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  • Complete Monster
    • Metal Beak is the despotic leader of the Pure Ones who wishes to conquer and rule all of the owl kingdoms, as he sees them as weak and broken compared to the Tyto class. After losing his beak to Lize of Kiel (Ezelryb) during a realistically-depicted battle known as the Battle of the Ice Claws, he forged himself a metal mask as "a symbol of the Pure Ones's strength and resolve", willing to set all of the owl kingdoms on fire and rule them all. To start, he had his Pure Ones kidnap hundreds of owlets from their homes and force them into slavery. The conditions they are put into are horrible, as they are moonblinked by the Pure Ones, a process where the young owlets get exhausted under the moon and fall asleep, and when they wake up, they weren't the same as if they forgot who they were. However, this is ultimately part of a much bigger plan: the young owlets are forced to pick up magical blue flecks that severely wound their gizzards by making them fragile and weak, so the bats can put the flecks in a trap for the Guardians, so when the latter try to stop the Pure Ones, they'd get their gizzards weakened enough so the bats can kill them by sucking their blood, just so Metal Beak can have an easier advantage in conquering all owl kingdoms. Then after kidnapping Grimble's family, Metal Beak promised the latter that his family would be safe if he did whatever he wanted, causing him to work for the Pure Ones. Soon after his trap is destroyed, he severely wounds Ezelryb before trying to force Soren to watch as Nyra kills his teacher. An evil owl who is motovated by a lust for power and a darwinistic point of view, Metal Beak will stop at nothing to achieve his notorious goals.
      • Also, going back to the flashback where Metal Beak promised Grimble that he will release his family if the latter does his dirty work, let's not forget that he also promised Allomere that if he betrays the Guardians and leads them into the trap caused by the flecks, then Metal Beak would grant him the right to become the new King of Ga'Hoole. However, since Metal Beak betrayed Allomere by revealing that he was never going to keep his promise and had him dragged away by bats, it implies that he may have even broken his promise about releasing Grimble's family and harmed them anyway.
    • Kludd is Soren's violent brother who delves his way into this trope in the very end. Having hated Soren and his dreams since they were young, Kludd attacks Soren just for trying to help him fly by imagining being with the Guardians, causing the two to fall out of their nest and get attacked by a Tasmanian devil. When Soren calls for help and is nearly killed by the animal, Kludd just stands back and watches, not willing to risk his own life and save his brother. After they are kidnapped by the Pure Ones, when Nyra politely asks Kludd if he would like to stay with his brother, he just looks away in hatred for Soren, eventually training to become a Pure One soldier with him and his colleagues chasing after a blue bird. After Kludd catches the bird and wins the contest, he violently throws the bird into the air even though it is able to fly away, and eventually forms an obsession with Nyra because of the racism and fanaticism she represents to the point he refuses to help save Grimble's life. Soon after that, after Nrya asks him what he can offer her, Kludd reveals he has a younger sister named Eglantine, and the two kidnap her from her hollow and moonblink her. After that, Kludd gives Eglantine and another moonblinked owlet to the traitorous Allomere as part of a plan for the latter to lead the Guardians right into Metal Beak's trap. Upon meeting Soren again, he tries to murder him even though the latter tries to redeem him, and in his final appearance in the movie, Kludd gazes at Metal Beak's mask with red Pure One eyes. Despite the offer of turning away from the Pure Ones and joining the Guardians, Kludd has proven himself again and again that he cannot be redeemed.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • While it wasn't made specifically for this film, The Host of Seraphim, played when Soren flies through the forest fire to ignite an oil lamp and destroy the fleck-based mechanism. And, while Your Mileage May Vary depending on how much you like 30 Seconds to Mars, for the trailer we have Kings and Queens.
    • Um, hello, To the Sky, anyone?
  • High Octane Nightmare Fuel: The movie is chock full of it, including: Allomere getting dragged off by vampire bats, the bats themselves, the Battle of the Ice Claws (Deleted Scene), Kludd falling into a raging fire while screaming in terror, the moonblinked owlets, etc. Really, it's surprising that the movie doesn't have a HONF page yet.
  • Somewhere an Ornithologist Is Crying:
    • The female owls should have been larger than their male counterparts, not smaller.
    • Also, Barran (female snowy owl) seems to be as lightly speckled (perhaps just a little bit more so) as Boron (male snowy owl). In reality, she would probably be much darker and much more speckled as only male snowy owls get whiter with each molt.
    • Male Common Barn owls chests' should be snow white, whilst the females should be lightly shaded or darkened. Kludd's chest is shaded. And Nyra's? Pure white.
  • Tear Jerker: Eglantine getting moonblinked.
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