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 Watching this video is like being bukakked with stupid.

The Best Page in The Universe on Loose Change

 If you BOUGHT this in EITHER sense of the word? Please, please do us all a favor and jump under a fucking truck. I'm not even joking. You cannot be THIS dumb and still have motor functions. It defies all known laws of science.

Moviebob - Review of X Files - I Want To Believe regarding Loose Change

First appearing in 2005, then re-cut twice, this highly controversial Documentary argues the following:

  • The 9/11 attacks were conducted by members of the U.S. government.
    1. The official story is full of holes.
    2. That the attack was funded at least in part by Pakistan.
    3. That the hijackers were identified as terrorist threats a year before the attack.
    4. That the U.S. Defense Department threatened to remove the security clearance of anyone who testified to the effect that the U.S. government knew more than it was letting on.
    5. That the U.S. government went on a systematic purge of all information about the attacks.
    6. The FAA deliberately avoided intercepting the flights on White House orders.
    7. NORAD ran simulated attacks very similar to the 9/11 attacks years beforehand.
    8. The elaborate War Games (involving hijacked planes in northeast America) going on 9/11 impaired the American response to the attacks, possibly deliberately.
    9. That when the War Game was canceled, several of the very sensitive planes involved were kept active.
    10. Several terrorism drills were staged on or before 9/11 to confuse matters.
  • The attack on The Pentagon was more or less totally faked.
    1. The FBI has deliberately withheld 83 tapes that contain footage of what really happened at the Pentagon.
    2. That the hijackers could not, for the most part, fly at all.
    3. The planes involved in 9/11 where under capacity and many/most of the passengers were government/air industry employees.
    4. The hijackers who attacked the Pentagon managed to pull off "nearly impossible" maneuvers.
    5. Flight 77 aimed for the only part of the Pentagon that was designed to withstand such an attack.
    6. That a plane may well have not hit the Pentagon.
    7. That most of the plane that hit the Pentagon was never recovered.
    8. Many of the parts of a 757 are practically indestructible.
    9. The area attacked allowed the U.S. government to cover up $2.3 trillion of mislaid funds.
    10. All of the attacks had been predicted by the government's own analysts.
    11. Dick Cheney refused to warn the Pentagon.
    12. Dick Cheney had entered the bunker half an hour before the danger was apparent.
  • The Twin Towers were collapsed by explosives.
    1. Steel-framed skyscrapers cannot collapse due to fire.
    2. The Twin Towers' sprinklers were disabled.
    3. The Twin Towers were designed to get hit by a plane, but everyone denies this. In fact, it should have been able to withstand several planes hitting it.
    4. Floor models of the Twin Towers, including a scale model, were tested and did not collapse under the conditions of the fire.
    5. The towers should not have fallen at their near free fall speeds.
    6. The length of the fires at Ground Zero was far too long for jet fuel.
    7. The investigators were "Willfully Ignorant."
    8. Large amounts of smoke and molten metal were seen at the case of the towers before the towers collapsed.
    9. The debris clouds are only typical of controlled demolitions, not other forms of collapse.
    10. Witnesses and firefighters reported several explosions.
    11. In addition, there were several explosions at ground level.
    12. FEMA was not allowed to examine Ground Zero.
    13. The general public was urged to return to the "lethal environment" caused by the release of asbestos and similar from the towers.
    14. The EPA was told to lie about air quality in order to reopen Wall Street.
    15. More people died from asbestos-related illnesses than were killed by the attack.
    16. Thousands of human corpses were dumped into a landfill.
  • Flight 93 was staged.
    1. Debris from the plane was found six miles away.
    2. There was almost no wreckage.
    3. The only way such little wreckage could have been found was if it had exploded.
    4. Large amounts of evidence, primarily paperwork, survived the incident with almost no damage.
    5. The FBI refused to allow the families to listen to the cockpit voice recorder and when they gave in, the last three minutes were missing.
    6. The military was tracking flight 93 but had denied it.
  • World Trade Center Building Seven was demolished.
    1. The U.S. government held huge amounts of sensitive data in Building 7 and many sensitive and possibly embarrassing cases were abandoned after its loss.
    2. The fire alarms in Building Seven were put on test status shortly before the attack, so the alarms would be ignored.
    3. The building was reported to have collapsed by CNN and The BBC 12 minutes before it did.
    4. The same complaints about the collapse behavior that were made against the twin towers, apply here.
    5. FEMA says that its best explanation has "only a low probability".
    6. No steel was recovered from Building Seven for analysis.
    7. Buildings Three, Four, Five and Six were damaged, but did not collapse.
    8. Eyewitness reports were applied to the wrong building on purpose.
    9. Building Seven was the least damaged of the buildings.
  • The 9/11 commission was a sham.
    1. The commission was made up of Bush loyalists and interested parties.
    2. The 9/11 commission was the single most slowly established and most underfunded of all of the major inquests in U.S. history.
    3. President Bush and Dick Cheney testified together, not under oath and with no official record of their testimony.
    4. Many of the most important witnesses, including the then-mayor of New York, lied under oath.

While it contains a couple of plausible points (probably due to its scattershot approach), it has been very thoroughly debunked over the years, and most people consider it a Documentary of Lies. It can be found in its final form here.

Tropes connected with this video:

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