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MF DOOM (also known as DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, etc.) is a particularly Troperiffic rapper.

DOOM, born Daniel Dumile, had some success as a rapper in the early '90s under the name Zev Love X. However, the tragic loss of his brother in a car accident in 1994 caused him to retreat from the hip-hop world and sink into a deep depression. He eventually became homeless on the streets of New York; in interviews, he describes himself in this period as "recovering from his wounds" and swearing revenge "against the industry that so badly deformed him." If this sounds like a Super Villain origin story, well, the similarity didn't escape him either. When he recovered and returned to the world of hip-hop he adopted the identity of MF DOOM, an Expy of the Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom. DOOM has consistently worn a Cool Mask since he returned to performing; it is nearly impossible to find pictures of him from after 1998 or so in which he shows his face.

DOOM's raps often play with the ideas of the Superhero and Super Villain, or use those tropes to deconstruct hip-hop culture. His lyrics are marked by a vast knowledge of popular culture, and commonly allude to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Western Animation, and Comic Book characters. In addition to the Fantastic Four mythos from which his identity is borrowed (and from where he gets a lot of hilarious samples of people complaining about "Doom") he's fond of Star Trek, commonly comparing himself to Worf. The potential for Narm in this is tempered by DOOM's lyrical skill and playfulness and support by a range of excellent producers. DOOM maintains a good degree of popularity in both underground and mainstream hip-hop circles: his 2004 album Madvillainy with producer Madlib is regarded by some as a classic.

In 2005, MF DOOM and hip-hop producer Danger Mouse collaborated as DANGERDOOM on The Mouse And The Mask, an album produced in cooperation with Adult Swim. The album featured songs explicitly about Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Perfect Hair Forever (for which DOOM had done voice acting), and other raps on the album made reference to Inuyasha, Trigun, and Futurama. Voice actors from various Adult Swim shows made contributions, and samples from Adult Swim shows permeate throughout. It's much Better Than It Sounds, although Your Mileage May Vary.


  • As MF DOOM
    • Operation: Doomsday (1999)
    • Mm... Food (2004)
    • Live From Planet X (2005)
    • Born Like This (2009)
    • Unexpected Guests (2009)
    • Gazzillion Ear EP (2010)
  • As King Geedorah
    • Take Me To Your Leader (2003)
  • As Viktor Vaughn
    • Vaudeville Villain (2003)
    • Venomous Villian (2004)
  • With Madlib
    • Madvillainy (2004)
    • Madvillainy 2 - The Madlib Remix (2008)
  • With Danger Mouse
    • The Mouse And The Mask (2005)
    • Occult Hymn (2006)
  • With J Dilla and Ghostface Killah
    • Sniperlite EP (2008)

MF DOOM makes use of the tropes:

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