Ah I see, so you wish to learn about Lauren Landa?

Well for starters, she's a Californian voice actress who is mostly considered new and appearing in not very many media. She mostly accompanies her good friend Cristina Valenzuela (and in fact, rarely seen in media without her). Her voice varies, although she mostly finds herself as buxom, sometimes seductive ladies with good candidates for being the Ms. Fanservice of the show she's in, but she is also capable of voicing young boys, or even those considered Hot-Blooded for a girl.

Although accompanying Valenzuela for quite a bit, she started receiving much attention after confirmed to be the voice Litchi Faye-Ling AKA Boobie Lady, but unlike Vee, this has yet to be her true Star-Making Role, but enough to be her best known one. She's later picked as the voice of Kyoko Sakura, time will tell if that will be her big break, or another role in the future will be. Although recently, she had a credited role in Soul Calibur V, as... Leixia, this time without Valenzuela with her, which means that she could be starting to develop on her own.

Notable roles by her:

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