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  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • While it wasn't made specifically for this film, The Host of Seraphim, played when Soren flies through the forest fire to ignite an oil lamp and destroy the fleck-based mechanism. And, while Your Mileage May Vary depending on how much you like 30 Seconds to Mars, for the trailer we have Kings and Queens.
    • Um, hello, To the Sky, anyone?
  • High Octane Nightmare Fuel: The movie is chock full of it, including: Allomere getting dragged off by vampire bats, the bats themselves, the Battle of the Ice Claws (Deleted Scene), Kludd falling into a raging fire while screaming in terror, the moonblinked owlets, etc. Really, it's surprising that the movie doesn't have a HONF page yet.
  • Somewhere an Ornithologist Is Crying:
    • The female owls should have been larger than their male counterparts, not smaller.
    • Also, Barran (female snowy owl) seems to be as lightly speckled (perhaps just a little bit more so) as Boron (male snowy owl). In reality, she would probably be much darker and much more speckled as only male snowy owls get whiter with each molt.
    • Male Common Barn owls chests' should be snow white, whilst the females should be lightly shaded or darkened. Kludd's chest is shaded. And Nyra's? Pure white.
  • Tear Jerker: Eglantine getting moonblinked.
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