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  • In order for the championship to be exchange, the match must in won in a “clean finish” meaning a disqualification won’t count. This mean if a wrestler who the champion can keep the title if DQ, even if in a lost in that way. However, this rule is discarded if the match on only be won by pin-fall or submission, such as an extreme rules match.
    • This is how Dean Ambrose was able keep his United States Championship from giving it to Mark Henry since other Shield members intervene, resulted in Ambrose losing via DQ.
      • Cameron was also screwed by this clause during her match AJ at the 2014 Elimination Chamber, thanks to Tamina Snuka interfering. Considering, Tamina is the daughter of Jimmy Snuka, so she know about this rule to ensure AJ keeps her title.
    • This also applies for a count out rule. Naomi got screwed out of this one on the March 24, 2014 episode of RAW when AJ got herself a loss in this way but kept her title… on purpose. Of course, Vickie had enough and ordered a match at Wrestle Mania for the Divas Championship... Who's Laughing Now?
  • When comes to the Royal Rumble, the only way for an elimination to count is for a wrestler to be thrown over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor.
    • However, there are no rules about hand-walking, landing on chairs, landing of the barricades, and landing on other fallen wrestlers.
    • Top Rope Only, through the ropes... you're safe.
    • The DQ is going before your number, but how you enter isn't stated.
    • When it comes to weapons, chairs and trash cans... no rule against them, but chainsaw... there is a rule about that.
    • Though it’s advertised to have Superstars, i.e. male wrestlers, but there are no rules that it has to be men, hence why three WWE Divas entered the matches.
    • Midget wrestlers are also allowed, which it’s how Hornswoggle joined in 2011 and El Tortio in 2014.
    • While dressing up as an animal is allowed, there were once no rules on having a real animal in the match. Jake "The Snake" Roberts took advantage of this in 1989 and 1996 by bring a real snake.
  • For the Ring of Fire, the fire is suppose to keep for outside interference though the match is to be won by pin-fall and/or submission. However, Harper and Rowan were able to find a loophole… just put a fire-resistant blanket since there wasn't a rule against it.
  • While the "rule once unmask must stay like that", there isn't a rule against for Masked Luchador to have a back-up mask, which Sin Cara happen to have.
    • However, the rule about the removal of mask has to be in official match known as Luchas de Apuestas, or wager match. If Luchador has their mask remove in other circumstances, then the victim of the unmasking wins by disqualification in Lucha Libre. This is due to a long history masks have in Lucha Libre, which unmasking is seen as an insult. The same rules apply for a female luchador, or la luchadora. It pays to never make fun of the concept of the masks under any situations since doing so is a known Berserk Button as the masks are Serious Business.
  • While outside interference will result in a DQ if the rules applies and seen by a referee, but there seems no rules about any distraction. Many wrestlers, mostly Heels, have used this method.
  • Speaking of outside interference, apparently there wasn't a rule against that at an Elimination Chamber since one can only win by pinfall or submission, how else did Bray Wyatt helped out Randy Orton keep his titles, much to the dismay of John Cena.
  • Foreign objects are usually illegal unless they’re part of the outfit or in certain matches, which is how El Tortio gets away with this... since he’s dressed as a bull with includes the horns. This was even pointed out an episode of RAW that was on Veteran’s Day 2013, though the event was held in England. Naturally, let it to the announcers to go for animal jokes.

 Jerry Lawler: Can’t believe the referee doesn’t consider those horns foreign objects.
JBL: We are foreign.

  • For a mixed tag-team, a guy can only be in the ring if another guy in there since it can result in a DQ for hitting a woman, and the same goes the other way around. However, if you catch someone of your sex from the other team about to attack your tag team partner of the opposite sex, it apparently won’t count as a DQ if you’re going after someone of your sex to keep them from attacking your partner. Santino Marella was able to get away with this when he catches Fandango about to attack Emma in order to save Summer Rae and resorts to his “cobra” to handle the situation.