them in the first place....

Ununnilium: Indeed, the whole TV Tropes Wiki part.

Duckluck: Hell, that whole page is TV Tropes Made of Win Archive.

Egak: From Mask Power, "...Is capable of killing anyone, anywhere, anytime, with a fan...Threat Level: Medium"

  • Citizen: That's the one entry from the list that I wrote the description for.

Fast Eddie: This exchange from Mundane Fantastic Discussion:

  Mister Six: ...are you talking about rewriting one of the tropes so that it means something completely different?

  Tanto: Yeah. No need to dump a perfectly good name. If they're too similar right now, just pull them apart some.

 Mister Six: Oh, right. Sorry! Forget what I just said.

'Cuz of all the adult stuff going on in it.

Lale: Virgin Power. Trope perfection.

Umptyscope: Heel Face Mole. Just 'cuz.

LTR: Kudos to whoever slipped "Since no human has ever experienced Time Travel first hand ... debating which time travel theory is right is much like trying to find the best flavor of ice cream (it's Cookie Dough, by the way)." into Timey-Wimey Ball.

Lale: Red Shoe for this line from Earth Is the Center of the Universe: "Of course, maybe Science Fiction shows really do show aliens invading the planet Zog just as often as they do Earth. It's just that those shows are only aired on the planet Zog."

Black Dragon: This line from One World Order: "In some examples, the government is benevolent, efficient, enlightened, and out for your well-being. In others, it's realistic." Fight The Man, yo!

Amethyst: Gargle Blaster . That wonderful description made me lol. Especially the part about the yiping ice cubes.

Jonny D: I'd love to take credit for that one, but when I wrote the page, I used Schol-R-LEA's discription from the origonal YKTTW posting wholeaale.

Susan Davis: "Surrounding Shamgri La is an endless expanse of beautiful but dangerous mountain peaks, none of which feature ski slopes or extreme sports wankers with broken collarbones."

SAMAS: The entirety of Sim Sim Salabim, if for no other reason that I can't stop giggling every time I so much as look at the title.

Lale: This Is Your Brain on Evil. Period.

Jisu: The entirety of Sorting Algorithm of Mortality.

Next Door To Alice: By ending Polar Bears and Penguins with "In children's cartoons and comics, there will literally be a South or North Pole that looks just like the striped poles outside barbers' shops. Elves, reindeer and Santa Claus will no doubt be somewhere nearby. In these cases, the cannibalism rule can be waived.", Mister Six launched 100% Grade-A Win.

Korodzi: Uncanny Valley: "In that way, the theory goes, the Uncanny Valley is a protection against associating with sources of infection. Of course, it may also be a race memory of when Earth was invaded by department-store mannequins."

Korodzik: Weirdest Inbound Link of the Day.

Fire Walk: To Alexandra Erin, for the line regarding Televisually-Transmitted Disease: "Muchausen by proxy is so common on television, one almost suspects a number of the women are just pretending they have it to get attention."

Man Called True: Whoever put the xkcd reference in Title Bin, *love*!

Egak: Thanks.

Lale: From Go Through Me: "one of the more irritating moments of screenwriter Steve Kloves' Hermione-worshipping campaign" So I'm not the only one who noticed that.

Lale: The entirety of Dysfunction Junction, but especially that line "One word: Evangelion" is just too much!

Ununnilium: Alexandra Erin, for "Maybe you've just got a big ol' can of Applied Phlebotinum... in your pants"

Susan Davis: well as "...or possibly in this case a screwdriver."

Alexandra Erin: I don't know if people usually respond to these, but thanks... that joke popped into my head when Anita actually quoted the hammer maxim in Incubus Dreams, and I've been searching for an outlet for it ever since.

Octal: Awwww... what page was it on? I can't find it.

Solandra: Deus Sex Machina, with two Ss.

Octal: Whee, thanks!

Lale: The entirety of Evil Tastes Good.

Morgan Wick: In other words, Captain Obvious states the obvious (as his name implies), which means that his statements are self-evident.

Sikon: That would be me.

Looney Toons: All hail Janitor for

 Janitor: Actually, it is my website. Bye.

on Good Style Discussion.

Pavlov: Kudos to Citizen for the image he added to Image Song. I never wanted to hear someone's mole sing before, but now I have to find the album. That is just hilarious!

Jisu: Seconded. I liked the Yuki's Chair one better, but all the fake Haruhi albums are amusing. (Even "Itsuki's STD", prejudiced and shipper-driven as it is.)

Lale: Binaroid for this line in Non-Action Guy: "This is especially likely if the writers attempt to combine Rescue Romance with All Up to You... again... and again..."

Harpie Siren: This line in Professor Guinea Pig: "Congratulations, Curt, now you're a violent half-human half-lizard monster. Bravo." I almost fell off my chair laughing...

Korodzik: Thundraphobia: "Just as a side note, the actual name of this fear is "brontophobia". However, that would bring up mental images of a crippling fear of Flintstones reruns, and nobody wants to see that."

Whogus The Whatsler: Ununnilium, for adding the inspired note to Recursive Acronym: "See also Recursive Acronym".

Susan Davis: ...but not for the earlier such note on Recursive Canon?

Ununnilium: Weirdly enough, I added mine without knowing about yours. Good job, Susan!

Ununnilium: osh, in Re-Power, for "the direction goes 'cantaloupe'".

Heart Burn Kid: From Chaste Toons:

Also works as a reverse Parental Bonus, in that adults watching the show don't have to picture Inspector Gadget having sex. Nobody wants to picture "Go Go Gadget Vibration".

Brilliant, Zeta. Absolutely brilliant.

Lale: Schol-R-LEA, way to go with Animation Age Ghetto! We're long overdue for addressing that.

Kizor: Props to Red Shoe for his massively awesome skill in seeing the obvious that nobody else here had noticed and bringing it to light in Combinatoric Explosion.

Scrounge and cjhaacke for the following from MIB:

  • Perhaps the first one we should mention is Sector Seven from the upcoming movie and associated side-stories. We could tell you more, but A, that would be spoilers and B, we'd have to kill you. This site has no budget, and assassins are expensive. Save us the trouble.

the line from Deconstruction Fleet about "taking [tropes] home, cuddl[ing] them and call[ing] them george" was hilarious

Susan Davis: Doomy Dooms of Doom, just for the trope name.

YYZ: Kudos to whoever snuck the Neil Gaiman reference into Fauxlosophic Narration.

Susan Davis: There Is No Such Thing as Notability, for throwing WP:NOTE into a cocked hat.

Janitor; Mister Six, on the topic of Splitter ...

  Mister Six: This article should be divided into "Lumper" and "Splitter".

screw-the-duelists-i-have-money-in-america: the opening line from Hollywood Geek is the second funniest opening line ever (if my first thought is "HEY! i resemble that remark!", you (i.e. whoever wrote that) are doing pretty good

Janitor: From Title Bin: Seth: Gondor Calls For No Particular Reason It Was Just Lonely And Needed Someone To Talk To ... too long, but way funny.

Morgan Wick: Very Pythonian.

Tanto: Tzintzuntzan's Freudian Excuse entry is excellently written.

screw-the-duelists-i-have-money-in-america: especially the "his father beat him, now let's go back to beating the crap out of him, but now we'll feel his pain" part

Looney Toons: Hats off to Fire Walk for The Guards Must Be Crazy. Give that man a Coke, or at least a Coke bottle. <grin>

Hasher Britarse to Mister Six and others concerned; a damned (possibly quite literally) fine page on Hellblazer, and not just because it links to a few of my entries! BTW how come a Veritgo reader with a handle like "Mister Six" hasn't done an Invisibles page yet?

Mister Six: Thanks! The Invisibles - and Swamp Thing and whatever else I can think of - to be added soon. I'll probably do The Invisibles this weekend, actually.

Kizor: Andy Zero, for naming a subtype of Intimate Healing "I put on my robe and wizard hat."

Looney Toons: Ten points to Scrounge for his recent additions to the Title Bin.

Fast Eddie: Seconded. Uncanny Valley Girl, especially.

Ununnilium: Personally, I love Jukebox Antihero.

Scrounge: Aw, gee, shucks, you're making me blush... ^*(^)_(^)*^ ( blushing guy with glasses, a hard thing to emoticon-ize).

screw-the-duelists-i-have-money-in-america "sex. now that we have your attention" has got to be the funniest opening line ever!

Seth: What is it from?

Kizor: <EGOISM>

Looney Toons: I think Seth might be asking what entry the line can be found in. It's from Filth.

Mister Six: Grixit put this superb geek reference in Twilight Zone Twist: "Whatever the case, the ending always makes it clear that people will get what they deserve. And that you should always keep a spare pair of glasses."

Susan Davis: From Refuge in Audacity: "This isn't Getting Crap Past the Radar, this is crashing through the front and the back doors of the radar installation in an armored car painted with a Hieronymus Bosch reproduction, hood-mounted machine guns blazing, Motorhead blasting on the jerry-rigged PA system, one arm hanging out of the window making a rude hand gesture."

YYZ: I suggested Motorhead, but the rest of that sentence is the work of others.

Tabby: Amethyst, for the Raiders example in Peek-a-Boo Corpse. I shouldn't laugh at the pain of other, and yet...

Licky Lindsay: Title Bin.

Ununnilium: The Machiavelli quote on Zero-Percent Approval Rating.

Lale: Scrounge, The War Has Just Begun trope is TV Tropes Made of Win Archive, and the way it's written is TV Tropes Made of Win Archive. So cool!

Scrounge: Aw, thanks... I owe a lot of it to Optimus Primal. His cheesey-awesome speech at the end of the Transformers: Beast Wars pilot inspired me to write up the trope, and parts of what I wrote are lifted from it whole-cloth. There's a reason that's the first example.

Andyroid: Lale, I actually burst out laughing when I saw the name for Pieta Plagiarism. Nice!

Earnest: My compliments to Bluetooth The Pirate for this line in All Guys Want Cheerleaders, it's funny and appropriate on so many levels. "Since it's a family show, everything about it is almost completely neutered when it comes to sexuality, so it's all about "getting dates"."

Looney Toons: Hats off to Paul A for Rummage Fail!

Harpie Siren: To Amethyst, and anybody else working on Hollywood History... it's just great!

Ununnilium: For some reason, even though I've heard about it before, Outsyder0486's description of Squaresoft's predicament in Final Fantasy I made me tear up, just a bit. Thus.

Ununnilium: "In real life, geeks aren't particularly attractive. For example, look in the mirror." Damn you, Mister Six! Damn yooooooooooo...

Harpie Siren: Yay! Props to Colin!

Ununnilium: Lale, for the entirety of Evil Feels Good.

Lale: Amethyst, very great job with the Six Wives of Henry VIII entry.

Colin: Refuge in Audacity was great, Kizor, in particular the part about how it differs for Getting Crap Past the Radar.

Seth: Long time coming - To Heart Burn Kid, for almost single handily building, maintaining and seeding the Professional Wrestling section and actually convincing half of us that it's worth having.

Morgan Wick: More like "for building it from a single page existing just to acknowledge its existence to a whole section that might be sidebar-worthy".

Seth: That's what the "almost" part was for.

Lale: Love the Jumped At the Call entry, Colin.

Lale: ROTFL!!! You are so right about Xtreme Kool Letterz, Heart Burn Kid! Great entry!

Ununnilium: Also, Andyzero, for the name Right Through His Pants.

Ununnilium: Tanto, for the line from Sonic Syndrome (renamed to Polygon Ceiling): "This entry is dedicated to these fallen heroes." Well-done.

Katherine: I've been enjoying watching the Captain Good Doctor Maybe entry take shape, but "Captain Jack: Will get you high tonight." pushed me into full-on laughter.

Lale: Great My Girl Is Not a Slut entry, Hasher Britarse!

Harpie Siren: Trope Overdosed, is TV Tropes Made of Win Archive and Love, Lale you are the coolest!

Harpie Siren: Shout out to Andyzero for Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act.

Heart Burn Kid: Seth gets a MoWwie for this little snippet, from Heroes:

  Warning: This page, much like this entire web site contains no small number of spoilers. Reading it will ruin plot points, kill your geraniums and make you get a hair cut.

I want a template of that, so very much.

Seth: This is what happens if you complain about spoilers in a website which entire function is to list them.

Lale: Excellent Video Game Movies Suck entry, Tanto! Can't imagine how it could be said better.
Seth: Just remember Resident Evil Rocked.
Lale: Have no personal experience with that... or video games in general, which is why I could easily believe Video Game Movies Suck.
Seth: Its mostly true.

Harpie Siren: And props to you Anderw for Inexplicable Treasure Chests. A classic universal video game trope!

Andrew Leprich: Props to Tanto for Malevolent Architecture. Very funny and well-written.

Lale: Tanto, that Inevitable Waterfall entry is genius! Some extreme phrases like that are just euphemisms, but what this page says is absolutely, 100% true!

Seven Seals: Tzintzuntzan made it seem like we always had Mook Chivalry. That's what I call an entry starter.

Seth: To Citizen for his image contribution to Rape Is Love

Lale: Our thanks to Seth for the intense spring cleaning.

Ununnilium: To Lale, even more props, for Little Women.

Harpie Siren: Major, major props to Lale for the Hans Christian Andersen entry.

Ununnilium: A bit old, but Andy Zero, for this line in Cyberspace:

"Sometimes the gateway would be a mirror or book. A computer screen is both of these."

Seth: As i said there, one of the best written lines in the wiki.

Seth Accolades to Fast Eddie for the page Avatar and The Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers. This has started something very big and highly amusing.

Tabby: Props to the writers of the Supernatural entry. I just discovered the show, and the cheery-but-slightly-snarky tone of the article sums up my feelings toward it exactly.

Seth: That would be a mix of Drop Dead Gorgias who started the page and Me who expanded it and added more or less everything to do with fanservice.

Kizor: Thanks be to Ununnilium, for coming up the trope name for I Know Mortal Kombat.

Grev: Not only is the name Yes but What Does Zataproximetacine DO a win, so are the side effects of the drugs:

 "If you have seasonal allergies, Mxyzptlkacine may be right for you. Side effects of Mxyzptlkacine are uncommon, and include headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stomach pain, acid reflux, cardiac arrhythmia, varicose veins, darkened stool, internal hemorrhaging, lycanthropy, anemia, loss of vision, more vomiting, arteriosclerosis, death, and mild rash."

Seth: I've been impressed by this line on Dark Magical Girl every time i read it and would like to congratulate whoever authored it:

 A young girl's greatest fear isn't Monsters, or magical threats from beyond time and space. No, a young girl's greatest fear overshadows all of those things.

Their greatest fear is to be alone.

Tanto: I believe I speak for all of us when I say: Finally.

Ununnilium: Yes.

Heart Burn Kid: A belated congratulations to whoever put this on I Won't Say I'm Guilty:

 "Wendell, we can't win this. Your car was found at the scene of the crime, forty eyewitnesses are positive it was you, it sure does look like you on the security footage, and the jury are apparently collaborating on a book called Burn in Hell, Wendell Spatz, You Guilty Guilty Scumbag. The DA says if we plead guilty you'll be out in three days, and you'll also get a week in the Bahamas with Scarlett Johansson. Plead now and they'll throw in a set of steak knives."

Seriously, I want to hear that in a real courtroom drama.

Kizor: In a somewhat more puerile case, I'd like to thank the troper who used the word "sausage-fest" in Politically-Correct History to describe a medieval setting that focuses on men. This is the best such expression I've seen since someone called saber-rattling "penis dance" over at Everything2.

Ununnilium: LTR, for the name Hyde and Seek.

Harpie Siren: Many virtual cookies to Chrome Newfie for this gem in the Heroes artical

  Magnificent Bastard ... and in this corner, the fight is between Bennett and Nathan Petrelli. Odds favorite is currently Nathan, as he manages to be a Magnificent Bastard even when the people know it.

Seth: Someone had to call it, Petrelli won. Great line.

Chrome Newfie: A win for Looney Toons, who added this to the Heroes trope list:

 * Contemplate Our Navels: Mohinder's long and pointless voice overs: "Why are we here, why do we dream, when will I stop".

  • Seth: Hey i was the first person to write that, notice he was altering an edit that was already there. :( He added a colon.
  • Looney Toons: I added an apostrophe, and thus turn down the honor.
  • Apologies, and due credit to all - Seth for the entry, and Looney Toons for a little more integrity in this ugly, beautiful world. ;)

Ununnilium: For robert, who did the incredible task of making a Shakespeare entry that fits the man.

Fast Eddie: Drop Dead Gorgias bats one toward the fence with (for Grey's Anatomy):

 Lessseee, George loves Meredith, who loves Derek, who can't decide whether he loves Meredith or Addison, who also is still in love with Derek, but at one point was in love with McSteamy, who slept with Callie, who is in love with George? Let's just say that the gurneys in this hospital are rarely free to actually hold patients.

Chrome Newfie: Shout out to Bluetooth The Pirate, for coming up with the trope name Hannibal Lecture. As Looney Toons stated (and indirectly provided the name for this page, so much love to him too), "Yes, that's made of win and love."

Tonkarz: I love the line(s) on the Cliché Storm page:

"You are in a Cliché Storm. Do not worry. The pain will soon pass. A bug will soon scrag the inept Lieutenant. Security will soon come to the perimeter. The line will soon be held. It will be over, soon."


Ack Sed: This line on British Accents: "Yorkshire:Rural with a twist of lime and 128-bit encryption." Genius.

Looney Toons: Thank you. I try.

Rina: Whoever wrote the bit in Love Dodecahedron: ' School Rumble. Any further explanation of the tangle of relationships would turn into a plot summary...', I thank thee greatly for a really long fit of giggles.

The Grim Sleeper: Whomever added "In this troper's opinion, the only things season seven of Bt VS deconstructed were its meticulously maintained continuity, solid mythology, and stirring characterisation." to the Reactionary Fantasy page.


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