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Looking For Group is a fantasy Web Comic by Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza, the creative team behind Least I Could Do and Blind Ferret Entertainment animation studio. It borrows from classic D&D conventions and World of Warcraft to tell an original story.

Warning, Spoilers ahead

Main Group

File:Cale 443.jpg
Cale'Anon Vatay

Cale is an elven hunter and the central figure of the group. Cale is seen as noble and virtuous to the point of naivete, while in the LFG universe elves are Always Chaotic Evil.

After an seemingly accidental meeting with the less morally upstanding Richard, and additional company, he has since found his beliefs in the moral code challenged. He lost a measure of his innocence when he released Kethenecia from its anchor, as it required that he kill what he believed to be a small boy. Cale has proven an excellent fighter, skilled with both his twin swords and archery, as well as being physically fit - he is able to run without stopping for two days. He has also proven fast enough to snatch a crossbow bolt out of the air and strong enough to hurl it back at the attacker with deadly accuracy and force. As the series has progressed Cale has begun to gain more depth and grow used to Richard's gruesome sense of humor. He is fiercely loyal, breaking laws and risking death to protect his friends and allies.

In many ways Cale is very similar to D&D hero Drizzt Do'Urden, though Ryan Sohmer has stated that the parody was entirely unintentional. Cale's troubles and trials in this story are in preparation for his becoming "King", specifically of the ancient kingdom of Kethenecia, all put in place by the Archmage.

Cale became romantically involved with Benn'Joon after a near-death experience. In exploring Cale's backstory it is revealed that he lived in a fortress/monastery called "The Beacon of Hope" as a child, where he trained in isolation. After rescuing Shora from a troll assault, he marries her in secret as it is against the laws of his sect. Upon discovering their union, Cale's master framed Shora as being unfaithful in front of Cale in order to drive him from the monastery and out into the world.

File:Richard 5870.jpg

An undead warlock who willfully sows destruction without any provocation whatsoever, Richard is Cale's character foil and serves as the strip's comic relief. He is depicted as manipulative, both physically and magically powerful, exceedingly evil, and childish. Richard's magical ability is practically limitless, as he has only been bested magically once to date (by an entire company of battle mages, which he hates to no ends). In addition to his prodigious magical power, Richard was shown to be skilled enough in hand-to-hand combat to easily take out several trolls within seconds, and a bear (with his arms removed). He may also have some healing powers, though not much has been seen as of yet. Richard has been taken by surprise on occasion by warriors. Richard is very sensitive about his less-than-threatening name and reacts aggressively to Cale's nickname for him - "Dick." His companions often react mildly to his frequently psychopathic activities.

His titles include Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness, Lord of the Thirteen Hells, Master of the Bones, Emperor of the Black, Lord of the Undead, Lord of the Dance (nominated by himself on a whim), Mistress of Magma (gained by killing the former holder of the title), and mayor of a little village up the coast. It was later revealed that Richard's village does exist, and is populated with undead beings just as violent and physically powerful as Richard. The aforementioned village was also later revealed to be the source of Richard's power.

During a court trial held in an empty area Richard had been banished to by the Sisters, the judge referred to Richard's mortal self as "Lord Ashendale."

Due to being undead, Richard can sustain normally serious injuries without dying or experiencing much, if any, pain. A running gag in the series, in fact, is Richard being impaled by a sharp object. He is surprisingly lightweight, as evidenced by Cale's ability to carry him on his back long distances, easily shoot him into the air using an arrow, and fly him on a kite.

He used to travel with an imp named Hctib Elttil, which ran away when it grew tired of being abused. Richard claims to have once drained the soul of a monk, which tasted like chocolate. Richard has stated that he has been "alive" for hundreds of years. During this time he had forgotten most of his previous life, though some memories are now returning and apparently changing him.

It is implied there may be some additional motivation within him, aside from senseless killing. The Phares, elemental spirits whom Richard channeled when saving a village, noted that they saw another presence behind the darkness. While on trial he stated that, like Cale, he was on a path he was compelled to follow, later stating that for the first time in hundreds of years he had a goal. Later, when being shown visions in the portal, his is of a little boy looking after some flowers. The boy, "Lord Richard," is called in to dinner - when questioned by Cale, Richard dismisses it. After being captured by the Legion and sent on a mission with Hctib, he reveals that he is slowly regaining his mortality, as are the undead villagers he commands.

Richard has admitted to murdering his father, as he reminisces on the first page.

It has since been revealed that Richard's meeting with Cale was no accident, and that the warlock was charged with protecting Cale.

 Richard: The look on your face when a toddler rips out your heart and shows it to you; priceless.

 Richard: In case you weren't sure, the skeletons are on our side.

File:Benny 3431.jpg

Benny is a priestess that Richard and Cale met while seeking a healer. Her exact race is unknown to most. It was earlier stated by her ex-husband, Rojave, that she is a half-breed.

Benny was presumably born in the dungeons of Legara until being rescued by a fellow prisoner, Krunch. "Adopted" by Krunch, she was raised among the Bloodrage Clan and frequently called his "green kid," or "Gid." Later in life, Benny returned to Legara to study as a priestess. This is where she met, and fell in love with, a young man named Sayl. When Sayl's father, the Thief Guild's leader Rojave, discovered their plan to leave Legara for a simple life in the country, he attempted to stop them by using his authority to marry Benny himself. Sayl challenged his father for her hand, and was decapitated in the fight by Rojave, who formalized his marriage to Benny as punishment to her for Sayl's death. Benny then made a deal with Temmet Aelloon to get out of Legara in exchange for her seeking out the legendary Sword of Truth. At some point, just before Benny met Cale and Richard, Aelloon's patience with her search wore out.

Recently, returning to Legara once again, Benny confronted Rojave. After initially being beaten in combat and, just before being killed by him, Rojave was taken out by Benny's friends. She resurrected Rojave while telling the group her story, only to immediately kill him when he was fully healed. Benny and Cale became closer after the defeat of the Northern Tribes by the Legarans, and eventually become lovers.

Benny is a talented priestess; she is able to resurrect others after death, heal both minor and serious wounds, and create powerful magical shields in combat. She is also a highly skilled warrior trained by the Bloodrage Clan. She usually takes a pragmatic cynical view of the world.

Her name is presumably a play on the title of the 1993 film Benny and Joon.

 Rojave: "Sayl... My son..." KRUNCH

  • You Killed My Father: While she doesn't want revenge for it, she does blame Cale for Krunch's death. She recognizes, however, that it isn't fair, and that they'll talk after she returns from a journey to Krunch's library, but that she does need some time away from Cale.
File:Krunch 2183.jpg
Krunch Bloodrage

Krunch is the elder son of the Bloodrage clan's chief. His younger brother, Ray'd Bool, is the Bloodrage's battle leader and current chief. Krunch has admitted to being the scholar of the two brothers.

Krunch had previously been captured by the Legarans and placed in their dungeons before meeting the group. It was there that he met Benn'Joon. With her in tow, he escaped the dungeons and returned to his people, "adopting" Benny as his daughter. Krunch quarreled frequently with his father, a staunch believer in "empirical" expansion, and left the tribe sometime in the past for reasons unexplained. They later reconciled, with Krunch was still wary of his father's ambition. Although he possesses great strength and battle prowess, Krunch has shown himself to be highly intelligent.

Krunch has taken a fairly neutral side in the "good/evil" debate that is, essentially, Cale and Richard's relationship. While Cale believes strongly in good, and Richard equally strongly in evil, Krunch believes that people do what they must to survive and everything is, in essence, relative. Due to his secular nature, and the fact that he is generally able to give logical reasoning to his beliefs, Cale often looks to him for truth and advice. Krunch suffers from aquaphobia, and will only travel by boat or ship so long as he is thoroughly strapped to the deck. After discovering Legara's plans to invade the Northern Territories, and his own father's accidental duplicity in that (the Legarans tricked him into attacking his neighbors), Krunch worked as the chief mediator in getting the tribes back and working together to resist the Legarans.

Upon the death of his father, Krunch "went into a rage the likes of which I've never seen before," according to Ray'd's recounting - tearing apart several of the attacking Black Dwarves.

File:Pella 5665.jpg

Pella of Clan Breem is a dwarven fighter from old Kethenecia, as well as the youngest child and only daughter of the Commander of the Kethenecian Royal Guard. After the death of her brothers in the war against the Vullii, Pella was given the choice of which path to follow: the axe (a warrior) or the lute (a bard). After a moment of consideration, Pella decided she liked the feel of both.

Sometime later, when Cale and friends were sent to bring Kethenecia to the present, Pella was assigned to guide them to the city catacombs under the orders of the Archmage. She aided the heroes in holding off the Vullii and releasing the city from its temporal anchor, later deciding to travel with the Group to the present. Pella has since stayed with the party ostensibly as she "has nowhere else to go." Sometime later she learned that her clan, Clan Breem, had been corrupted, renamed The Black Dwarves and was serving the King of Legara as his Builders.

It has been revealed that she is actually an agent of both the Guardian and the Archmage of Kethenecia, who foresaw Cale's coming and his purpose in the city's future. Pella was secretly recruited by the Archmage to be Cale's bodyguard so she may protect Cale from his enemies, himself, and his friends.

An exceptional fighter as well as an enthusiastic singer, Pella is known to sing love songs to her enemies while dismembering and/or killing them. Her fondness for violence and her dry, somewhat brutal wit earned her Richard's affection almost immediately. Later on, to force Toyk and the gnomes to abandon Mechastone and follow Cale to Kethenecia, Pella blew up Mechastone's Geared Tower killing the gnome sentries in the process, feeling it was for the greater good. Though the gnomes never found out who blew the tower, Cale figured it out and later confronted her about it, telling Pella he had expected much better of her and that if she ever attempted to murder any other allies for "the greater good," he would stop her.

Presumably, Pella was the crafter of Ray'd's mechanical arm. This would mean that, not only does she possess the expected blacksmith ability of a dwarf, but the mechanical ingenuity of a gnome. She at one time needed to borrow the furnace of a blacksmith to forge armor to rescue Cale from Legara's dungeon, further proving her skill as a blacksmith.


Cale's pet panther, but appears to be more loyal to Richard. Is a strong fighter and appears to be quite intelligent.

  You think you know me...

The Archmage

The Archmage of Kethenecia is an old man, and a seer. Of questionable morals, he intended the city of Kethenecia to survive the millennia by shifting it into the future when the final attack of an alliance of many races was at Kethenecia's gates. By the man's own words, he cared nothing about the survival of Kethenecia's citizens because he had already foreseen that the nation would fall, the city would burn, and its people be slaughtered. He ordered the general of the Kethenecian homeguard to have his men slaughter all foreign soldiers and mercenaries in a surprise attack, as he was certain that the foreign parts of the Kethenecian army would turn against the homeguard and ally themselves with the advancing enemy army, because many of the foreign soldiers came from countries that had been conquered by the Vulii and their allies in the interim.

The Archmage gave Cale the task to go down to the catacombs and "loosen the anchor." Unfortunately, as Cale found out, the "anchor" was in the form of a small child, and the Archmage's order translated into killing the boy. It was later revealed, after Cale had 'killed' the boy and left, that the young boy was actually the Archmage himself in a magical disguise.

The Archmage later traveled forward to the present date, witnessing what he sees as a new age for Kethenecia. It has recently been revealed that Richard's bunny is actually the Archmage in disguise. It has been revealed that Richard may already know (and perhaps has known all along) who his bunny really is.

Other Kethenecians


The Commander






Sisters and Sons


Captain Tah'vraay


  • Enemy Mine: Join up with the other northern forces.



Guardians of the Way






Sand dragons


  • Elemental Powers
  • Heel Face Turn: In its first appearance, it nearly wiped out an innocent town with a horde of Elementals in a misguided attempt to protect nature. Its since reformed and now assists Cale and co.

The Legion of Legara

Tavor, King of Legara

General Aelloon

Black dwarves

Other characters

The Demon Court

Hctib Elttil

Chief Bloodrage



  • Killed Off for Real: Are recruited by the Sisters for the War of the North, but are all defeated.
  • The Worf Effect: Aside from a few Legion dragons, they're never shown succeeding in killing anything and are ultimately defeated in all the battles they join.
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