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Love is a many-splendored thing. It can cause those who are in the throes of it to do amazing things. Go into war against a nigh-insurmountable foe, climb the tallest mountain you can find, put down the toilet seat after they're finished, lots of stuff. Many people like to say that true love gives them a feeling like they're walking on air. In some forms of fiction, this is taken literally.

A man and a woman are shown in an embrace, they are both smiling, happy and content. As the camera backs away, we see that their feet are a few inches above the ground, but they are both so enraptured, they don't even notice their sudden lack of gravity. This is what is known as a Lovitation (a portmanteau of love and levitation). This is usually shown in fantasies, science fiction stories and occasionally romantic comedies to show that there is an overall magical quality to The Power of Love. No not that one, or that one.

See also Power Floats and Zero-G Spot.

Examples of Love Floats include:


  • In Hook, as Tinkerbell flies the grown-up Peter Pan to Neverland, she leaves a trail of pixie dust in her wake. We see it fall on a couple embracing on the tower bridge, and they begin to rise.
  • In Simply Irresistible, the characters played by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean Patrick Flannery begin to float uncontrollably while in a passionate embrace. As this was a romantic comedy, it was Played for Laughs, however, as Sean bumps his head on the ceiling, alerting the two to their floating state.

Live-Action TV

  • Tara and Willow were shown on at least two occasions to be floating in the throes of love on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Once while they were dancing at a party, and the next time while they were making love.
  • Though it was West using his flight powers, West Rosen and Claire Bennett did the classic embracing float scene on an episode of Heroes.
  • On Lois and Clark, Lois and Superman floated several times together. Once while making love, and at least twice while in a vertical embrace. In fact, a famous scene of Lois and Clark floating in front of a large full moon became part of the credits sequence.
    • It was also Mirrored in Smallville during season 10 when Lois and Clark share a dance in Mid-air.
  • In Parker Lewis Can't Lose, one episode shows this happening to Jerry Steiner every time Shelly says something nice to him.
  • Herman's Head. Angel, the sensitivity part of Herman's personality, floats up in the air when Herman realises he's in love with his bosses' daughter.


  • Parodied in the Discworld novel The Thief Of Time, when Jeremy asks Lady Le Jean on a date, she declines. But as she walks away, she literally floats a few inches off the ground. Given what she is, it's justified in universe.

Video Games

  • In The Sims 2, the cinematic that plays when a Sim gets his or her very first kiss has the kissing Sims levitate briefly.
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