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  • The penguins reach Antarctica. "Well this sucks!"
  • When Alex's signal beacon burns down:

 Alex: You maniac! You burned it up! Darn you! Darn you all to heck!

  • King Julien XIII supplies nearly ALL the moments of funny in the movies. The Penguins supply most of the rest.
  • In the first movie, he uses a skeletal human arm as a sceptre. While he's waving it around during the argument on the crashed plane, it constantly makes the appropriate positions as if it were his own hand.
    • The same thing applies when he is once again on the plane in the second movie, sitting on a skeleton's lap. Once again the skeletal hand makes the same motions as his own.
  • In the second movie, he is the first to suggest a volcanic sacrifice with a long and complicated argument with himself. Finally he finishes with:

 Julien: Quickly! Before we all come to our senses!

    • Other Julien lines include:

Julien: (to Private, hanging from the light-fixture) You, in-flight slave... Bring me my nuts on a silver platter.

Julien: If I, King Julien (that's my name), only had two days to live, I would do all the things I have ever dreamed of doing. I would love to become a professional whistler. I'm pretty amazing at it now, but I wanna get, like, even better. (Makes fart sounds, spits attempting to whistle) And you know what else I would do? I would invade a neighboring country and impose my own ideology on them, even if they didn't want it!

    • One has difficulty imagining anything Julien had ever dreamt of doing that he had not done.
  • In the first movie the Penguins are called psychotic even by the other characters. They seem aware of this...

 Gloria: Where are the people?

Skipper: We killed 'em and ate their livers. (Beat while we see Gloria's look of horror. Skipper just grins) Gotcha, didn't I?

  • In Madagascar 2, the launch, flight and crash of the 'plane' is a twenty-minute long moment of funny. Possibly because the penguins feature heavily in it.

 "Place the bag over your face to hide your terrified expression from the other passengers."

  • The entire "Pass it on" scene in the second movie.
  • The scene with the spider in the first movie.
  • I hear Tom Wolfe's speaking at Lincoln Center. [Phil signs frantically] Well, of course we're going to throw poo at him!
  • In the first movie, the animals wash up on the titular country and are reunited. As Alex and Marty are reunited, in slow motion, there's this exchange:

 Alex: Marty!

Marty: Alex!

Alex: Marty!

Marty: Al!

Alex: [grows angry] Marty!

Marty: [grows concerned] Alex?

Alex: [goes into full sprint, angry] Marty!

Marty: [[[Oh Crap]] eyes, turns to run away] Oh, Sugar Honey Ice Tea!

  • The TRAILER for the third movie has one. The scene cuts to the penguins and the chimps tearing up a hotel room. The penguins are having a pillowfight on the bed. Rico surprises Skipper and the pillow rips, releasing feathers everywhere. Skipper falls to his knees and cries out:

 Skipper: Chimichanga! These pillows are filled with baby birds!

    • How can we forget the part where Marty is doing this whole singing/dancing rountine with afros, polka-dots, and circuses. Not to mention the look Alex is giving him just screams volumes.

 Alex: Really?

    • Marty's song has already become a hit on Youtube thanks to its Ear Worm status.
    • The "I'm sexy and I know" it scene where King Julien is looking at that bear dreamy eyed, offers [her?] a fish and then gets eaten. After the bear takes him out, he proclaims "What a woman!"
  • I can't believe no one mentioned the palm tree scene from the first movie! Anyways, Alex makes an S.O.S. sign called "HELP" made from palm trees. A little bit later, the loop in the P drops down until the message is spelled "HELL."
  • This little exchange after Alex snaps:

 Marty: Excuse me... You're biting my butt!


Alex: No, I'm not.

  • In the second movie, the fight between Alex and Nana (the old lady from the first movie), and towards the end of the second movie, the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Nana gives Makunga when she sees him with her tote.
  • Europe's Most Wanted: Everyone looks on in horror as their plane falls off a building with King Julien still inside... and a smile creeps onto Maurice's face.
  • Marty's "Afro Circus" song may be annoying, but it's so ridiculous it just builds the laughter out of you.
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