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Fridge Brilliance

  • I was thinking back to Marvin the Martian's motivation to blow up the Earth. He said it "... Obstructs my view of Venus." Then I thought of the connection between Mars and Venus, namely, the old phrase "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus." He just wants to peep.
  • I thinking about Daffy gets shot so many times with relatively little problems. I always figured "its just a cartoon". However it is revealed in the beginning of this cartoon that Daffy actually wears a bulletproof vest. 9 yb AF 3 l 3 c&feature=related.
  • The reason Daffy is never applaused? Many cartoons he attempts to steal the show are all star features with past characters in the audience, many of which have been victimized by his screwy antics in the past. Why would they ever wish to praise "that crazy duck"?
    • Utilized in-universe in "Bugs and Daffy's Carnival Of Animals"; Daffy leaves the stage to his usual cricket chirps before examining the audience; all of them Bugs-esque rabbits.

Fridge Horror

  • One Looney Tunes short had Bugs pull out a book called "100 Ways to Cook a Duck" and reading from it to encourage Elmer to shoot Daffy instead of him. Daffy responds by pulling out a book called "100 Ways to Cook a Rabbit". It gets creepy when you realize Daffy pulled it from Bugs' rabbit hole. In short, Bugs has a book about cooking his own kind...
    • He could just be reading it to plan his Batman Gambit should the need ever arise.
    • And then the next level of realization kicks in: not only was the book there, but Daffy knew the book was there.
    • And here's another from that same short: in response to this, Elmer says he's a vegetarian, and only hunts for the sport of it. Now think about it: how evil does that make Elmer? In the real world, hunting for sport is common, but the difference here is that the animals are sentient. In short, Elmer's idea of fun is to go around killing self-aware creatures for no reason than For the Lulz. Yosemite Sam and Rocky and Muggsy at least have greed as a motive, but Elmer may just be the most evil of the lot.
    • If we're going to use that line of thinking, Porky is the most evil, since he, too, went hunting in the old shorts and even gunned down his pal Daffy. And he's an animal.
      • From that definition, Elmer Fudd is a serial killer... just a very, very bad one.
      • He's not a killer; in the hunting trilogy he shot Daffy repeatedly and Daffy didn't die. Which leads us, of course, to the conclusion that he's a serial sadist who deliberately has his guns manufactured to cause as much pain as possible without dispatching the victim.
    • 1949's "Long-Haired Hare" has a rather disturbing one at the end, as seen in this blog entry
    • In "Scaredy-cat", it's heavily implied that the evil mice killed all the town's previous residents.
  • The Road Runner shorts usually saddle Wile E. Coyote with the "Predators are Mean" variant of Carnivore Confusion. But, real roadrunners are also carnivorous.
  • In "Show Biz Bugs", Daffy said that his final act was being saved for a "special occaison". That involved drinking gasoline, nitroglycerin, gunpowder and a match, and blowing himself up! Gee I wonder what was thet "special occaison".
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