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Season 1

  • Sam said that it was cold outside as he was lying to his daughter since the weather was truly warm on that day.
  • "Rumors" had Lizzie spreading a rumor about Kate that she stuffed her bra.
  • "I've Got Rhythmic" had Kate being jealous of Lizzie with her moves.
  • The end of "Jack of All Trades" over a midriff-baring red top.
  • "Misadventures in Babysitting" had Miranda sing off-key called "The Saints Come Marching in".
  • "I Do, I Don't" had Larry pour punch on Kate near the end as she was to laugh.
  • "Bad Girl McGuire" had the title character in her dark clothing as it made her look like a gang member.
  • In the bra episode, guess who yelled it out while Miranda was to have one as well?
  • "Come Fly With Me" had a subplot end with all of these failed attempts in a Guinness World of Book Records 2001.
  • "Random Acts of Miranda", "Lizzie's Nightmare", "Obsession", "Gordo's Video", "Here Comes Aaron Carter", and "Sibling Bonds" have it all the way.
  • The whole scary scene in the Halloween episode had it.
  • In a flashback of Lizzie's, she got stung by a bee as it looked like Sam used her as a shield! "Gordo and the Girl" had that and where Miranda was called "Mirando".
  • "Rated Aargh!" was the title that was based on restricted audiences.
  • Ethan eating some snack he had in "Educating Ethan".
  • "Lizzie Strikes Out" had Lizzie ripping her pants in 6th grade (flashback only). Years earlier, Miranda threw up on the "Lords of Leaping" in a Christmas play.
  • "Last Year's Model" had Lizzie acting like a snob before dressing like a hillbilly.
  • Guess which episode had a subplot where Lanny was naked due to being bullied by Heywood?
  • "Facts of Life" involved Kate's stress rash.
  • In the remainder episodes of season 1, there is at least one episode where Lizzie had a crush on Gordo in 4th grade as Miranda snacked on dog biscuits.
  • An unwitted (but unseen) Gammy McGuire forced Gordo to fail at anything after Lizzie threatens Gordo over the mustard accident at Dakota's Forth of July Party.
  • The subplots in "Gordo's Bar Mitzvah" had Matt in constant trouble.

Season 2

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  • "First Kiss", "Just Like Lizzie", "Those Freaky McGuires", "Kate's Fall", and the finale had a lot like many other episodes.
    • Working Girl" had one old man teaching his kid to be terrible while Lizzie worked.
    • "Movin on Up" had one when Lizzie had her unicorn shirt in her 7th grade photo despite not wearing it.
    • "Party Over Here" had Jo acting like everyone but an appropriate chaperone and her would go to a party for Kate.
    • In "Just Friends", Jo said that Lizzie was to not golf anymore.
    • In "Dear Lizzie", Veruca stood up for herself and ignored bullies (which she could not get away with) before she was covered in garbage.
    • And so on so forth...


  • Lizzie changes her outfits in the beginning before Kate calls her an outfit repeater.
  • Kate says "Thank God" as Miss Ungermeyer (a high school principal)separated her from Ethan during a trip to Italy.
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