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  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The series has a number of these. Cade Skywalker's blanket rejection of Darth Krayt's temptations not because he chooses the Light Side of the Force but because power doesn't interest him is one.
    • A Sith Crowning Moment Of Awesome would be Darth Krayt sitting down upon the throne of the Emperor. By himself, Darth Krayt has undone all the work of the Heroes of Yavin and restored the galaxy to the Dark Times.
      • Topped when he comes back from the frakking dead. And he then tops that by echoing an earlier Emperor when he says that EVERYTHING is preceding as he planned. . .
    • Darth Wyrrlock gives a Shut UP, Hannibal to Darth Andeddu and then promptly slaughters him in a Dark Side duel, proving the One Sith are just as powerful as those who followed the rule of two.
      • Wyrrlock has ANOTHER one when He ascends to the rank of true Dark Lord of the Sith by killing a wounded Darth Krayt.
    • Cade has his first one in issue #19 when he, after only maybe two months of Jedi/Sith training following seven years of disuse, takes on Darth Krayt and both Darth Talon and Darth Nhil- and he defeats the Hands in seconds before battling the Dark of Lord of the Sith to a standstill, and all the while refusing the call of the Dark Side. The series has yet to prove if Cade is worthy of being the hero the galaxy needs, but here it certainly showed why he is the one they need.
    • The Heroic Sacrifice of Captain Yorub when he kamikazi attacks the Mon Calamari shipyards and destroys a third of them, preventing the Sith Empire from creating anymore ships there.
      • Kinda ruin the next issue with the Sith blaming the Mon Calamari, while the Empire already had plans to do the same without the genocide
        • Gar Stazi's attack against the shipyards wasn't helped by anything but a single Mon Calamari anyway. The genocide would have happened regardless.
          • they were going to blow it up and make it look like a malfunction cuased by the crew you can't really blame the Mon for that (granted this are Sith, but the One Sith aren't the type to kill for lulz)
    • How has Kol not come up here during the first issues and taking down around 10-20 sith, by himself in a back guard move that helped save Jedi younglings?
    • Cade resisting Muur's influence and then shattering his talisman with force energy while Muur can only scream in impotent rage. After watching Muur torture Celeste for 8 issues, watching Cade banish Muur into Oblivion as well as Muur's Villainous Breakdown was simply satisfying.
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