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"It seems people have strong opinions about 4E one way or the other. IMHO this is because the game strongly engages a particular design philosophy. If it's aligned with your tastes, it is a godsend. If not, it almost pushes you away.

Actually, I applaud the WoTC for being so bold. If you're going to make an iconic game, you best embrace something. Wishy-washy games have little staying power. That said, I wish they embraced the aspects of the game I valued most. But, you can't make everyone happy."
—markkat, poster, in a discussion of Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, showing why this is not necessarily a bad thing.

  Analyzing the divided response to Watchmen, Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times felt that, like Eyes Wide Shut, The Passion of the Christ or Fight Club, Watchmen would continue to be a talking point among those who liked or disliked the film

"Rarely have critics been more disconnected from what audiences want and love."
—John Horn, The Los Angeles Times, on the discrepancy between the critical and commercial receptions of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
"The most disappointing American comedy of the decade."
—Dan Zak's review of Extract.
"The funniest American comedy of the summer."
—Micheal Phillips's review of Extract.
"To different minds, the same world is a hell, and a heaven."
—Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The best movie of the decade."
—Moviebob on Equilibrium.
"This isn't a plot hole, this is a plot canyon."
Film Brain, also on Equilibrium.
"I was in a band in high school. You either loved us or hated us. Or thought we were okay."
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