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File:Lunaticroymeme2 1605.jpg

"Gather your psychotic masses and bring them to me,

To a world devoid of sanity

Another time, and another place

And then the violence creates calamity..."
—"A Welcome Burden", Disturbed

Lunatic Inc. is an online Science Fiction/Fantasy RP that takes place in Scapia, a world previously much different from our own until it witnessed a surge in magical study and technological advancement. Now it is recovering from a war governed by greed and a lust for power, only to be united under a single organization capable of governing on a global scale (which is actually a bit small). As a result, a large number of Mercenary/Bounty Hunter corporations sprang into existence, to deal with the duties that your average adventurer or governed police force would deal with. However, some died out due to high wages and general abuse of their powers. Some couldn't take care of certain threats, and such jobs were taken to the High Council (who assigned their own groups to take care of the matter), or were taken up to the Central Government, easily creating a four power square with the Corporations, the nation of the Dark Empire, and the allied Wild Lands. Others developed their own specific niches such as finding criminals, researching magic, etc.

But there are whispers of one corporation, though exceedingly small.

This one corporation, made up of veterans and newcomers of near legendary strength and skill composed of specialists in their fields. One corporation, That was lead and founded by a man who had played one of the largest parts in bringing an end to the Endless War, and was rumored to posses power and skill enough to crush whole other corporations himself and leave nothing but ruin in his wake This leader, Head of a corporation whose members would make up less then half of the number of others that were considered small. Yet who struck fear into the hearts of other organizations consisting of hundreds, helped to set up the council itself, and amassed more titles then almost any Corp. Fighter in the world.

The corporation is known as Lunatic Inc.

And it looks like they're hiring...

This roleplay includes examples of the following tropes:

 Kallis : "...WHAT?"

Roy :' "...What?...What?!...WHAT?!!"

 The entire squad refers this trio as the strategists as they usually gather around one another to plot.

  Charles: “Are you done? Because there's only one loud and angry, senile bastard, and that's me.”

  A rare OOC post, Adrian: "I shall not rest until all women have sexual desire for my ears!!"

  Doctress Who : " Isarabi x Adrian. Ship ship ship!"

  • Shout-Out - There are many. (If anyone thinks of any more examples, add them)
    • Roy first introduces himself to Romana as “the Master”.
    • Several comments are made in the IC about Adrian’s ears, which started out as a joke in the OOC thead.
    • As well as many Doctor Who related items, Romana pulls out 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy' whilst searching through her pockets.
    • Charles gives Romana the alias “Astra” when trying to fool the mobsters at the spaceport.You’ll only get the irony of this if you’re familiar with the Tom Baker Era of Doctor Who.
    • Roy's catchphrase or what's becoming his catchphrase lately, is much like a certain character from a certain Bizarre Adventure. And much like that guy, when Roy is annoyed by something he saids it too.
    • Jake is based on a character named Fll FFL, who is from a story very much similar to Lunatic Inc.
    • The way Charles uses his portals sometimes bear resemblance to the game-play mechanics of a certain PC game about cake.
  • Undercover As Lovers - Charles and Romana masquerade as husband and wife at the space port. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension - Jake accidentally flirted with Arca before she suddenly decided to rampage through hallways and knock herself unconscious.
  • What a Piece of Junk! - The Lander, and you do not want to question Marus' piloting skills.

  Roy: "I still, don't get why, you guys called this ship a death trap."

Character-specific Tropes:

Tropes to do with a specific character can be found here.

Adrian Myoto

Arca Cuilin

Charles Price

Frank Vic

Isarabi White

Jake Long

Kallis Mystlaine

Demoted to Extra - Who?

Milan Howlite


Be warned now: Read Romana's spoilers at your own risk. Heads may explode, and I don't want to be left cleaning up the mess.)

  • Alternate Universe
    • Whilst keeping for the most part true to her canon counterpart (albeit with a slight variation in character), the Romana in the Lunatic Inc universe is from a sub-branch of the Doctor Who Universe.
    • In other words, 'Lunatic' Romana is not beholden to the facts and rules of established canon. Since she has to play by the rules of the Lunatic Universe, some things have had to change
    • Also, considering the very nature of Doctor Who canon concerning alternate realities, this actually works out better than it should.
  • Awful Truth - Romana isn't who she thought she was. It turns out...well, just see the spoiler under 'Troubled past'.
    • Not to mention, the awful fact that her whole life has been manipulated by someone else. More than one person, in fact.
  • Bifauxnen - Sometimes. Some of her outfits are very masculine.
  • Bigger Bad - Pandora.
  • Brainwashed - A Time Lord called Braxiatel did this to Romana in her younger years.
  • The Corrupter – Pandora.
  • Cosmic Plaything - Romana seems to attract a lot of attention from the higher Powers That Be.
    • Romana only left Gallifrey in the first place because a certain being known as ‘The White Guardian’ wanted her to help some silly rogue Time Lord complete a quest. She was given no choice on the matter – neither was the Time Lord she was forced to work with.
    • The White Gaurdian’s brother, ‘The Black Gaurdian’, then decided to play a time travelling game of cat and mouse with her and her friend for several years, screwing around with them and causing them quite a bit of grief.
    • And of course, there is also Pandora, who arguably ‘created’ Romana in the first place.
  • Constantly Curious - Certainly in the Lunatic universe, she asks a lot of questions.
  • Curiosity Is a Crapshoot
  • Dark and Troubled Past/Future
    • There is a terrible truth that Romana hides. During her days at the Time Lord Academy, Romana was contacted by the spirit of Pandora, the First female President and self-proclaimed 'Imperiatrix' of Gallifrey. The goddess-like entity told Romana that she had manipulated Romana's genetic make-up through the centuries, in order to create the perfect vessel for her to rule Gallifrey once again, and that it was Romana's destiny under Pandora's 'guidance', to become President of Gallifrey, and the new 'Imperiatrix'. Romana informed her tutor, a Time Lord by the name of Braxiatel, who upon fearing for Romana and Gallifrey's future, hypnotised the girl to forget not only Pandora, but also Braxiatel himself, in order to keep her safe from Pandora's control. As such, Romana is not aware of these events. They remain harmlessly at the back of her subconcious, protected with various mental blocks to stop her from remembering.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen - She used to be a much colder, arrogant, haughty person in her younger years.
  • The Determinator
  • Distaff Counterpart - Riduclously long scarf, Robotic dog, Sonic device, Renegade Time Lord, Jelly Babies...have I seen this somewhere before?
  • Evil Counterpart - The Imperiatrix/Pandora
  • Forbidden Fruit - Romana can't help her curiousity...
    • Pandora wasn't called 'Pandora' for nothing.
  • Future Me Scares Me - The Imperiatrix. And how!
  • Human Aliens - Romana looks human...she isn't.
  • Hyperspace Mallet - Played with a Sci-fi twist: the sonic croquet mallet.
  • Immortality Begins At Twenty - Romana is over 100 years old, yet she looks like she is still in her twenties.
  • Jekyll and Hyde - Romana and The Imperiatrix.
  • Lady of Adventure - Almost to a T.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia - Romana was forced to forget a good portion of her past. For her own good.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl - To Charles. Albeit a toned down variant. She’s patiently determined to ‘make Charles better’.
  • Our Time Travel Is Different
  • Overly Long Name - Romanadvoratrelundar. But you can call her Romana...or Fred
  • Pink Is For Romana - She's first introduced to the team sporting her very Pink 'Tom Baker' outfit.
    • The colour used for the text when she's speaking is pink too.
  • (Head-exploding spoiler again) Reincarnation - Turns out, Romana is The Imperiatrix incarnate, the First Lady President of Gallifrey who was betrayed by her own people and executed. She has come back to reclaim her title as 'Imperiatrix' of Gallifrey through Romana...Not that Romana is aware of any of this.
  • Robot Dog - K9
  • The Runaway - Romana should have returned home after her initial quest was complete. She didn’t, self-exiling herself as a renegade, and eventually joining Lunatic Inc.
  • Scarf of Asskicking
  • Swiss Army Weapon - Anyone for a game of sonic Croquet? The mallet even opens locks!
  • Talking the Monster to Death - And everyone else, too.
  • Techno Babble
  • Unwitting Pawn - Practically to any chess master or plotter who sees the potential to manipulate her (which she hates).
    • One of the greatest examples, is that Romana is Pandora’s pawn. According to Pandora, that is Romana’s true purpose.
  • The Watson
  • You Can't Fight Fate - Romana is destined to return home, and become President of Gallifrey in her future As Pandora foretold whether she likes it or not.

Roy Everydayman

  • No Name Given - Roy Everydayman is not his real name, especially his last name as most would notice its obliviously fake. Roy is a nickname given him. His real name is Kilroy Alstroemeria, through he can be referred as a number either 884 or 0015.
  • Big Bad Various, but really it is own brother, Edgar "Ed" Alstroemeria
  • Dark and Troubled Past - Roy staged a coup, killed his own father with his own hands and became the next emperor. Afterwards, he committed genocide on his soldiers and people that were made just like himself and crashed his flying citadel into the mountains to simply kill his own brother. The reason, the goal of the Alstroemeria Empire was to make a perfect world, a utopia, however, to note, their method to achieve that ultimate goal was turning living beings into mindless living machines.
  • Do-Anything Robot - Roy is practically able to do anything. His combat computer allows him to master skills make quicker than most people. He has used his own devices in alternate ways like his Digital Transfer Module (DTM) which stores weapons to disarm foes.
  • Humble Hero Despite how some of the other members think of Roy, he isn't full of himself. He is aware of how powerful is, but he knows he isn't invincible. Whenever he fails, he accepts his failure and simply moves on to the next scheme.
    • Roy: “ I apologize, hopefully the next time, I can pull my weigh when we work together.”
  • Hunter of His Own Kind- The reason, Roy joined Lunatic Inc. is to get stronger so he can hunt the rest of Liger Rosse's creations. This includes his own brother, Edgar "Ed" Alstroemeria, who with his crew have been active on the present Scapia for least three years, two years more than Roy.
    • Roy: “ Because I didn't come here for the easy path. I need deadly challenges and dangerous situations, I need to grow stronger.”
  • MacGuffin - Mu Galaxy, Not even, Roy knows what it does nor does the writer for that matter
  • Necessarily Evil - Roy truly isn't evil or good for that matter. He's a regular guy with normal morals, however, if he has to do evil things to achieve good, he will with no hesitant.
    • Roy: “ If I can't win by your way, then I'll find another way to achieve victory.”
    • Roy “ And a win is a win even if its done by underhanded methods.”
  • Only Sane Man Compared to everyone on the squad, Roy is considered the voice of reason. However, when Roy isn't the only sane man, that role goes to Charles and then to Romana or Romana to Charles, it depends on what is going on. Thus they have a Sanity Ball game amongst them.
    • The GM of the game, once said it in a OOC post and instant messenger discussion with a role player.
  • Pay Unto Evil - Roy is downright cruel to those who do evil deeds and often goes out of his way to make sure that they suffer a horrible fate.
  • Serial Killer Killer By horrible fate, sometimes, he will kill them in a very sadistic matter.
    • Roy: " See, when you get to strike two, not only, am I going to take two weapons of yours, but I'm also going to rip off one of your limbs."
    • Roy: " I know, you think, I can't find you that easy, but I can and I will do horrible things to you and then I'm going to let Adrian do what he wants to you."
    • The worst part is, he saying this to an ally. Of course said ally was going to kill the other members of his squad so Roy either was going to let him kill or take him down. He choose to take him in a very ruthless manner, which lucky never happen thanks a Deus Ex Machina.
  • The Strategist - Roy has openly admitted to manipulating the others and makes schemes on the spot when in a crisis or just for fun.
  • The Unfettered
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist

Scael Clawver


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