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Alright, Peter Puppy, let's just face facts: You have got to be the world', the galaxy's worst father. I don't know how you let six hundred of your kids get captured by one giant bird in the first place...but you let it happen again! I went looking at PetCo to see if they have a mug for, like, "World's worst puppy father", and they don't! And it probably wouldn't sell very well, because it would only sell to you!
Phiggle, in a Let's Play of Earthworm Jim 2
Santa in a bullet-proof vest wielding a huge gun. Welcome to life in 1924.
—Let's Play Alone in The Dark 2, part 4
Watch out for that Beamos."

Josh: Ok, so next episode... Hopefully there will be less rage-filled discussions about how much Bethesda deserves to die in a fiery pit.

Rutskarn: I don't know, why change the formula now?

Shamus: I know; we've got a good thing going here. The worst thing they could do is put a good game now: They'd put us right out of business.
Spoiler Warning: Let's Play Fallout 3 (Episode 20)
Mess with me, you mess with omnipotence. And by omnipotence, I mean a giant hand that can carry shit.
—Cheeseball IV's Let's Play of Black and White
—Helloween4545's Let's Play of Penumbra
"He fell into the ankle-deep water and died. Happy ending! Sunshine and puppies for all!"

John opens his inventory to reveal a lockpick, a book of spells, and a formerly salty bear.

John: So wow, this is all I have for, uh--

Rick: That is all you have now.

John: Good.

Brandon: At least she left you the bear.

John: Yeah, took the stick, but they left me the salt-covered bear?

Steve: No salt, just the bear. They cleaned the bear.

Brandon: You can't even lick the bear for sustenance!

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