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File:Llama small 5547.png

Llamas with Hats (and its sequel [and the sequel's sequel and the sequel's sequel's sequel]) is a YouTube video from the creator of Charlie the Unicorn. It depicts a short conversation between two llamas wearing spiffy hats.

Also, Carl has a serious problem. Both with his homicidal tendencies and his seeming inability to remember them.

(And he eats hands.)

This video provides examples of:

 Paul: Carl, I watched you fire a harpoon into the captain's face!

Carl: That sounds dangerous!

Paul: You were headbutting children off the side of the ship!

Carl: That, uh, that must have been horrifying to watch.

Paul: And then you started making out with the ice sculptures!

Carl: Well, thank God that the children weren't on board to see it!

    • Inverted in 4, here it looks like Carl's latest crime is ruining the carpet with muddy hoofprints... then the nuke detonates.
  • Artistic Licence Biology: In-universe example - stabbing someone 37 times in the chest will usually kill them. Carl is apparently unaware of this.
    • You like to think that he died before Carl cut off his hands and ate them.
  • Ax Crazy: Is an Informed Attribute of Carl's. The bloody remains and the orphan meat are a good indication anyway.
    • He certainly has a taste for human flesh.
  • Blatant Lies:

  Carl: I do not kill people. That - that is my least favorite thing to do.

    • Carl's refusal to take the blame for the muddy hoofprints on the carpet in episode 4.

 Carl: I'm not responsible for this, I've been jamming on the saxophone all morning.

Paul: They're clearly your hoofprints, Carl.

Carl: Then there is an imposter on the loose!

Paul: They lead directly to you!

Carl: Clue #1: The imposter is a phantom!

 Paul: Tell me, Carl, exactly what you were doing before I got home!

Carl: Alright, well... I - I was upstairs...

Paul: Okay.

Carl: I was, uh, I was sitting in my room...

Paul: Yes?

Carl: Reading a book...

Paul: Go on.

Carl: And, uh, well, this guy walked in...

Paul: Okay...

Carl: So I went up to him...

Paul: Yes?

Carl: And I, uh, I stabbed him 37 times in the chest.


Paul: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl!

 Paul: Why would you think any of this was a good idea?

Carl: Probably because I'm a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence.

Paul: ... Oh.

Carl: I don't understand how you keep forgetting that.

 Carl: Fine, It's the lovely elderly couple from 2B.


Carl: Well, they were, uh, they were hogging all of the crescent rolls.


Carl: Happy birthdaaay~!

  Carl: I'll have to try harder next time.

 Paul: I can't go anywhere with you, Carl.

Carl: That hurt my feelings. Now we're both in the wrong.

 Paul: You know what? Forget it. I'm not even shocked anymore.

Carl: Aww, that's no fun!

Paul: This has become the norm for you, Carl!

 Carl: Shhhh... do you hear that? That's the sound of forgiveness.

Paul: That's the sound of people drowning, Carl.

Carl: That's what forgiveness sounds like, screaming and then silence.

 Paul: Why would you think any of this was a good idea?

Carl: Probably because I'm a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence.

Paul: ...Oh.

Carl: I don't understand how you keep forgetting that.

    • Shortly after this, mind you, Carl's routine starts to change, beginning when -- and this genuinely troubles him -- Paul admits he isn't shocked anymore...

 Carl: Oh. I thought you were a woman.

Paul: Why would you think that?

Carl: Mostly the hat. Are you sure?

Paul: Of course I'm sure.

Carl: Well, if you'll excuse me I have some pictures to delete from my computer.

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