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Level 30 Psychiatry is a webcomic hosted on Comic Fury that asks "Have you ever noticed how insane video game characters are?" quickly followed by "What if they had a scrap of common sense and got proffesional help?"

The titular practice is run by Dr. Gardevoir, a Gardevoir who has somehow "broken through the language barrier" to help those who have lost thier minds (or never had them in the first place) to reintergrate into society. Other main characters include Roll the head of the MM Hospital and Gardevoir's friend, Head Nurse Chansey who has to deal with the psysical problems and former galactic hero and bumbling janitor Roger Wilco.

Updates Friday/Saturday.

Tropes include:

  Glasses Gardevoir: Has that cliff jumping question ever worked?

  • Lightning Can Do Anything: Invoked and Subverted. Gardevoir and Roll try it to cure Gardevoir's Hollywood Schizophrenia but all it does is make Gardevoir's hair stand on end.
  • Motor Mouth: Ellis, to the point that Gardevoir charges an extra $30 an hour for him.
  • Mythology Gag: Roll being in charge of the Hospital is a reference to the instruction manual of Tatsunokovs Capcom which stated Roll's dream was to one day open a hospital.
  • Opening Narration: The first comic has a narration which explains the background and premise that turns out to be Roll reading aloud a flyer for the titular business.
  • Pokémon-Speak: Averted by Gardevoir who speaks plain English and played straight, though translated, by every other Pokemon.
  • Real Is Brown: Referenced in the Alt Text of "Another Side: Wait, what?":

  "Apparently, hallucinations have the same color palette as third person shooters."

 Gardevoir: Why didn't you just use the stairs?

Soldier: The what now?

  • Seen It All: Chansey's reaction to some of gaming's more bizzare status effects indicates this though defied my her opening Internal Monologue.

  "If you think you've seen it all, you've underestimated people's ability to find new ways to hurt themselves".

 Luigi: (Holding Mario who has been turned into a scarecrow) My brother was-a struck by the trippiest status condition in the world!

Eggplant Pit: I respectfully refute your claim.

  Gardevoir: The worst part is, when Roger comes back to life, he'l have to mop up his own shredded remains.

  Because not all problems can be solved by sleeping at an inn.

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