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Machinima are movies made with images from game engines. The word is supposed to be a Portmanteau of "Machine" and "Cinema", but the guy who coined the term misspelled it. Since he misspelled it while coding machinima.com, the term stuck.

Since Machinima is a form of scripted video narrative, it could employ any of the Tropes from the main list, and there are also tropes specific to the medium. From a scriptwriting perspective, the technological limitations on the action are the only difference from other media.

Some common plots include

Machinimas are almost always Web Originals, though they have appeared on television here and there. The best place to find machinimas to watch is machinima.com.

When Machinimators cannot muster enough horsepower (or bandwidth) to make video, and decide to turn their Machinima works into webcomics instead, see Machinomics.

Examples of Machinima include:

Non-Video Game Examples

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