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"Y'see, I'm not too fond of shootin'. It's my preference to blow things up. Once you blast the roof off a pub and see all the parts flying off people, a little bang-bang's never gonna match the sight of that."
Brian, Sin City


"Yes Rico, Kaboom."
—penguins of madagascar
"Say hello to my cute bombs!"
Grenade Man, Mega Man 8
"Jamie want big boom!"
Jamie Hyneman, Myth Busters

Ben Vereen: I'm getting a big charge out of being on your show!

Crazy Harry: Did someone say a BIG CHARGE? *produces a plunger*

Vereen and Kermit: NO! NO!

Ohh, they're gonna have to glue you back together... IN HELL!
Demoman, Team Fortress 2
I LOST A BOMB! Do you have it?
Crazy Ivan, Red Alert 2
Art is a bang! Katsu!
Deidara, Naruto
He's always planning to blow something up. i just never know what.
Elf on Pronto, Schlock Mercenary
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