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Some titles for tropes are short, and easy to type (even with the double brackets in one word titles). Some titles are long and annoying to type, since we have to make sure to capitalize every word, which involves a lot of attention to the Shift Key. Some are even hard to remember, such as Sssssnaketalk (that's 5 esses) or Super Punk Octo Pudding Gas Mark Seven (is it "Super Octo" or "Super Punk"?).

But in some cases, the long name is necessary. Some titles just don't properly convey what a trope is if they are too short. This has led to a lot of confusion with some tropes. Take Xanatos Gambit, which many have confused with any brilliant scheme. It isn't (most of those actually fall under Batman Gambit now), and now it has Plan A Plus Plan B as a redirect (We even The Plan as a supertrope for generic use). It's a bit more to type, but it makes the meaning of the trope clearer (although Xanatos Gambit is still the main name for it).

Since the Wiki Word system works the way it does, this may not be a problem that just goes away. The best thing is to have shorter redirects for long titles, or more clear redirects for titles some find confusing. However, a few have decided to throw out the baby with the bathwater by removing all long titles.

Compare SPOON and FoRKS.

Not to be confused with Long Title and Short Titles.

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