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  • They speculated that parrots and other birds like it would still retain some human speech, and that for about a hundred and fifty years or so human voices would still be heard by parrots teaching each other the words they learned, even if only words and small phrases.
  • There was also the one where they discussed sheepdogs, and estimated that they would continue to protect their flock for many generations, thanks to all the human training and breeding.
  • The Queen's corgis actually have a decent chance of survival.
  • Bo living a long and happy life off the Chesapeake bay.
  • Cats will inherit the Earth! And they will be particularly fond of Manhattan skyscrapers, it seems.
  • Yet another one is where chimpanzees that escaped from the Kennedy Space Center learn how to farm pigeon eggs thanks to humans.
  • Dolphins passing legends of humans down through the generations, speaking in images, literally, about us in a very distant future.
    • So long and thanks for all the fish?
  • In one episode, it's speculated that the last remaining artifact of humankind could be the plaque left on the surface of the moon by the crew of Apollo 11. Thanks to the lack of atmosphere, the words "We came in peace for all mankind" could remain for millions of years.
  • The fact that our monuments to the world will still be standing at least a few centuries after we're gone.
    • Best estimates? The Hoover Dam will last for at least 10,000 years, while Mt. Rushmore could still be recognizable after 200,000. The Great Wall of China (which "ages likes mountains") will still be around for eons. And the Great Pyramids at Giza, swallowed up by the sand, might last for millions of years. Some of these will be around long enough to be seen by our successors (whoever that may be).
  • The Cassini spacecraft could land on Enceladus, thus giving life to another celestial body via microbes. If there's one impact we're leaving, it's giving life to Enceladus.
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