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Basic Trope: A character loves the public identity of a character, but not the other one.

  • Straight: Alice is in love with Amazing Man, Trope City's hero of justice. However, she dislikes his Secret Identity, Alvin Mansfield.
  • Exaggerated: Alice is Amazing Man's #1 fangirl, who extols his virtues at every chance. She treats Alvin with barely-disguised contempt.
  • Downplayed: Alice has slightly more respect for Amazing Man than she does for Alvin.
  • Justified: Alvin relies on creating an unattractive personality for his Secret Identity so that no one connects him to Amazing Man. This has the side effect of driving potential women away who are more attracted to his alter ego.
    • Amazing Man is the quintessential hero, strong and charismatic, while Alvin is the ultimate common man, weak and clumsy. Amazing Man is obviously the better catch.
  • Inverted: Alice is madly in love with Alvin but considers Amazing Man a hulkish brute.
  • Subverted: Alice is in love with Amazing Man...but reveals that she also finds Alvin very attractive as well.
  • Double Subverted: However, she's so in love with the superhero that all other men are pretty much dead to her.
  • Parodied: Alice is head over heels in love with Amazing Man, that she is blind to the amazing things Alvin does, even if he does the same things, act the same way, and even shouts the same catch phrases.
  • Deconstructed: Seeing Alice's mad crush on his alter ego causes Alvin to go crazy. He eventually reveals their relationship to her, which causes her to scoff in disbelief - that scrawny loser couldn't be the mighty Amazing Man!
  • Reconstructed: Alvin is a shy recluse who finds it hard to talk to girls, much less to Alice. He is actually flattered when Alice shows affection towards his alter ego, as it is the closest thing to obtaining her affections that he ever thought he could get. In his alter ego, he is a lot bolder than usual, and uses his identity to get closer to Alice and learn more about her. He decides to maintain his identity until he finally gathers the strength to tell her how he really feels.
  • Zig Zagged: ???
  • Averted: She doesn't seem to prefer either person over the other.
  • Enforced: ???
  • Lampshaded: ???
  • Invoked: ???
  • Exploited: ???
  • Defied: Alvin tries his best to project a reasonably attractive image to the ladies.
    • Alvin acts like a complete jerk as Amazing Man.
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  • Conversed: ???

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