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Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen is a mobile game that mixes elements of dress-up and RPG, developed by the Chinese companies Suzhou Nikki Co. and Elex. It's actually a part of several mobile games (near all of them discontinued) featuring a teenage girl named Nikki, and the first one to be officially distributed outside of China. Aside of the original Chinese version (known as Miracle Nikki and released in 2015), there are independent servers for the West, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. etc.

The premise follows a very fashionable and kind highschool student from Earth, Nikki, and her talking cat Momo. One day, they find themselves Trapped in Another World: they have been summoned into the continent of Miraland by one of its rulers, Queen Nanari from the Lilith Kingdom . In Miraland there are no wars or big conflicts, since the citizens of its seven lands (Lilith Kingdom, Cloud Empire, Northern Kingdom, Ruin Island, Apple Federation, Pigeon Kingdom and Republic of Wasteland) resolve their differences on the catwalk instead. The closest to an all-out war took place years ago in the form of a massive Fashion Show known as the Nine Days War, and two amateur stylists shared the glory of victory: Princess, later Queen Elle from the Pigeon Kingdom, and a Mysterious Woman only known as "Hostess L". Ever since then the first has used her newfound power to spread the iron-fisted influence of her natal Pigeon Kingdom, whereas no one knows where the second went. So Queen Nanari hopes that since Nikki is not from Miraland, she'll be able to restore the balance between the Realms.

Nikki decides to go forward and fulfill this new mission, with the help of Momo and many other friends that she meets in her travels: the energetic and plucky Bobo, the aloof yet gentle Lunar, the resourceful heiress Kimi and her companion Mr. Joe, the whimsical and talented Royce, Royce's serious model Neva, etc. And as she finds out more about the fashion shows and the story of Miraland, she begins to uncover her own talents and develop more as a person...

Love Nikki : Dress Up Queen includes the following tropes:

Gameplay Related Tropes

  • Mobile Phone Game: The game is avaliable for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Item Related Tropes

  • Costume Porn: But of course. Near every single piece of clothing, wig, accestory, etc. has many details. The more elaborate the outfit/piece is, the hardest to craft/get/etc. it is.

Story and (general) Character Related Tropes

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Subverted twice: Lunar seems to be this but soon shows herself to be much gentler, while Neva plays it straight personality-wise but seems to be quite shorter than the standard.
  • Crapsaccharine World: Miraland is implied to be this: it looks like a brighter version of our world, with the same technology and a seemingly good life quality, but there are still places like the gelid Northern Kingdom where people struggle to live. And then, centuries of peace are broken when the Northern Kingdom attacks the Cloud Empire... It even gets bitterly lampshaded in Chapter 15, where Ransa from the Iron Roses berates Nikki for her naivete and explains how dark Miraland can be.
  • Fashion Show : Every conflict is resolved via these. EVERY single one, even those that would normally lead to wars! The exact reason is revealed in Chapter 15: every person born in Miraland is afflicted with a Curse that will cause them physical pain if they openly and deliberately use violence against others.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar
    • The game may be geared to young people, but it still has an arsenal of super fetishistic and often Stripperiffic clothes that even are labeled as "Mature" or "Sexy"...
    • In one of the Commission Request stages, Toto asks Nikki help to have a good look while wearing a bath robe. She words it in a way that strongly implies she's just had sex with one of her boyfriends, an "Aquarius painter" who wants to paint her in nothing but said robe after spending a hot spring night with her...
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