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A serie of Franco-Belgian comics, created by the Brazilian artist Leo, consisting of three main cycles of albums, plus a spin-off one, published by Dargaud. Each of the mains is name after a separate planet colonised by humans and set on it.

Quite "hard" science-fiction, with attention given to the technology of the colonists and the native life of each planet; a few breaks such as FTL and perhaps the powers of the mysterious "Mantrisse".

Each series follows a handful of characters as they face problems both personal and affecting the entire planet. Tends to have a tragic tone, with many of the problems arising from "the follies of humanity". The partial regression of technology among the colonists gives it a visual Space Western feel.

The serie is constituted so far of

  • Aldébaran cycle:
    • La Catastrophe (The Catastrophe-1994)
    • La Blonde (The Blond-1995)
    • La Photo (The Photo-1996)
    • Le Groupe (The Group-1997)
    • La Créature (The Creature-1998)
  • Bételgeuse cycle:
    • La Planète (The Betelgeuse Planet-2000)
    • Les Survivants (The Survivors-2001)
    • L'Expédition (The Expedition-2002)
    • Les Cavernes (The Caves-2003)
    • L'Autre (The Other-2005)
  • Antarès cycle:
    • Episode 1 (2007)
    • Episode 2 (2009)
    • Episode 3(2010)
    • Episode 4 (2011)
  • Survivants - Anomalies quantique (Survivors - Quantum anomalies) spin-off cycle:
    • Episode 1(2011)

Les Mondes d'Aldebaran provides examples of:

  • Absent Aliens: While each world has its own native life (And how!), there are no intelligent aliens; except, perhaps, the Mantrisse.
    • Averted by the last volume of the Betelgeuse cycle: a sentient alien from the Mantrisse home-world appears.
      • Averted also by the iums, a semi-sentients species.
    • Also averted in the spin-off serie Survivants: the planet where the heroes crash had some sentient aliens.
  • Action Girl: Kim Keller, after being the Tagalong Kid in the first albums, become The Hero of the serie.
  • All There in the Flyleaf: Many informations about the planets or events from the first space colonization are done out of the narration.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: One of the main appeal of the serie is the various and strange alien fauna.
  • Cool Old Guy and Lovable Rogue: Monsieur Pad.
  • Corrupt Church: Aldebaran itself (the first colonised planet) became a theocracy shortly after colonisation. The series describes itself as "humanistic".
    • More obvious with the third serie, Antares, with the heroes regularly clashing with the extremely religious colonists they are supposed to help.
  • Doomed Hometown: The first series starts with a stranger coming to the heroes' village, warning them of the imminent arrival of a massive, incredibly dangerous sea creature which will cause the annihilation of their village. And of course, the villagers don't trust him...
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Mantrisse appears as this. It is certainly has no ill-will towards humans, it simply doesn't realise they are any different from other forms of life.
  • Generic Cuteness: You have to take the characters' word about who is more attractive.
  • Green Aesop
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Kim's daughter, Lynn.
  • Idiot Hero: Marc Sorensen, in the first cycle.
  • No Biochemical Barriers: Lynn's father is an alien. See Half-Human Hybrid.
  • Numbered Homeworld: Aldebaran-4, Betelgeuse-6 and Antares-5 respectively, though for the sake of convenience, the number is dropped in everyday conversation, when it's clear that one means the planet and not the star.
  • Pandaing to the Audience: The iums
  • Phlebotinum Breakdown: The FTL communication with Earth breaks down after landing on Aldebaran and is not up again a hundred years later, when its series is set.
  • Single Biome Planet: Aldebaran-4 is mostly ocean with a few scattered islands, Betelgeuse-6 is a desert world with most of the vegetation confined to deep river canyons. Averted with Antares-5 which has a varied biosphere.
  • So Beautiful It's a Curse: Kim Keller have trouble dealing with it once grown up, mostly because of her chest.
  • Time Travel: Quantum FTL jump do that. Each planet is placed in a different "place" on the timeline and FTL jump jump in time according to that position.
  • Touched by Vorlons: The few human who have encountered the Mantrisse have become fonctionally immortal.
  • Wham! Episode: Aldebaran Cycle, "La Photo" (The Picture), third album in the series. Specifically, the last page.
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