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Fridge Brilliance

  • Near the end of the movie, Nani runs off with David to secure a job opening. She runs down the stairs, obviously in a hurry, right past the blue Volkswagen Beetle in the garage (which Stitch later beats the crap out of Jumba with). At first, you wonder why she didn't take the car if she was in such a hurry, then you remember that their parents were recently killed in a car accident. Lilo at the very least probably isn't very comfortable around cars at this point and Nani would be used to walking in order to accommodate that if she doesn't have a phobia herself.
    • Or it could have just been that the place was right down the street.
    • Or it could be that, considering their current financial situation, Nani couldn't afford petrol.
    • Nani didn't want thieves to think she wasn't home, because they would come in and endanger Lilo.
    • Or it could have been the case that the car just didn't run period and Nani obviously doesn't have the money for a mechanic.
  • At first, Cobra Bubble's introduction to Stitch seems rather odd. He sees a blue creature walking on two legs, but apparently buys that it's a puppy, and then asks for the puppy to be taught how to be a "model citizen". At the end of the movie though, we see that he already knew about the existence of aliens. Chances are, he recognized Stitch as one which is why he ordered that Stitch be taught to be a model citizen, as opposed to ordering Nani to have it better trained or restrained.
  • The first time we see Lilo, she's running late to practice for her hula dance because she's feeding Pudge the fish. Her justification? "Pudge controls the weather." Later, when she's telling Stitch about her parents, she mentions that it was raining when they were in the car accident that killed them. The rain contributed to the accident. Knowing Lilo, she's probably afraid that something bad like that could happen again. That's why the weather-controlling fish is so important to her.
  • As mentioned on the main page, Cobra Bubbles said he's the one they call when things go wrong. As was mentioned, in real life, Lilo would have been taken away first - Cobra probably fudged the paperwork because he heard about what happened to them, and really did not want to separate Lilo and Nani. If you know enough social workers in real life, you'd know that the Trauma Conga Line of young kids losing one or more family members in a car accident of some kind only to get put in foster care away from the rest of your family simply because they can't take care of you. He probably fudged paperwork so that he didn't have to take away Lilo unless he absolutely had to, since Lilo and Nani went through enough in a little while.
  • It seems strange that Bubbles would make mosquitoes the endangered species on Earth. Until you remember the lengths Pleakly goes through to ensure that humans are left alone based on the flimsy excuse that they're part of the mosquito food chain. Mosquitos feed off pretty much everything with blood, so by claiming that mosquitoes need protection, Bubbles effectively made every species on Earth protected.

Fridge Horror

  • At the beginning of Liloand Stitch Lilo is seen feeding Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich because he "controls the weather". One thinks this is just a device to show how weird Lilo is until you find out that her parents were killed in a car crash when they drove in the rain and realize that Lilo is attempting to appease the hungry god that killed her parents so nothing like that ever happens to anyone else she loves! It's also an example of OCD, which makes it all the more depressing.
  • After he and Lilo were caught by Gantu, Stitch was able to squeeze out through a seam in Gantu's capsule, which means it's not airtight. It's strapped to the back of his ship, rather than placed inside. Lilo would have died the minute Gantu broke atmosphere.
    • The capsule might have had a Star Trek-style force field protecting it from atmospheric loss. Considering Gantu was planning to return Stich to the Council alive, it's not likely he'd overlook such an obvious flaw.
    • I always thought he somehow ghosted through it, as he has a random bunch of powers.

Is there a Fridge Heartbreaking?

  • Look at how Lilo interacts with the girls in her hula class, and how they treat her. She called them her friends, and is constantly trying to hang out/play with/be around them, while they all push her away and mock her. It's likely that all the girls used to be friends, but when confronted with Lilo's unique methods of coping with her parents' deaths, they pushed her away because she was 'weird' now. Lilo is either unable or unwilling to accept that her former friends have rejected her.
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