Louis De Funès (1914-1983) was a hugely popular French comedian and actor. He is still very beloved and world famous in the francophone world and in Continental Europe in general.

De Funès always played the same character: a hyperactive, self important and unsympathetic little man who often threw himself into temper tantrums and made amusing facial expressions. He is best known for his breakthrough role as police officer in Le Gendarme De Saint Tropez (1964) about a local police force in the South of France, which spawned six films in total. English speaking audiences might recognise him as the star opposite Bourvil in the film La Grande Vadrouille (1966) (released as: "Don't Look Now! We're Being Shot At"). Among his most loved films are "Le Corniaud" (1965), "Le Grand Restaurant" (1967), "Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob" (1973) ("The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob") and "L' Aile Ou La Cuisse" (1975) with Coluche.

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