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Lex Lang (full name: Walter Alexis Lang) is one of the busiest voice actors today, being best known as the voice of Goemon in Lupin III. He also does ADR work and has trained voice actors for many media outlets. Besides anime, he does Video Games, Western Animation, Film and redubbing for content, and even movie trailers! He is also a part-time musician, being lead singer and guitarist of his band, LeXLang, an alongside voice actor Bentley Mitchum in a band named The Velvet Box. Lex has also started a recycling awareness program called the Love Planet Foundation.

He is married to fellow voice actress Sandy Fox, who plays with her husband in an acoustic group called Butterfly. A bit of trivia is that he once was a contestant on Whammy! back in 2002. His wife would later be on that show a year later.

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