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  • Lord Kat started his online "career" in 1988 on The Sierra Network, playing the RPG "The Shadow of Yserbius". At the time, the internet was only accessible on a pay-per-hour basis, and Jason racked up a bill of over $4,000 (phone charges for the dial-up modem) in only a month.
  • LordKat's stuffed polar bear, "Strawbeary", is the livestream's unofficial mascot. He was a birthday gift from Benzaie, and is a smaller version of Ben's sidekick Beary. On live camera, Strawbeary can often be spotted sitting on Jason's dresser or riding atop his head.
  • Many of the contributors of That Guy With The Glasses have shown up on the livestream (either in the chat or on Skype) at some point. A list of frequent visitors can be found on LordKat's wiki.
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