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A list of Shout-Outs in Little Witch Academia.


  • Some of the characters are evidently named after famed animators:
  • Some allusions from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Sucy's hairstyle and eyes resemble those of Fluttershy, yet they have little things in common beyond that.
    • Similarly, Diana's hairstyle resembles that of Sunset Shimmer, specifically her Equestria Girls incarnation albeit with different color scheme (Diana has blonde and tea-green hair whereas Sunset Shimmer's yellow and red.
  • Allusions from Studio Trigger' previous works:
    • Croix Meridies' full name is the French term for the Southern Cross constellation, which alludes an evil organization of the same name from Inferno Cop
    • Amanda's personality and appearance evokes those of Ryūko Matoi from Kill la Kill in some respects. Interestingly, the former's hairstyle greatly resembles the latter whenever Ryūko undergoes Life Fiber Synchronize with Senketsu.
    • Noir Rod is a nod to ornate staff belonged to Lalaco Godspeed from Space Patrol Luluco.
  • Allusions from Harry Potter series, which Little Witch Academia franchise often compared with:
    • Nationality and appearance-wise, the twins Rajani and Rashmi allude Patil twins.
    • Wangari appeared to be female version of Dean Thomas since both occasionally acted as announcers who provides colorful commentaries and even share the same skin tone.
    • Some compared Diana's character, particularly her short film version, to Draco Malfoy owing to her snobbish nature and being an unpleasant blonde who had antagonistic relationships with the main character. In anime series continuity, she leans to Hermione more given to her more likable character and being a rational counterpart to the reckless Akko.
  • Allusions from The Worst Witch, which has much more in common with Little Witch Academia:
    • Akko's nature as both Butt Monkey and Cute Clumsy Girl, coupled with dynamic with their respective rival resembles those of Mildred Hubble.
    • Diana is similar to Ethel Hallow, more than even to Draco Malfoy; both are very popular witch students from their respective prestigious magic family, both represented as snobbish, and they are both considered to be the rivals to Akko and Mildred Hubble before eventually work out their differences and become friends.
    • Professor Finnelan's character resembles that of Miss Constance Hardbroom since both are strict and very stickler for tradition as well as has great favoritism for most accomplished of students.

Short Films Continuity

  • The loots that Diana's team found at the dungeon are mithril mail, galvorn knife, and silmaril ring. Sounds familiar?

Anime Continuity

Keisuke Satō Manga

  • One of dryads who pose as witches from other school who involved in interschool broom race has hairstyle resembling that of Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia.

TV Series

Chamber of Time

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