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He did it! Bob finally asked Alice, the prettiest girl in school, to the big dance. And she said yes! Just thinking about dancing with her makes his nostrils flair, lips curl, eye lids get puffy and eyes all squinty. While he's a little too happy to notice now, Bob is about to learn very important lesson in life we all have to learn at one time or another: Love Can Make You Gonk.

Warning signs of a character about become Gonk with love include floating hearts, dislocated jaw bone, profuse sweating, panting, noodleing, redness of the face, and the heart attempting to escape their chest at high velocity. If you or a loved one have become gonk with love, do not be alarmed. These symptoms are often momentary and the affected individual will return to their usual artistic style soon. In extreme cases, it has been known to last for a full montage, but will undo itself as the character becomes tired.


Anime and Manga

  • Sanji of One Piece is rather prone to this unfortunate condition.
  • In Gokusen, Kumiko does this when ever she is fawning over Shinohara. Her eyes go from their usual fixed glare to big, sparkly, bishojo-standard and can flick back and forth between panels when the situation calls for it.
  • Shuichi of the Boys Love manga, Gravitation, does this on the rare occasion when something good happens with Yuki.
  • In Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro Chan, Sakura, the main protagonist gets all of the mentioned traits, and even snorts like an aroused stallion.

Western Animation

  • In old Tex Avery cartoons, men would often bug out and even literally turn into wolves at the sight of an attractive woman.
  • Starfire of the Teen Titans cartoon is known to do this when coming across something too cute for words.


Video Games

  • It isn't exactly love, but the titular Villain Protagonist of Rance turns ugly in the earlier games whenever he thinks about sex. (Later games give him a fixed appearance that's a hybrid of his two earlier looks.)
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