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Luke Mochrie is the host of the That Guy With The Glasses series Film Conscience, where Phillip, his inner pessimist, and Ringo, his inner optimist, discuss recently released films. He later added several other aspects of his personality that provide their own view points on the films and support either Philip or Ringo's arguments. Philip and Ringo each choose one of the new Consciences to represent their view of the film, and at the end Luke gives his overall opinion. Can be found here.

Now has a character page, which could use some Wiki Magic.


 Ringo: I need to go...uh...put out a the bathroom.

    • A few moments later, to avoid having to comment on the direction, he attempts to say he needs to go disarm a nuclear bomb.
    • During a review of The Last Airbender, he had this to say to avoid getting dragged into viewing it also:

 Luke Uh, yeah… Ah, you know what? I think I, uh… I think I left my faucet on… In… In Canada. So I need to go. [runs away]

  • Lovable Coward: Neil, the Inner Worrier.
  • Musical Episode: His return to the site, where he did brief reviews of every movie he had seen since his last appearance. While playing the ukulele.
  • Nice Hat: Phillip and Ringo both have them.
  • Not So Different: Upon viewing Clash of The Titans, Phillip and Ringo hated it both, and they hated it so much, Luke had to shush them. Twice.
  • Oh Crap: When Luke realizes he has to review Never Say Never.
  • Odd Couple: Phillip and Ringo, the only two Inners featured in each show.
  • Praising Shows You Don't Watch: How to Train Your Dragon was a pretty good Dreamworks animated film. Which Philip and Ringo never saw.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: the Ouverture from Shock Treatment, which he later reviewed.
  • Running Gag: Quite often, when the Inners make analogies referencing other films, the video will then cut to a title card offering a literal interpretation.
  • Schedule Slip: Probably one of the most egregious examples on Channel Awesome, going months without uploading something. Nothing between May and September of 2010, March and September of 2011, and February and (so far) May of 2012.
  • Screw Yourself: In the Paranormal Activity 2 review, Ringo explains that him and Phillip sharing Wretch will be like "a three-way of the mind".
  • Self-Deprecation

 Luke: Let's try and get through this like the professionals we are.

Ringo: We're not professionals! We're socially awkward nerds who will ridicule anything, even though we couldn't make something any better. You know, critics!

 Ringo: It was good!

Phillip: It was shit.

Ringo: Are you serious?

Phillip: What did you like?

Ringo: The acting. What didn't you like?

Phillip: Everything else.

Ringo: Oh you bitch.

Luke: Ok, shut up. Conclusion time...

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